Sunday, February 28

Vampire Diaries- The awakening

Vampire Diaries- The Awakening
J.L. Smith

A students of mine told me that if I like the Twilight saga I had to read the Vampire diaries. SO when I was ordering books around christmas I got this one to bot book 1 and 2.
I started reading it last week and finished it within two days. As you know now if I like a book I will finish it swiftly.

At first it reminded me a little to much about Twilight (yes I know this story was written long before twilight was even thought of). But I just couldn't stop reading. Its a little scary and when my vivid imagination starts running away I see and hear lots of interesting things in my apartment. And yet again I want a Vampire to fall in love with me, but not so sure about having a brother that hates me that is also a vampire.

After finishing the book I just want to read more about Elena, Stefan, Damon and Bonnie. Have started watching the Tv-show but not the same as the books.

I give this one a five

Page count: 422 + 199 = 621

Thursday, February 25


YSL goldpen

Both touch elecat and mascra is two items that have a permanent position in my bathroom cupboard.....

Wednesday, February 24

Best christmas gifts!

since I'm two months late I'll just keep on my christmas run.

My new computer was the best gift but after that it was my friends that had the best gifts:

new pj's from australia (the only country in the world that does pj's i just LOVE)

and then it was the lipbalm in the advent calendar

Tuesday, February 23

Master of education

Mid february I got awarded my Master of education in vocational subjects (ie: natural resuorce use)

Now I'm aiming for my master of science that I start in 4 weeks

Monday, February 22

Mom's closet shopping

Mom's loss

my fortune

Advent calendar

I know I know this is late!!

But each year I ask a friend to fill my advent calandar with something. I give them between €10-20 and they get to fill it for me.

This year my dear friend Holly Hock did it for me and this is what I got:

chocolate (lots and lots and lots of amazing chocolate from around the world), lipbalm, some gunk and lots of beautiful poems on red notes (not sure what to do with them, thining of getting a frame or two for them)

Over rated

Sleep is clearly over rated!!

Go to bed around midnight, wake up several times from strange dreams & finally decided against sleeping at 4:10 am....

This week is going to be great.

Sunday, February 21

MQ last chance sale

I was going to pick up my boots from the shoe guy the other day. There was a huge line so I decided to have a loot at the supersale on Mq. Have now bin at Mq in four different cities without finding anything.

But ofcourse I did managed to get some items I have bin looking at before at good prices....

a peacockdress (will use it as a top)

tights (can never have to many)

a black/white scarf ( need a plain when using bold colours/patterns on clothes)

Cross country skiing

For the last hour I have bin sitting on pin needles and I swear the last seconds of that race I was as excited as the commentators when sweden took both gold and bronze.....

Hmm & I swear that I don't care about sports and how it goes for sweden except within some fields

Sold out

Did some Sonia Rykiel by H&M shopping:

This is what I wanted that was sold out....

photo: H&M

what I got I will show when it arrives

Saturday, February 20


Give a a bowl please....

All snowed in

Not moving from the couch today!

My car is buried under a pile of snow, roads are closed and that means I don't have to go to that bridal exhibition.

Me and my cat are enjoying the blanket right now.

Thursday, February 18

Crumpler sticky date bag 17"

Its mine!

Finally got hold of a new laptopbag that actually fit my new computer. My old laptopbag couldn't handle the with of this one.

I found the Crumpler sticky date BIG LOGO at first, but couldn't get hold of one that can squeeze down a 17" screen. But finally I found this one that I liked.The best part with this bag is the slimcase for your computer that you can remove and slide into another bag if you want to use your bag as a normal bag.

It has the colour oatmeal/navy nad inside is Bright bright orange (not sure why pictures are white inside)

photo: inwarehouse


My new work place?

In a couple of weeks we know. The interview went well

photo: marina läroverket


Got my new keys.....

Finally I have a pair of keys for my security lock.


Your gift has come this far now. Just going to remember to bring it to the store and send it of when I go there later on today.

So within a month it should be at your door.

I know I know have not had the highest sending speed in history.

Update: Or not today, I have forgotten the adress at work (soo embarassed)

Sunday, February 14

Valentines day

A day for loved ones to spend together and show each other how much they love eachother.

I'm no ones loved one this year & quite happy for that. That also means that I don't celebrate V-day!

Correction: Was happy until some red roses arrived at my door. Given to the man that don't seem to undertsnad what NO I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOU!!!! mena s! (I have had this talk with him so many times now that its getting rediculous)

thank you for destoying my sunday!

Blackberry storm

Its soon time for me to renew my phone contract & as usual I want a new phone when I do that.
I know I know its not that long ago since I picked up my new phone.

I will not change phone this month or next, but who knows what happens and what offers the phone comapny that make me.

After playing with my friends Blackberry this summer I fell in love with it and it is the next phone I'm getting when I finally decide to upgrade.

Saturday, February 13


We are spending the weekend together!

Thursday, February 11


Doesn't CMPA sound a lot sexier than Seborrhoeic dermatitis?

Seborrhoeic cermatitis

As I told you earlier this week I have bin struggeling for the last couple of years with some uknown kind of allergies.

The last was they thought it was CMPA, but know they expect that I actually have Seborrhoeic dermatitis. That is an eczema that affects the scalp, face and neck. Usually this is latent in your body and somethign triggers it.

For me they suspect that its stress and milk induced. So for a month now I'm going to wash my affected areas with a strong dandruff shampoo that has to sit fot 15 min each time (3-4 times a week for a month) before I wash it off. Hopefully this will help to fix the acute problems and if it doesn't I'll have to go back and try new stuff.


This must be my students favorite necklace. I have never worn a piece of jewllery that get so many comments in a day when I wear it & even other days they can come up and ask why I'm not wearing him.

It must be the bling & his joints that they are loving.

Wednesday, February 10

Photo pile

This is the pile I pulled out the other day to photograph with my new camera....

Tuesday, February 9

Me and the psyc case

I enetered the gasstation today after leaving the gym. Since I went straight from work to the gym I didn't feel like putting my dress on all sweaty after finishing my workout.

Entering the gas station I'm not sure if the sale clerk though I was the psyco or the other guy in there. He was wierd!

Thai gifts

(me being artsy)

My parents left med in the cold and went to Thailand for three weeks while we froze our asses of here.

This is what they got me while away (plus a full tank of gas for my car).

two pearl bracelets and one in jade plus three pairs of silver earings.

They had strickt limits in what they were allowed to buy for me. Didn't want any fake brands only jewellery if they found anything suitable.

Monday, February 8

Wintersale bargains

This year I have not done much shopping on the sale. But I have made some bargains.

New years eve I found this Whyred skirt for €5.

and then when it was as coldest I found this knitted tunic/jumper and steelgrey tights on sale for a mere €7 each.

A's Bookshelf

On saturday night I was playing with my camera at a friends place. For some reason her bookshelf got to be the model for the night......