Saturday, February 28

If I were going to a party tonight

Was out last night and yes as usual I didn't have time to take any outfit pictures. Need to get better on this because I had an awsome dancing outit last night.

Tonight I'm going out eating indinan food and after that its the movies. We are going to see "the girl who played with fire". Am hoping its good.

Am in nthe mood to party tonight to, but my body and most of wallet can't handle toights like last night in a row. And I didn't dane that much, but most guys were hot and good dancers (those in my age that is) then I made a couple of older mens night by dancing with them. It takes alot for me to decline an offer done when you are on a dancefestival. But after a guy tried to wrinng my knee out of place that was it I was just over it (Ie only danced with friends or reallyy hot guys after that (30 min left of eveing)).

If I was going out tonight to a party I would love to have had this dress. Would definately have in the diso bowl at the party, but that is so hot at the right place....

photo: see of shoes

Mmm lunch

Avocado yun. Good for your skin to.

10) The voyage of the Beagle

The voyage of the Beagle
By, Charles, Darwin

It took me 7 months to finish this book, Reason: Its sooo hard to read, the english is heavy and some sections of the book is soo boring its a drag to finish a page (or even a half).

Fom page 355 until the end it got iteresting and I finished that section in just 2 months, while the rest took for ever.
Yes its an old book, its a travel diary about a 5 year journey around the southern Hemisphere. Its a naturalist thats writing it and if you are not iterested in biologi (everyaspect of it) do not read this book. BUT if you are interested its a must, even if it will take you a long long time to finish it.

I'm a biologist but only interested in animals that has a spinalcord. Ie insects and plants are soo booring. That also makes some sections of this book boring.
Bt Darwins travels to the Galapagos Islands were my main point of interest in reading this book oh and new zealand, tahiti, Australia and the rest of the indian ocean and the pacific ocean.

I'm amazed over his stand point n so many things towards how human beings at this poit of time is treating eachother, didn't really think that he would have such a clear stand in 1800 human rights that he has. In the end he talk about how happy he is that he will never have to visit some of these countries with slavery again. Its also amazaing that during a five year journey he is only at one place med with no hospitality, its has bin amazing reading about all these locals he had met and their hospitality for him and almost eagerness to help grant him some of his dreams and whises he has in different areas.

I have 2 qoutes that I love:

"The common people when working: keep the upper part of their bodies quite naked; and it is then that the Tahitians are seen to advantage. They are very tall, broad-shouldered,athletic, and well-proportioned. It has been remarked, that it requires litte habit to make a dark skin more pleasing and natural to he eye of an European than his own colour." (pg: 384)
Its clearly the horny sigle woman inside me that gets moved here. I'm just visualsing tall, dark, well muscled men working in the sun and in my world that IS a pleasing sight.

"Farewell, Australia! you are a rising child, and doubtless someday will reign a great princess in the south: but you are too great and ambitious fo affection, yet not great enough for respect. I leave your shores without sorow or regret." (pg: 428)
Darwin did not fall in love with Australia, he saw the harsh reality of the continent, but clearly missed the most gorgeous area (the tropics).

So happy that I have completed it and as a colleague said: "You have read it, you have read Charles Darwins travel diary, thats amazing!".

I gve it a 2 mainly de to the botay bit, the HARD english grammar

page count: 135 + 1642= 1777

On wednesday

Its time to say goodbye for good,
the last goodbye....

On wednesdey its time to pull out the waterproof mascra, black clothes and spend time with relatives and food.

Friday, February 27

Getting hot in here

Dancing is still minimal, but its fun

Tropical party?

No just a thai restaurant whit an awsome mongolian bbq

four days in rome

That almost sounds like a titel for a movie, but its the plan to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday.

Yes in the beginniing of may we will be spending four days in rome.

While there what can't I miss??

The best jo in the world

The best job in the world

I wanted to apply, but with no compter skills, I gave up.

So wish this girl gets the job:

And Amanda if you do get the job. I'm sooo coming over to visit you!


No just going out tonight and getting ready at a friends place

What a beautiful morning

But freezing cold

Thursday, February 26

Nail of the week

Yes it has bin a while whit this! Wearing: china glaze TMI 643 and cg top coat wireless holographic

As always

Going out tomorow and have to decide tonight what to wear.

ofcourse closet is empty and nothing is good enough right now. Praying in an hour or two that some ideas will have popped up what to wear.

The problem is that I don't even now what I want to wear so even lots of money, time and a mall wouldn't really help.


I just found a picture of my friends horse that I ride a few times a month and took care of while she was expecing her first born.

