Tuesday, June 22

Summer time reading

For the third year in a row I'm listing my summer reading. I have an aim this years to finish reading at least 10 books.

Who pissed of the bartender?

three glasses just pured by the bartender on saturday nights wedding celebrations.....

Sunday, June 20

Saturday, June 12

New layout

I got bored of the green and changed my layout of the blog. What do you think?

Yes I'm going to change the header to a different size, just need to find it on the portable harddrive first.

The short second life of Bree Tanner

The short second life of Bree Tanner
By: Stephenie Meyer

A novel in the Twilight saga, thats what I like. Bree Tanner is one of the newborns from Eclipse and this is her story how it is to be a newborn Vampire, bloody thirsty and not knowing the rules in the game. She doesn't know the exact rules there is about being a Vampire. No one told her and the more she learns the more confused she gets.

I liked this book, but all the main caracters in Stephanies books are always so nice and understanding. There are no rage and fury here, just a lost individual that thinks (that is when she is not rampaging for blood). I'm still waiting for the badass Vampire......

I give it a four.

page count: 4 787 + 178 = 4 965

Friday, June 11


How can it be that when you need something nice from your closet it echos empty?

Wednesday, June 9


Followed my friend to pick up her new puppy. This is the same friend that let me tend her animals when she is away competeing with the girls.

I swear Kilya no pressure at all:

blood test

They took some of my blood today to test and see if I have any antibodies against:
cow milk

Så dumt

Så dumt
By: Mia Törnblom

A friend gave this one to me when we were flying home from Berlin last fall. I took it and put it into my reading pile to read some day when I felt like it ie I didn't think much of it. I started reading it the other day after I had given up on the last book circle book (will give a review when have completed it in a year or two). It grabbed me from page one I just wanted to now more about her drug abuse what happened next, how did it go in jail, what was rehab like and dealing with a boyfriend away, getting halfway and moving out of rehab, what to do with your life etc etc.

I was sad when the book ended.

I give this a four.

page count: 4071 + 324 = 4395

Louie and Birdie

Louie the ferret
Birdie the Cockatoo

Tuesday, June 8


Still learning how to use my camera.....

an afternoong looking at newborn foals looked like this to start with....

bloody fence
just a couple of days old (ie all legs)

please be mine

Monday, June 7

Sunday, June 6

Balcony pots

Have updated my flowerpots that hang on the wall. They are now matching and both in use by flowers...

Vampire Diaries- The Return- Nightfall

Vampire Diaries- The Return- Nightfall
By: L.J Smith

Not sure what I like with series that suddenly get added volumes to it 10 years after the last one was written. I'm sad to say but I think this was a bad choice by the author. From having loved the first books and not being able to put them down, even counting the days until I get the next one in the mail its hard to handle this. I'm praying that this was just a glitch and that the next book is better (its already in my book pile so I will read it). I even gave myself two weeks to think about the book before writing this review, but i still don't know. There is just something about the story that rubs me the wrong way (the same as Bellas pregnancy in the Twilight series did and I still haven't gotten over that one).

I just don't know what to say: Its the angels, demons, magic, non-magic, salem witches all the stuff that happens at once and I don't know how to deal with the nice Damon!

I give it a mere two.

Page count: 3600 + 471 = 4071

Plyers and nail polish

When the nailpolish botttle is impossible to open, go to your toolbox and find the biggest griptool you can find and use it to open your bottle.
This week my nails will be Koala Bear-y

Balcony + Herbs

Say hello to
Mr tomato plant and ruccola camp:The rest is at full speed in some new pots etc