Tuesday, September 30

Fall costume

What do you think about the fall costume I put on the blog?!

yes yes I now I should make my own but my html programming is useless at the moment, what I learned in high school has all bin forgotten.

I blame for loss of useful stuff learned in high school:

photo: Matt greer


When I was home visiting my parents me and mom did some shopping (or she did) and I managed to get some highlights with me home:

Gina tricot dress/tunic in two new colours
(okok both pink, but have a blue since previously)

a scarf from Vero moda

a cardigan from lindex (alread a favrite in closet)

Busy bee

and yes I do have uni work to do,

hence the 50 posts in the last 10 min!

Proof reading a paper or reading a book that is for next assignment that is supposed to start next week?

Nah I prefer to gove tha blog some quality time at the moment instead!
Hence the new look of it.

Silverfisken = awsome photographer

I have just spent a couple of minutes admiring his photoblog yet again,
I wish I was this good and as I said a while ago the day that I get married he will be y wedding photographer, so I better get my as to Brisbane and find mr right ASAP.
Yes I'm home sick

Here is a sneak peak:

photo: jonasPerstons photoblog

The dress

The dress that I wore on the party I'm actually thinking of making into a top.

What do you think? I think that would look awsome w a blue pair of jeans a nice black heels a night out on town with friends.

80's party

Don't ask, not sure (last shot in my camera)

A couple of weeks ago I attended an 80's theme party and let me tell you it was a blast, even though I was laying sick the days previous I managed to pull myslef together for that night....

And party I did, managed to win the twister challange for our team (felt that the following day in my bod), I did managed to have ahollywood moment in the middle of twister (flash my underwear, yes I do wear underwear) that ot caught on atleast one shot from people taking pictures.
managed to talk way to much with my firends (sorry if I talked your ears sore) and yhe ain the end I did somehow manage to find the only HOT single guy at the party to kiss.

Did he call me though?! No ofcourse not :( (Only downside with that night)

my outfit (check out the cheek bones, they are real)

dress. vintage
jacket: vila (just for the freezing cold weather)
Shoes: vintage black pumps (not in pic)
earings: mos old 80's orignials (unfortunately I lost half of one)
Hair: my own dear hair that had tpo spend a day in tiny rollers, isn't it gorgeous? was the following day though!

Sunday, September 28

New years

I have just booked my flight to the best new years party ever!!Yes i now its the best since this will be the third time in 4 years I attend it and can it be bettern when you are:

Going to Germany to celebaret in the new year with my party twin and her awsome family and friends. Just can't wait.

This time I'll spend I whole week down there, wish I had more time, but duty of work and uni calls after that. Have a feeling that I will have to use my friends computer for some uniwork while I'm down there to.....(

Thursday, September 25

Uni overlaod

Not much happening here at the moment, Have an awsome party to tell you about, but my camera went missing and workand uni is taking uo tot much time infront of the computer at the moment that I don't want to spend more time than necessary on it.

Found out today that I have passed 2 assignments (only 100 to go). 2 more assignments & I have gotten my first 7.5 uni points out of my 90 for my teachinig degree. And at the moment I just finished a 5000 word paper that will be collaborated tomorrow with a friends paper.

Yes a long way to go.

Thursday, September 11

Oh yhea...

There is another bun in own baking among my friends (due february)

So sick.....

O this bloody cold that just fools you that it has gone away and then returns as soon as you least suspect it.

Like this morning!

sunday/monday it occupied my eyes tues/wed it went away and this morning it was back in my nose

Wednesday, September 10

Makeup shopping

I did finally get hold of Isadoras inliner that has bin hard to get hold of, but managed to knick the last one at barkaby centrum outside Uppsala.
Me thinking that I'm living in a town where there is no fashionable people didn't really think they would sell the all out within a week. Can admit that I completely forgot the power of a major high school close by......

have I tried it yet? Nope, it went stright into a storage box with alot of other bathroostuff before I even new what I was doing (stupid I know)

photo: joanne

Tuesday, September 9


Quote of the day:

'Since its only you who are gonna live here there is more than plenty of space for one person, rather than two.'

