Monday, August 31

Reason no 10

Was talking to a friend about moving to Australia and what I want to do when I go there.

Somehow I suddenly got inspired to start something new, maybe even my own buisness or try to get hold of the right place that is interested in my idea.

So at the moment I'm sitting working on my goals and what experince I have in the particular field where I want to break ground.

What it is I won't tell you until I have a bit more knowledge about it and if it is even possible to do (It has bin done before).

Not god

Not feeling ontop today.
Started getting a tummy ache buy smokos and by lunch I could not eat. At class I was shaking & when class was done I just headed straight home to the couch.

Laying down in the couch feels so good.

Had to go and buy catfood before don't have far to walk (50m) and thought I was going to die when I walked home.

Thing is I can not be sick tomorow, so I'll be laying here all night!

Whyred dress

Ohh why didn't I buy it when I found it the other week?

It woudl e perfect now in the end of summer/ early fall parties and events.

Sunday, August 30


I think I may have bin infected by a virus or bug today:

The cleaning bug that is.....

Raining indoors?!

Beauty sleep

Its time for my beauty sleep....

but first I have to make the bed

Saturday, August 29

Phone upgrade

I have not managed to go and get a new phone yet...

But it lookslike I have managed to get my old phone to start charging its batteries.

So fngers crossed by tomorrow I'll have a phone with internet AND camera. Just need to download some infomation to the sim card first.

Laundry day

Laundry is so booring, but to be honest I'll do laundy any day instead dof cleaing the house.

And when laundry is done that is what I desperately need to do.....

Matfestivalen i skövde

Last night we attended the Foodfestival in Skövde. It was raining and a bit windy. But oboy did we try some good food.

We got four food tikets, but after three we were full.

Thursday, August 27


I just had the most amazig Bodyjam class last night. I don't think I ever have bin that exhausted and upbeat after a workout for a long long time.

ashame that my favorite instructor is moving to new exiting adventures and this was his last class.
Who will I be looking and frowling at now when dancing my ass of at the gym?!

Wednesday, August 26

Pet Fashion week

This weekend I found out that there is something called pet fashion week organised both in New York and Tokyo.

Since we seem to have missed New York I wonder if me and my colleague could convince our boss that we have to attend the Tokyo one (same collague I'm going to Berling with).

For more information visit their webpage: Pet fashion week

Tuesday, August 25

earplugs for work?

A pair of crown studded earplugs might be something for me to use at work. I do wear earplugs, but since we are not allowed hanging jewellery it might be a bit thard tot pull it of when thinking of worksafety.

photo: fluffbabes


Ohh This would be perfect for me at work.


wonder what it would take to convince my boss that I desperately is in need for one of these keyboards from fluffbabes...

photo: fluffbabes

Monday, August 24

Decisions decisions

Found through an ad on facebook Tees on tap

I want all these t-shirts, just ca't decide wich one I want the most...

photo: Tees on tap

Sunday, August 23

The perfect gift for you tea friends

These tea flowers I just have to get and give to all my teadrinking addicts both at work and the rest.

photo: fluffbabes


By: Andrea Maria Schenkel

Its scary, I'm dreaming about Vampires the not knowing part is freaking me out.
But half way through it turns and gets booring. I really really wish that the book was a bit longer than it is.

The way its written with interviews with different people and some tellig of events its a really interestig way & your imagination is the only thing that spinns it out of control. So with my vampire dreams I guess it proves that I have a vivid imagination.

I give it 2 bambies.

page count: 8619 + 155 =8764

Saturday, August 22

Ohh and here are the ones that I fogot in my top 10






Sorry T, I guees it will be another late night for you ;)

The outnet

A while ago I was surfing around on (that is's outletsite) and I found some clothing items I would love to hang in my closet. Unfortunately I don't remember the brands & even in an outlet shop (some even on sale) its way to pricy for me.

But dreaming is allowed (right?!)

A skirt to spice up those booring days at work...

Perfect work and casual drink outfit..

The perfectc workoutfit with a pair of tights...

