Saturday, January 20

A neverending story

The search for a job, well it feels like a neverending story with the sam outcome all the time, sorry the position have bin filled with another candidate. Oh please r u telling me that I will have to go back to uni for another 5 years until I'll get the job that I want??

Why did I quit my job again?

Monday, January 8


When u r late it is commonly said: DO NOT SPEED, well i learned that lesson the hard way, was although saved by another speeding car. Am getting a bit more careful in the traffic and have well started driving less fast, but yhea still to fast.

On the employment market well i have started looking for jobs outside my field am getting desparate....

Sunday, January 7


Well i'm fairly sure that the sizes on clothes are getting bigger and bigger so that people can feel better about themsleves.
Yes I have lost weight (not that much) and suddenly I can fit into a size 36 (not good, but hey) should be happy i know i have finnaly after several years gotten rid of the blubber layer that entered my ass while living in the US.

But Hmm a size 38 fits good, well i better get used to looking after smaller sizes and whoe knows maybe i can squezze into those jeans that have bin haunting me for years in the wardrobe.

Thursday, January 4

Living with the Parents

Well living at home with the parents have its perks, like free food, gas for the car, ironing done etc etc But the we have the backside, privacy do not exist, it is basically to be back is it was when u were a teenager, but now u are in legal age, have a car and well wanna live your life as u have done these last 6 years not close to home. Yes this is an adjustment for me and well think for my parents to so lets just pray that it will end wuite soon, like end of month soon.

One other good thing is that u get to follow then on their golf trips for free except one caddie round and then i can do what ever i want the rest of the week in a tropical place.

So live is slowing slipping away at the moment, but have high hopes that a knight in shining armour will come and rescue me quite soon...

Monday, January 1

Happy New Year!!!!

Welcome 2007, I hope that u have as such to give or actually more to give than what 2006 gave.

It was a year were I did find love, but love didn't find me... So after putting the pieces back together again I'm standing strong again and praying that next time I do put y heart on the line it won't be crushed again.

At the moment I'm just waiting and looking eventually a new job will arrive, a new boy will wander into my life and well I might even dare to fall in love again...

Things will get better it is a new year after all!