Sunday, November 30

1: st advent

Have done a little christmas decoration have come up today.

Parfymen by Patrick Süskind

I have just read the book:

Parfymen (the perfume)
by: patrick Süskind

and I really really liked it. Have only heard a little about it before I started reading it and didn't really know what to expect from it.

I new the story was a murderer who made amazing perfumes but that was about it. When reading it you fell sick from what elements he is using in his perfumes how he explain thinks and that he refers to a tick all the time is just gross.

Even though I had this masssive essay due I could not stop reading the book and it only took 3 days from that I started on page 1 until I finished it off. 8remeber I have read about 1000 pages of articles fro my essay at the same time).

If you like a great story with interesting twists I really think you shold read this book.

page count: 3542+ 246= 3808

Its in

Yes yes yes

I have just handed in my assignment.

and now I need to.....

start on next assignment (yay)

the joy of uni life!


Yes there was a party here last night. Have all leftovers to take care of today...

Saturday, November 29

Suicide mission...

Lets pray that i'm back in one piece.

Thursday, November 27

Clue 2

Have you figured it out yet?

What am i doing?

Can you guess?

Tuesday, November 25

Study corner

I have this huge room in my flat that I'm planning to use as a study/ catroom/ what ever
at the moment it still lookslike I moved in a couple of days ago, instead of almost 2 months ago.

I like to watch telly while studying and need my kitchen table for dining so on saturday I decided to rearrange a little in my flat and moved my spare table to a corner in living room where my laptop fits beautifully.
This means that I have plenty of time to fix my study (unpack).

Laundry night.

This is where i'm spending my evening. Yep with laundry should be done in an hour or so.


I have finally managed to tag and mark some of the sections/pages/poems that i want to use.

Sun is making an appearance.

Love this weather with white snow and sun. Except sun is already gone for today and that its cold and wet.

New car?!

You could almost belive i have bought a sportscar from all the snow infront of it... But no its only a 15cm layer of snow on top.

Monday, November 24

Att besegra fru J

For my paper I'm writing at the moment I'm supposed to interview one of my grandparents. That is quite hard since they are all buried along time ago and since living in a another town from what I'm raised I don't really have any friends with old relatives that I can talk to.

So instead one of my teachers gave me a tip of reading Elsie Johansson biography and that I did.
It is not writtten by her but draws up a great picture of her life from young in the 30's and how it is gettingmarried at 18, having a higher degree than her husband in an age were that is frowned upon and in general not being the ordinary housewive due to certain circumstances. I read to almost form cover to cover in a few days.
That it was a book for uni I completely forgot so now I have to sit and skim it through to find the bits and pieces that I wanna use for my paper.

Photo: adlibris

page count: 3306 + 236 = 3542

End of day

Yes there Har bin a couple of cm snow here today.


View from office window. Do not wanna go outside today.

A parcel arrived

Ordered some books the other week:

att besegra fru J; by: Anneli Jordahl (needed for my major paper)
Dr Tatiamas sex advice to all living creatures By Olivia Judson ( supposed to be awsome)
This charming man By: Marian Keyes (love her books)

Sunday, November 23

The next Coming days I'll be hiding behind the books

Yes I have a MAJOR paper due on sunday and since I have a housewarming on saturday I have to have this paper finished on friday.

Its one of those funny things where there is no page limit! Ie it can turn how big I want and need etc etc.
The hard part with no page limit is that I'm afraid of not writing enough, feels like it should be atleast 7 pages long, but preferably around 10!

Oh well My life this week will be work daytime and hitting the books night time to get this bloody thing fiinished! My problem is that I have completel lost m motivation and have no clue How I'll get some references into this essay. Writing the bloody thing is not hard. Just to type and put what ever jibberish turns sup in my head into a piece of paper. But need refences and some facts that will back me up with wath I'm writing.......

Saturday, November 22

Jumbo remote

Having problems finding your remote. Got the solution. Get a jumbo version.

Phone keyboard

Just got a new meaning using the computer for a phonecall.