This would be awsome for both graduation dinners and new years parties etc..

photo: Outnet

Friday, August 21


Me want

you find them at NK shoes


Nov 13


I have bin waiting and waiting and waiting for the next book in Robert Jordans Wheel of time to come out. Have admittedly bin a little bit nervous that there would be no more books after that he died in 2007.

But at last the next book in the series will soon be out (think I might need to reread all the other books thouhg, has bin a while since last)

Thursday, August 20

Not at my work

Change the kids and the parents place & this formula fits my friends and colleagues perfectly.

That is the parents are begging their kids to GIVE them a pony (or four)

Guess when all the little daugthers have o problems in getting a pony you know that you live either on the countryside with farmers OR in a rich neighbourhood.


This is me today:

Wednesday, August 19

Top 10 dance rountines

This is my favorite routines this season (5) of "So you think you can dance"












Couldn't find all of them unfortunately but this is the top 10 of the ones I found.

Harriet the outfit

While searching for photos of Harriet the Galapagos turtle I found this harriet inspired outfit on polyvore.

I kind of like it.

photo: polyvore

Its time...

For us Swedes to be able to watch the 100th episode of So you think you can dance on Tv.

With that much written about dance routine with Katie Holmes.

The remote zapping luck

Thought there was nothing on TV until 10 pm tonight. So I decided to start zapping around and see what was on Animal planet & Discovery.

Never made it to Discovery because when I came to Animal Planet there was a show about the Galapagos islands. A place that is on my top 3 places where I wanna go and travel.

I also have some extra personal inerests in seeing Galapagos tortoies in the wild after working with Harriet (who passed away 2006) at Australia Zoo.

Tuesday, August 18

Time to go back to pre school

I have to be at the stable around 7pm tonight.

For some reason I though I was in a hurry and had to leave the flat by 5.40pm.

Its only like 5 km to the stable. So am still trrying to figurer out what I was going to do for an hour in the stable....

Reason 45

Everynight is a party night (except mondays and wednesdays) and you wont get ruined while out!

Monday, August 17

Scratch scratch

I got a Trissticket...

Whish me luck!

Belin fall 20009

Yes yes yes!!

Our boss said yes!

3 days in Berlin here we come. Oh ofcourse we are going there merly for work and conference interests.

That means No shopping or beer/ schnapps sampling at all (I swear).....

This is my best birthday gift this far!!

Sorry K your bowl was beautiful, but....

Its my Birthday

Its my Birthday......

Lets party and have some fun!!

Oh hang on its monday I have work, gym and all my friends are busy with their lives...

Days like this make me miss I & M & A & & & & ok ok

I Miss AUSTRALIA like hell!!

Sunday, August 16

Step 1

Today we start with my thigh and tummy killing mission.

Today it will be a 60min spinning class

(wish me luck)

its so bad that my lounge around jeans are the tighest fitting party jeans at the moment (they are supposed to be loose)

Todays plan

I'm going bush and looking for blueberries and mushrooms.

kepp fingerscrossed I'll atleats find some so that I can make two pies (one blueberry and one mushroom)

Friday, August 14


While I'm fighting my thighs I might as well take the tummy to.

The end of this summer has done serious damage to my swimsuit body!


Looks like I might might be going to that conference...

My boss were going to think about it, but since I have bin to no conferenes within my field since I started 2½years ago he felt that it might be possible.

Now I'm chasing cheap airfare and hotel stay

Thursday, August 13

Fall mission

My mission this fall is to get rid of my excess thighs that have suddenly gotten bigger after I started lifting weights!

I need to start running again (urk)

Wednesday, August 12

I'm with phone

But its not my old phone, but instead old faithful from Australia.

My other one doesn't want to charge the batteries for some reason. But am conected tot the world again!

Time for bed

Its my last night of my summer holidays & as usual when its holiday time the sleepg pattern is way way of.

I need to be up and in the shower at 5.30AM to be at a friends house 6.30 to be at work 7 for a whole day field trip.

Guess who will sleep like a baby this weekend.