The mom tells her son while she is looking into my stuffed walkin closet.

If I remember correctly I was single when I woke up this morning and still is....

Uppsala shopping

Yes I did some shopping in Uppsala. Almost all of it was on super sale!

dress: Gina tricot

top: adidas

blouse: vintage (stuk outlet)

shirt: stuk outlet

dress saints & sinners

scarf: vero moda
Also did some secondhand and makeup shopping, but that is already packed down into boxes.

Apartment- viewing

As I told you last week I have bought myself anew apartment.

and that means that I now get phonecalls from people that wanna have alook at my flat. Got one of those calls last night that they wanted to show up today and see it. That means that I had an evening of big cleaning in trying to mak eit look somehow of a flat in between all the crap thrown around.

This is how it looked when I was halfway through my cleaning:


sleeping area.

Tv area

working corner



Tuesday, September 2

Fall = warm jumpers

I didn't think I was that far north in the country, but a bit to optimistical about the weather that is for sure.

So tommorrow after uni is finished I will have to go looking for a nice cardigan in the stores. Have actually found a really really nice one in Brothers. Yes a male one, but its not grey or black, its ivory and I really like the model. Lets just pray that they have it in a small size, because then it will be perfect for me.

If they would have had topshop here I would have gotten this dress straight away! Isn't it just awsome?

So cute and the prefect tunic/dress when it gets cold here in the north.

photo: topshop

Once upon a time....

I'm gonna tell you a story about a girl that had a dream....

Her dream seemed to come true and then the nightmare vollie from hell arrived....

and now she is living in hell because her supervisor had to much to do instead of taking care of her students.....

thats the story I'll tell tommorrow for the class with all the details in between (all names will be fiction though and some parts will be true others fiction, but if i'm good they will struggle with reality)

Passing grade

Today our first assignment was due.
Before this week we were supposed to read about from a list about teaching. I read: Spräng skolan by B- E Andersson

And today we had to talk about it what we thought and how it had changed our mind about teaching. I passed that assigment, now there are only like 100 left until our first course is done :D

Tommorrow we are supposed to tell a story for 5 min. I'm struggeling already and have no clue what to talk about. But a friend told me to relax and take it easy not over work my assignments.

Now I'm late for dinner with some of my coursemates.

pics will come up when I can.

To tired?

This morning when I jumped into the shower I brought my showerlotion etc with me in. Was gonna lather in my body and tried to use the soap.

It wasn't soap it was bodylotion I brougfht with me into the shower! Is that a sign of distracted?

Okok have same brand showerlotion and lotion so bottels look similar, but not THAT similar that I should be able to tell them apart.

Seem like having issues with my travel makeup bag is something with this journey. Yesterday I discovered that I had forgotten my deodorant last time I was away.

I'm one of those people that always have my travel makeup bag packed so I can just pick it up and leave.


Ahh how great isn't it to wake up in a hotel bed, have a shower and now that an amazing breakfast is readdy downstairs when u want to have breakfast?

photo: scandic

Monday, September 1

Me want

Argh want this cat scracher and have forgotten my password to e-bay :(

ohwell guess its ment to be like that....

photo>: tradera

Back at uni

Today I was back in the school chair and will be there for a year and a half now. It feels a bit wierd to be sitting there, but gonna be interesting and hard work to get through this teaching degree.

At the moment I'm in the hotelroom enjoying the silence and relaxation with wireless in bed.
Unfortunately Its not my computer I'm using and I have forgotten my cable to my camera so there will be no photos up this week.

New place

Everything is moving fast at the moment. Last monday I went for a look at a new apartment and fell in love with it right away. Its not really in the area where I wanna live, but still central has a great rent, and location that I can't complain. its a two bedroom flat on top floor with a balcony and well kitchen from the 60's. Just love the rustic feel that I'm gonna touch up a little with paint etc etc.

Yhea thats right on tuesday I put in an offer on it and on friday the papers were signed. So mid october I'll be moving to my new place :D

So at the moment the only thing I can think about is interior decoration and wall colours etc etc.

Will put up sokme pictures from my old place and new one as soon as I get back home and to my computer.