Wednesday, April 27


Sometimes my students ask me questions that I can not answer and there is not enough time (or place) for them to look up the answer during class. In cases like this and if it is something that may be relevant to the topic I promise to look into it for their next class.

I was a subteacher for a colleague before easter break and got a question about crossing horses and zebras with each other, what its called, if they are fertile ect etc. I have now learned they are called a zorse (zebroid).

I have now spent 4 hours reading about animal hybrids and I get more andmore scared what crossings and breedings programs there actually exist.

At the moment it is li/ti-tigon/liger crossings I'm reading up on.

Think I might have to dedicate a full lecture on this!

Tuesday, April 26


2010 I left my life as it was in Sweden to move to Australia to study. I left love in Sweden actually when I left I had two different guys in my life. The weeks moving up towards the move was all cheery and I didn't look back when I left.

At this time I didn't even really reflect over love and being single. I was getting an adventure of my life in Australia. Why would I ever say no to that for a guy? I have never looked back and never regretted my choices I made then.

2002/2003 I fell in love with another guy, but he was never available for me since I chickened out when he was single. I went home to Sweden and when I came back he had found a girl. It just wasn't meant to be and even though I sometimes wonder what might have happened if I had had more curage I still accept the outcome.

Since then love has bin a part of my life, but unfortunately also alot of heartache where I have had to stick, glue, scotchteip, amputate parts of my heart. For three years I have healed it back together letting rest after the lastest heartbreak. No that guy was not Mr Right but I think he is one of those that hurt me the most with all the dishonesty and twotiming.

Now 2011 I have been given an oportunity of a lifetime to go to Mexico for 4 months to study primates in their real environment (the rainforest). I have also been on 3 of the best dates in my life since march (no no high speed dating here). For some reason I can't be happy that I'm going away. To much have happened in my life since march that I don't know what is up or down anymore.


What doesn't kill you make you stronger.

Hell then I must the the strongest woman in the world right now.

Saturday, April 23

Over confident

Since my dads accident I have for some obvious reasons lost quite a bit of weight. Not eating for 3 days kind of does that to you. After that I have managed to get sick twice which have increased my weightloss.

Feeling confident since my favorite pair of jeans is falling of that all my other older pairs would fit me perfectly I yesterday pulled out my favorite 3/4 jeans and tried to get them on.

Mind you these have always bin bodyhugging, but trying to put them on after a heavy workout was asking alittle to much. Thismorning though they are feeling a little less tight.


For the first time this year I'm sitting on the verenda drinkingmy morgning coffe listening to the birds singing while working on the computer

Friday, April 22

Mood swings

From nowhere I hit the bottom. Feeling all alone hating my life as it is.

I know I know I should be all happy and cheery going shortly to Mexico for 4 months, dating an awsome guy. But after my run I felt so lonely and just hating how things are right now.

Got a message friends where telling me they were going out for a drink, due to the distance there is no way I could have joined them. BUt it all made me feel so lonely and hating all the evenings I sit at home.

I know that its just me and if I want to change it I can only do it myself. But how?? I have awsome friends, but it seeems like I only meet people that don't really enjoy the good times. The few that do already have their awsome lives and I have to fight to be in them (that is what I feel like).

Oh well fingerscrossed that 4 months in Mexico will change me to become the person that I long to be again. Ohh How I miss my Australian life right now.


One day I will take photos like this: National geographic best photograph april 2010

Thursday, April 21

Winter by the ocean

After I had my first date with the Dr I headed out for a walk with a friend along the beach. Today I cleaned my memorycard and found these pictures.

Even though spring has arrives these images are just amazing:

magine what some sand, water and salt can create

Split brain

Right now I think that would be a good thing for me. Especially if one halv would deal with all my emotions and thoughts that isspinning through my head in rapid speed.

The other half would then deal with all the practical things that I need to get sorted before I leave for Mexico in 2 weeks time.

At the moment its all a mess spinning through my head and its causing me insomnia

Tax 2010

I have just completed my taxes for 2010 and handed that in.

Taxman will you please give me a good refund in June?

3 years

It took a while,

but was sooo worth the wait

Saturday, April 16

2 weeks

Please tell me the waiting is over tomorrow

Saturday, April 9

Ego boost

Is currently visiting a friend in Jönköping and we decided to go shoppning at A6 centre. While standing in line to get lunch a man came up asking me in english when the centre were closing. Nothing wrong or wierd with that.

AFetr I had purchased my lunch and was heading upstairs to the tables with my food tray the same man stopped me and asked me out for a date. He told me that he was moving to Jönköping and would love to go out with me someday.

He loved my grace, elegance and style. -I took this as a H U G E compliment since I had just traveled 2 hrs in a car, don't know when I brushed my hair last (guess it was when I washed it) and yhea just feeling plain old me over all.

I told him that I wasn't living in the town and that I'm moving to Mexico in three weeks. He then asked me when I was coming back and if I wouldn't give me his number anyway.

Me being me I told him sorry, but no (he was to short for me).

But this is just the ego boost that I needed now.

Thursday, April 7

Dad is finally home from the hospital. Now I just have to get rid of this cold so that I can travel home to see him.

Sunday, April 3


Its amazing how much a SMS can warm your heart and calm you down.

Wonderful weekens

I have just completed an awsome relaxing weekend.

Ended friday night with an After work session in Skövde that turned into an all nighter with E.

Saturday I had a sleep in until 9:30 am and then a long breakfast. After that we walked over to a friends house and the kids got to play all day. Then walked back past my friends boyfriends dairyfarm where we said hi until heading home to make homemade pizza.

Ended the night in the TV couch at E's place.

Today we got up had breakfast and then headed out to watch birds at Hornborgar sjön and after that we had lunch at Falkköping ost.

Coffe and cake at the parents in law (not mine) and now its tv night on the agenda.

I have escaped upstrairs shortly though (need a break from the kids and company)