Sunday, October 30

Back at work

On Wednesday this week I worked my first day back at work. I have not really had anytime to breathe since then, hoping that within the next two weeks things will calm down a little.

On wednesday I get access to my flat again, my home, my stuff. Question now is just when can I move out of there permanently with my stuff??

Friday, October 21

Definitions writing your assignment:

I have come up with some definitions so that you now IF you are working on your assifgnment, or just fooling around with it:

  1. When writing the real word count has to be over 250 words, ie Abstract does not count until the rest of paper is completed
  2. Three sentences that are all in the same paragraph does count as long as they make sense
  3. Doing 54 different graphs and tables are important, you never know which one you might end up using as long as they don't look like this (sorry E)
  4. Putting all your referenses in order is work, will save you from failing because you have forgotten one.
  5. Crtl C from an old report is actual work. I just need to refrase what I have said ones before in some sections (Score)

I just have to share with you E's modern art from our data, I am impressed with this graph to say the least....

Thursday, October 20

Home Exam

I hate when you move away from the computer things makes sense in the exam.

But as soon as I sit down I can't seem to make any logic out of my thoughs. Imagine if I could write my exam walking, cleaning, showering etc how easy everything would be then.

Wednesday, October 19


My new friend E has added a new TV-series to my addiction list. So while writing my home exam I am maraton watching through the seasons.

I am already into season 2 (started with season 1on saturday).

I have also realized that new TV-show addictions and Home exams seem to have a correlation in my life, during my last home exam I think it was Dexter, Glee AND Mad men that I was watching....

Ohh and then we have the new shows to:

The secret Circle

Oral presentation

Today I have given my last group oral presentation and my second last presentation during my masters course. That it will be my last university course/degree that I take is unlikely so I will not say forever.

Sunday, October 16


Dr I thought you were playing with my head.

But dear little Lamb after this week I think you win and especiallya fter tonight.

So many lokks, so many hints and now ....


Are you for real, even the Dr is more obvious than this (I think)

Saturday, October 15

Fountain of youth

Not sure what it is but as years pass by I seem to be getting younger and younger.

At age 29 they claim that I try to buy alchol with a fake ID (my driverslicense) and call the police
At age 31 I try to buy a scrape lottery (age limit 18 inSweden) and am refused since I can't prove ID of legal age

Whats next??
No coffe with my meal
Not allowed to buy energy drinks

But I was loowed to pick up a precsription even though I had no ID with me yesterday.

Friday, October 14

Friday night

I am having a quiet friday night at home in the flat all alone. think this is my second quiet friday since hmm. I don't know when I had one last...

What I'm doing?

Watching pirates of the caribean
talking with friends
Drinking wine
Painting my nails rainbow

Ipone update

I tend to recharge my phone through  my computer and so I am doing today.
Turns out there is apperently an update on the operative system and I have now been without a phone for 30 min and it looks like it is going to take at least 30 more min to restore all the data...

Thursday, October 6

How stupid can be?!

A friend of mine just inherited some money.

Why not go and buy a zoo that is doomed!!!
Well it's not my life or my money thank god

RIP Steve jobs!

The world has truly lost an amazing innovator!

We can only enjoy that we got to share our lifetime with his amazinga
Achivements! What would the world have looked like without him?!

Wednesday, October 5


Is there anything more time consuming AND nervewrecking that updating your coverletter??

Sunday, October 2

GPS in the phone is tha shit pt II

But  it can also try to convince you that you have to go to Finland to pick up your friends that are lost in the woods....

Wild night?!

Already know at the local pub as a girl that falls over - check
Time to wonder over to the bouncer to pick up my bra - check
Walked home alone via a 2 block detour to McDonalds - check

I guess we can qualify that as a good night....

Oh yhea my best friend she is a bouncer on the place, why she has my bra is another story...

Saturday, October 1

GPS in the phone is tha shit

I'm heading over to a friends place, now its close by to mine but not what bith 256 buildnings on the same ehm street it can be quitehard.

So pushed in her adress in the GPS and found out its the house nextdoor to the right.

Her street no is 60, mine is 22 makes sense right?!

Will get back to you on this suburb and thier street numbers more another day

Time to go GREEN

Why oh WHY is it always green on me when I have to attend a trafficlight party??

OH I guess I could wear yellow also, but that would sort of be lying!

I AM SINGLE and there is no lying in that! So what is better than to go all alcohol that is, what did you think? That I would put on green body paint and attend as the hottest hulk you have ever seen??

Hmm that gave me an idea for next dress up party...