I'm so in love with this. Why broke in times like thesee?


As so man others have said before me. She is back in buisness.
The onl thing that worries me is has she lost the ability to dance?

Friday, November 21

Winter feeling,

First snowfall i'm out in for this season. With a little touch me christmas feeling.

Road worthy?


A month later

Her brother fell in love with these bags almost imdiately while she has bin looking on them in horror.

Thursday, November 20


Aww smile for camera


Christmas gift a pond.

Forest raindeer.

Close up on a female.

My day

Second day this week i'm at a zoo. This time meeting.

Wednesday, November 19

Sneaking from work...

Have done to many hours already this week so went to stable instead.


Wearing: top- adidas; dress- stylein; jacket- esprit; boots- timberland; scarf- pieces

Tuesday, November 18

Healthy dinner?



Or wallaby to be correcu?

African wilddog

Gorgeous put got a putrid smell!

My day

Walking around in a zoo. Dream job?!

Oh I have plenty of time-- where did those 3 hours go!

I have realized that almost everytime I'm dressed up I forget to take an outfit picture.
he thing is that everytime I actually have some fun event planned where I'm supposed to be dressed up and all nice in one way or another.

There is always 10 000 things happening before and I have like 30 min to get ready with shower and all.
You guys who know me knows that I always have bin a timeoptimist, okokok time stresser wich mesans that I have like 100 hrs left before I go anyplaces and sommuch time to do stuff that nothing happens. Well it seams australia and having full life have changed me into a 'better' person or what ever you are going to call it.
I never have time to spend to much time infront of mirror when getting all dolled up and actually study when I'm supposed to (most of the time)

Geez sounds like I have grown up, or is it the lovely horses in the stable and work taking my time?! Or it might be that I have become a Hoch school teatcher where 90% of the time I have to have a couple of balls in the air while lecturing, or attending a meeting or being in a parent teatcher conference!

To much body conact at work?!

It started last week that some studnets in the end of the week had managed to get a rash on their bodies and couldn't sleep. We didn't think to much about it by then since they are living together and well could have gotten in contact with something that gave them a rash.
Yesterday on the morningmeeting we found out that another kid from another year had gotten a rash and had to go to the doctor to get antibotics.
By the time the students arrived at noon there were about 30% of students gone from some classes and others were going to the docr´tors due to ichiness.
Let me tell you I was getting a bit hypochondric whentelling the students about there is an infectious rash going around the school if it starts itching search medical advice imediately. All students were itching themsleves by then (not lala infected, but you know how it is).

Turn out we have gotten Impetigo at school. Yay thank god I'm on there for two days this week. Only have to sit n a bus with about 30 of them today......

foto: ink19

Monday, November 17


Wearing: tischa-fjall raven; skirt- french connection; tights-lindex; legwarmers- koola anna; shoes- xy&z; cardigan- j.lindberg; scarf- cheap monday.

Sunday, November 16

Best medicine...

For a sore throat. Not best tasting, but it is a miracle worker.

My day

Had a great day in stable. But a 700 kg horse steped on my foot when i was gonna jump onto him for a ride along the channel

Saturday, November 15


A friends daughter got baptised today. This is what i gave her. Silvra had to sneak into shot while i was gift wrapping them.


Wearing: singlet-supre; shirt-brittinger; cardigan- lutz and pamos; jeans- lee; boots-timberland

New scrathpole

A couple of weeks ago I won a bid on Tradera for a new scratchpole to my cats.

It arrived with door to door delivery to my job andthis is what it looked like when I unpacked the box......

There was also a description in how to put it together....

While I was working on the final pieces Silvra jumped onto the first level (took another 3 days before both dared to get any higher, Now they are fighting about sleeping on top level)

This is how it looks fully assembled (check out the rope on the platform. Acidentally turned platform upside down)

And this is how the horses look like in the morning.

Working the stable in the dark...

This when you now you are a dedicated horselover. When you get home looking like this and go back next day knowing you'll look similar.

Friday, November 14

Back up!

Oh god

Am I going to survive this?