Cleaning out my closet

All my clothes are on the floor i the living room!!

Now 'm going to try and get an amazingly organised closet, with all items nicely folded or haning properly on their hangers in some oderly manner.....

Monday, August 10

7) The selfish gene

The Selfish gene
by: Richard Dawkins

Its finshed finally. It was good, but think I would have enjoyed it more if I actually read it while studying this stuff in uni then now a couple of years later on. It all was repetition, but interesting to read it in hos own words not being told from a lecturer infront of a class.

Its pure biological sciene, but if you are nterested in ecolution, genetics and theories of symbiosis, genes, parasites, phenotypes, DNA and evolution. Then this book is a must. Even though it might take a while to finish it.

I felt that I couldn't read to many pages at a go, becasue my mind started drifting. But inside and outside the topic. Many pages have bin read and reread and reread again because I had no clue where I stopped where I was or what was going on.

I give it a 3 although

Page ecount: 8353 + 266 = 8619


Looks like I will get a new sim card mid week, but new phone might be another couple of weeks....

Not fair

I leave the east coast to go and spend that lastday of my holiday on the westcoast with my parents!

I wake up planning to wash car in bikini with black clouds and heavy winds!

So instead I'm doing laundry and will go away shopping looking for a pair of blacktights.

Sunday, August 9


Don't bring your friend with you out if you just going to hang out with your new boyfriend and let your friend feel like a fool around you and his friends that ignore your friend and you are to busy making out or what ever with your boy.

It does not work well on friendship when you are in a town were you know all the people!!!

I just had a horrible night lookoing at peoples backs or standing alone....

Saturday, August 8

3 days in one week

this is a record hard to break.

Today will be my third day at the beach, the fourth for the the whole summer.
Fingers crossed that I might get a fifth day in before we start work again next thursday.

AND for the record.

On August 7th 2009 I took my first swim in the ocean for the year (a couple of months later then usual)

Friday, August 7


never had a guy and his dad hitting on me at the same time before!

How do you handle that?!

Think I like the sun better than the dad!

Oh well

They won again!!

Now I need to sleep and try to be cheerful tomorrow!!

Ina I wish I was with you and you dolphins at the moment...

struggeling with the happy lovely cheery couple at the moment

Thursday, August 6

Kids coloured chairs

I just had a look at Sea of shoes where she has made about about fundraising and getting kids to colour the fabric of some chairs.

I have just decided that this is what I want to do with my kitchen chairs or the chair I'm fixing at the moment.

Think I even have some kids that can help me out with it.

But what canavas to use & how do I make it last when its done?

Hmm think kitchen chairs will be the ones: that means i can send a chair with each multikid parent home at work for them to draw on.....

Not good

This week didn't start so good,

On tuesday night i had my phone stolen, got severely bruised from a fall.

So know I have no phone and some nasty looking bruises on my leg.

But sun is shining no one can use my phone and Second round in EM in tundercats starts in a couple of hours (the guys won the tueasday run).

So unfortunatley this blog will not get any pictures from this week until later on and I need to get a new phone and all know.

Tuesday, August 4

Welcome to göta kanal

The joy of channels and high way crossings

6) The glass of time

The Glass of time

By: Michael Cox

Predictable oh my god this book is so preditable its almost scary. But although it is quite predictable find my self unwilling to let it go until I have read the last page.

The orphaned girl has an unknown mission that she needs to succed with and surprise surprise that mission is to ge the right guy to fall in love with her so that she can get hold of her rightful inheritance.

Not much drama, but its a nice story that has all the important traits: Drama, disception, love, betrayal, murders, the evil guy, the good guy in the background, the young boy with the biggest eyes and ears etc etc...

I give it 3 bambies

pagecount: 7822 + 531 = 8353

Monday, August 3

busy busy

I'm trying to finish an essay.

The goal is half way (that is 3 pages)

at the moment I'm still working on page 1

Update: I'm now working on page 2 (only took 4 hours) andnow I'm going to sleep a little (try to sort out brain for next section & discussion