This picture is of us when we were training for an instructor in august. He worked me so hard that I thought I would passout after only 15 min. Isn't he gorgeous?? He is just a huge sweetheart that is a bit lazy and have a fondness in doing the least amoun of work while the rider is pushing her limts far beoynd.

Its amazing how my riding skills has exploded sine I started riding this man. You feel like you are the worst rider on eart until you get it all right & suddenly you are sitting on the nicest, easiest horse to move ever. At that point you can get him to do what ever you want (except jump gracefully)

photo: hattofrack


I want one of these cute laptop bags that is out there.

I really like this one from Modström, but my laptop is larger than normal (I have a large screen) and that means that my baby never fit in any of the gorgeous ones.

Yes I someday want a new laptop, but this baby is still working and can't afford a new one.

photo: Accessora

Wednesday, February 25

Hunter gum boots

I want a pair and have wanted for a while now.

whit all the snow outside they are a bit to cold at the moment, ut when all this sow is starting to melt I'll need them to keep my feet dry.

The tall fesival model is the ones that I want.

photo: Asos

Tuesday, February 24

Time to dust of the dancing shoes

On friday its time....

me and a couple of colleague are attending Skövde dancefestival

I need to dust of both dancing shoes and skills, but with the group of people I'm going with I now we will have a blast.

ow its just the what to wear issue..... Any ideas?

Maw how cute

New Food testpanel


Food safety regulations edmand no jewlery, hairnet and protective coau?

My day

Lantmännen doggy

Bargain shopping

While home at mom and dads I did some bragain shopping.

Filippa K 50% AND 3 for the price of 2 (paid a total of 37% of origialprice)

singlet sale

vest- my first spring collection find (so in love with it)

tunic- gift from mom

Where did the fog come from?

What a beautiful morning!

Monday, February 23

It only took 10 min

And lasted all day, even an hour in the saddle whit a helmet on.

Mamut art

My day with the students. Playing with paper, sissors and glue

Second hand shopping

Last weekend I went second hand shopping with mom and dad. This is what I got:

flowerpots you can never have to many white ones.

Yes I only buy them secondhand, think they are to expensive in the shops.

An owensafe dish.

Floor Candleholder

Will get some photos of stuff I baragined (in mom and dads house) to later on,when I have batteries in my camera again.

Sunday, February 22

What do we have here?

Risifrutti taste great

We had a fight here over who was going to eat it first.


If should finish those last 40 pages in that book so that I can grab another one from my readig pile.

Another plant to my collection

Saturday, February 21

Reason no 52

I have many reasons why I want/need to leave Australia.

And right now its the amount of snowfall. Don't get me wrong I do prefer the snow over the slush, but please comeon give me spring now!!

Tonight I left my home a little past six pm and it started to snow. Around 7 pm we had a couple of mm of snow.

At 11 pm there was like 6-7 cm of snow that had fallen from the sky. I have a couple of 100 m fro my friends place to mine and during t this I swear I had atleast 2 mm of snow covering my body.

That is not ok. I want summer and sun and hot hot humid weather (it doesn't bother me, but this shit do)!!!

Guitar hero

My thumb is sore. But love it.


Flurries is that a new word for snowing


does my accuweather speak eskimo?

Ideas for daily eyemakeup

Sminkan and Rocketqueen have some awsome EOTD, these are my favorites:

Now I just need more time in the morning to try and be creative. Am so sick of my everyday eye makeup and need to update it. Its just the time, lack of imagination and to get it sort of discrete anyhow.

Just need time to practise and really look through my eyeshadow collection and find suitable
photo: sminkan and rocketqueen


Lacque, knitted, cotton and leather

Hovfjället skiing trip with students

just feel that this picture sums it all up.

We had a blast. The students were happy, me and my colleague were happy and weather was ok.
It was snowing non-stop, but no wind so that made it ok.

I tried the snowboard for the first time i 10 years and did alright. After hardly being able to standon the board I made it down all the slopes more or less witout falling. Even managed some black ones without a single fall (those were rare).

What I did managed though was:
1) Run over a poor lady when I fell
2) Hit a liftpole on my way up with the lift (twice, need to work on the board control going up)
3) Fall off the slope and had to crawl back up to make it down the slope in the right angle (not in the offpist ditch that I ended up in) Ofcourse busted by students when coming cawlig back up on all four.
4) make a HUGE tumble in a slope (thought I was gonna break all my bones in my body)

ut yhea had so much fun, and the students were just awsome so sweet and welllets just say they had a blast at their teachers falls in random places (ot always graceful).

Now y body is sore, ut not as bad as I thought it would e.

Mmm saturday morning breakfast

Bread rolls and lemon marengue cupcake