Sunday, March 30



singlet- supre
top- saint tropes
jeans- lee


I know I have a shopping ban, but that does not stop me from getting stuff for my flat. Things that I actually need (no not just telling myself that to justify it)

Yesterday I FINALLY found a cool broom that I like and then there were these nice knives that were on sale (I have bin living with one shitty knife since I moved here in march last year), then I got a poorer for my oil bottles (didn't fit anyof them :( )

Here is my household shopping finds and yes the cats were curious and had to investigate my purchase as soon as they hit the floor.



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bolero- gekås
jeans- lee
boots- timberland


On thursday night me and 3 friends went to the cinema and saw Atonement with Kiera Knighley and James McAvoy. It is a well written drama that is based on the book by Ian McEvan (haven't read it).

Not quite sure about the movie, you new what was gonna happend wuite early in and it felt like it was going on forever even though it was less than 2 hrs long. The story in it self is really good and the moral that we came up with is can you really trust a thirteen year old girls eye vitness?! Who really did wrong?

Is it a movie I will see again. no don't think so, but I still do think it was sorth seeing, just not my type of movie.

I give it 3 of 5.

photo: limiglorimusicals

Saturday, March 29



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boots- timberland


Found out that I got my contract at work extended know when I have applied to uni to get my teaching degree !!!

photo: upplsala universitet



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legwarmers- urban outfitters



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photo: drewbabb

Simpson the movie

Finally i have seen this movie and what did I think,

well at first I was ike oh boy is this gonna be like the spongebob square pants movie where u realixze that u can only take so much (15 min) before it drives you insane.
But I was pleasntly surprised and the movie finished sooner than expected which i guess is a good sign.

I did like it and am happy to have seen it, but do think that I prefer the 30 min shows rather than another full lenth movie.

I give it a 4 of 5.

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singlet. sportsgirl

Sunday, March 23



vest- gekås
jeans- lee
belt- mango


This keyboard on my laptop is driving me insane!!!

Some keys only work with alot of persistene and clear hard pushing on they key :(
(a couple of moe hrs and I'll be back to my wireless again 'phew')


Starting to suspect I might have a serious addiction to my parents sauna!

Or is it that for a while I can drea back and belive that I'm back in the sveltering HOT TROPICS of Australia??? Yhea that must be it.

Specially when there is snow outsde the window and -9 C outside.

photo: ransberg

Saturday, March 22

The perfect gift?!

Me + Kitchen= cooking a nice dinner for two!

sounds like agood gift for someone that doesn't want anythng for their birthday??

photo: jagvillha ,stolen from catya



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tights-coola anna
leg warmers- uban oufitters
boots- timberland



vest- gekås
jeans- lee
boots- timberrland

Friday, March 21


Just wanna wish all my friends a HAPPY EASTER and lets prey the easter bunn have some great gifts in is eggs for you!

photo: appleblossomart


What is up with this spring??

Was plannng to puut my summer boots on my car this weekend t with the snow falling thick outside the window those plan falls through.

Oh well atleast we get to see some snow this year to, lets hope then that it stays longer than a day and the kids actually get the chance to play in it if its gonna be like that.

photo: dn


top: deisel
tights- coola Anna
boots- timberland

Wednesday, March 19



top- menzies
sweats- esprit

Tuesday, March 18


So how do u like my new template colours??

Please be hinest and tell me what you like, think its better than the one I had before, but yhea

please let me know.

What is up with the weather?

Yesterday it was all shitty snowing and windy and general miserable!

Today I woke up to a gorgeous spring day with the sunshining and even warming a little were there was no wind.

And then I got out from the cinema and there is HUGE snowflakes in the sky slowing coming down and falling on the ground, they will most likely be gone by tomorrow.

photo: amazon

P.S I love you

I went to the movies tonight with some friends and saw P.S I love you didn't really know anything about it before just more felt like going to the movies with friends and eat popcorn and drink soda.

I really really like this movie, even though at first I thought it was a horrible cheesy romantic comedy were I would just sit and snigger at all the cheesy stuff. Well lets just say my makeup were nowhere close to my eyes in the end of the movie and my jaws were aching from laughing to much while crying! I rarely ever dry in movies but this one beats all other sad crying movies by miles, if not even galaxies.

and I did actually really realli like it so much that I wanna buy it when it comes out on DVD, so that I can look at all these hot irishmen again & drool at their accents and bodies ;)

I give it a 4 of 5 bambies!



If I walk though here .......

this is what comes out on the otherside!

Time to relax

Spring/summer outfit

Yes the blog needed and update to feel a bit fresh and summery for this lovely pring/summer that is almost here!

Sorry if u have bin visiting me the last hour since I have bin trying out different templates but for ones reason or another it hasn't worked out.

Wish I was a computer geek that could write my own template and get it all personal and lovely :D

one day I might learn again how it was done...


For a month I have not bought ANY makeup or clothes, yes my dance wear arrived last week but they were ordered in the 18th of february (and today is the 18th of march).

I feel so proud now this is just going to last for another 2 months and during that time
no useless shopping will be allowed!!

What I'm allowed to buy is- facial stuff that I run out of (should be ok), if I do happend to find a nice broom for my home (in desperate need), hiking boots, hiking backpack and a new sleeping bag. Other than that I will have to put the question out here and get your apporval!

Sounds like a good deal???

Easter holiday + no work= DREAM ON

Yes second day in a row of my 4 days of that I have to do somesort of work for my work and guess what thursday I will have to work again for a couple of hours :(

But oh well guess that is the deal when u have your ass full during the work week to sit down and make some calls and visting some students who are doing placement this week. And well can't complain today I got to follow a girl out on a wlk with dogs and then was force fed coffe and cookies ,)

Dance wear

About a month ago Nilla's dance wear were at my dancing studio and had a 10% discount if u purchased from them there and then.

So since my poor old jazz pants are looking worse for wear I actually ordered a new pair and while ordering I got my self a new leotard to (mainly for party wear). I really really like the back of it. Just need to get a bra that goes with it (stick on or something like that)
Last week they arrived and I'm quite happy with the purchase, even though still like my old pants better, but guess i just need to get used to them before I get back to Australia and might be able to purchase some more of the old ones ;)

photo: nilla's dance wear



body- mq
top- bought in australia
jeans- lee
boots- timberland

2 hrs

yes had a nother 2 hr riding class today and even though I got the horse that I really dislike I went really good. Really enjoyed it and can feel all those hours in the saddle has payed of!

Not a perfect class, but went so much better this time I sat in the saddle on him, than last time.

Monday, March 17


I made it to the bank to fix all my accounts etc that i have bin due to do for about a yr or so......

and while donw there I had a look at this flat again.....

it is screaming my name: central, outdoor area double the size of my current and the pricetag (hrM) is doable!

St Patricks Day

a day to wear something green .....

my four clove necklace is on as usual oon st patricks day to bring me luck



singlet: supre
top- bougght in australia
jeans- lee
belt- mango
boots- timberland


Don't think i have bin that stiff in a pilates class in a long long time, not sure if it is because i ask more of my slef and not reacging it or if i just was like a rod last night and nithing did as i wanted it to do (my body that is).

Friday I was so nice a relaxed and the streching just worked and i moved legs etc etc several cm apart & yesterday nothing felt like it was happening, i just felt like we were working against eachother!

Sunday, March 16

Oh no

I new it was going to happend, but didn't think it would happend this soon, at least I would have had onemore shopping opportunity before they shut down, but NO has closed, and I think my VISA card is crying from happines, because it will give it no more burn marks. My wardrobe though is crying because it is now wondering were will all the goegeous items now arrive from?



tischa: menzies
pants: esprit



singlet: sportsgirl
shirt: clara
jeans: lee
boots: timberland

Day 8

Nope no riding today,

today I had a jazz class and it was so much fun, at first I didn\t really feel like going, but decided in the end. And now I'm so happy that I did that



body- mq
top- gift
jeans- topshop
shoes- sneakers

Happy Birthday!

Mr B is turning a year older and of course I had to call him and wish him happy birthday!

The movie night got canx this week, but we are working on getting it togehther anyday soon, we just need to be available one night at the same time (witch is easier said than done).

day 7

and another day in the stable, this wqas my last thursday that I will be horseback riding for a long time though.
Will not be taking anymore classes with my students and I\m so happy for that. No more whining after school from them.



top- fornarina
dress- gina tricot
tights- coola anna
boots- timberland

day 6

Yes the 6th day in a row I'm working out, wasn't really planning that, but oh well like my riding classes and since I have missed a couple I might as well do them all in one go.

So yes had another riding class tonite.



shirt- vero moda
jeans- lee
shoes- din sko

Work out

yes I'm onto day 5 and still working out.

Today was another 1 hour riding class and it was just great.



dress1- alexander wang
dress2- karanina
tights- cheap monday
boots- timberland

Work out regime

Last night 1 hr of pilates was today topped w a 2 hour riding class.

belive me my legs are feeling that!

Course all day

Today I have spent all day on a course with work and it was really good and giving.

Learned so much to hear about e-learning as it is called and 19 year old students teaching us how it is done and what they think about it.

How do we teacher get to worl like that etc etc.

Was echausted by the time we left and had to drive back home, brain full of good ideas what to do with my students etc etc.



top.petit betau
dress. modstroms
tights. lindex
boots. XY&Z