Tuesday, March 31


At monki I found some nice items except the dress that I bought, but it was the sizing chart that I had issues with.

I tried this awsome skirt on. It looked like it might be the type i had bin looking for, but in wrong colour.

But hmm my body shape was completely wrong! In a Medium the waist was WAY to big, but the area that goes over you ass could have bin mistaken for a piece of skin. Such a shame on such a cute skirt.

And this dress, think it would suit me quite well for a summer dress, but decided against trying it on. I have a couple of summer dresses and skirts already & what I really want is a MAXI dress....

I'm off....

Yhea didn't stay long at work. This time I'm traveling with students and colleagues to Finland for a couple of days.

Still haven't got my mobileblogging to work, but hoping for internet connection on the ferry. If not atleast there will be some general updates as usual.

Monday, March 30

Office dog

We have a fourth (or sixth) office dog that has bin spending time with us. He is not as well behaved as my three favorites but his charm just makes it ok that he makes several apperances at work.

I really like it that he can camouflage himself on the floor in tie of desperate mesaures.....


Its not only on the streets lamps get knitcoverings.

Even in Scandic hotelrooms....

Nice bedlights?! We even had fancy bedpost mirror and skylight in bedpost.

Sunday, March 29

Nail of the week

Played around with some different colours.

Chanel #461 blue satin, OPI Brisbane bronze on the tips and China glaze Ruby pumps over it all.

A timemachine??

My other blog has its own timeline.....

When looking at last published post on this blog its 22 hours ago

when checking out the blog it posted on Monday 6th of april 2009. that 8 days away!!

Makeup shopping

Oh my dream almost came true in Uppsala. Make up store had a complete clearance sale. Only thing that would have bin a MAC clearance sale.

Unfortuntaley there wasn't much left in the shop when I entered, but there were even less when I left. I got three eyeshadows.....

Sotis looks interested to:

The ones I got was used both flash and without flash when trying to capture the colours.
With flash

Microshadows: dora + paus + lovely linnea

Without flash

Chocolate cravings

I have major Marabou Non stop cravings. Have deccided AGAINST walking down to the corner shop and buin one.

Starting to get cravings to bake chocolate cake though.....

Hmm I wonder chocolate cravngs, can I be sexually rustrated maybe *hmmm*


So even with our little dramas gettiing in and out of stores etc I did find some great itmes for my wardobe AND makeup case.

is a store I have entered several times, but never find anything that fits me quite right. I'm always so jealous over how many people find these amazing bargains in the store but I never do. Until now! I found this really nice dress that I have a feeling will get a lot of wear at work with thights and a singlet underneath and rest of time I will wear it as is.

For quite a while I have bin looking for a nice short black skirt with a bit higher waist. But have't really found anything that suits me until I entered Sisters and looked through the sales rack. The skort is SHORT, but with tights or tanned legs it will be an amazing party skirt.

I also found a pencil skirt on the sales rack that will be a good work skirt that I can wear with my tunics that is a little to short for my boss appreciation. This one I will either live in or it will move into the back of closet and be forgotten. But for €10 I can test and see what the faith for it is.

It feels soo good

I have now officially done 50% of my unidegree!!!

And from now it can only go downhill!!!

The earth hour milk carton

I forgot to post this one yesterday.

Arla one of the biggest dairy companies in Sweden switched their middlefat milk cartons last week.

Uppsala shopping

The dangerous part with going away to Uppsala for university studies a couple of times a semester is that Uppsala has quite good shopping (compared with my town). And ofcourse we always plan some time for us to walk in the shops and have a look around.

My friend who I study with has a little girl that is 8½ months old and that makes life interesting shopping. The attentionspan when awake is worse than a guys! Getting around on town in and out of stores is always interesting. Suddenly my eyes have opened up how horrible it must be sitting in a wheelchair trying to get places. Yhea most stores and buildings have elevators but some are VERY scary. Just walkig around in the store can turn into dead ends and you have to backtrack to get the stroller with us.

But it is also fun lookng at toys with a kid, ,and kid clothes are cute!

Saturday, March 28

Earth hour 2009-Sweden

Don't forget now!!

In ten minutes you need to turn of all electrical appliances for our earth!!

Since I'm home alone this will be done in moderation!!

Also remeber that to turn of the light for an hour each year doesn't help to save our planet, but it is a GOOD start!!!!

The reality of work

Thursday and friday this week I have bin spending in Uppsala and its always hard to leave work and let your colleages take care of your classes and students.

On thursday afternoon I got a phonecall from a colleague that shock me to the core. I now these are the kind of phonecalls that can occur when you are dealing with teenagers and all the problems that s in their world. I actually skipped class and sat out in the sun ( yes it was making an appearance) talking to a friend how to deal with it and well just needed to talk to somebody.

Some students you get closer to than others due to cetain events, but when you get a phonecall that you have bin suspectig will come one day its still a chock and hard to belive that it actally has happened. It took several houors until I got the full picuture, but until then I had the worst senarios painted up in my mind. Its things like this that sometimes make me wonder of my choice of career!

Its just improtant to remember that this is not an everyday occrence( more commo in hgh school unfortunately). The students is not dead, but that still doesn't make this situation less desperate and hard to deal with.Coming to work on monday will be hard just becaused I wasn't there when it all happened and other colleagues have had to deal with so much during the last two days. I now I'm not responsible, but still feel like it. It was in my class things happened and that my colleague that I have the class with had to deal with this alone ( Yes she had help by people, but still)....

Friday, March 27

Bye bye and Welcome

Bye bye marsch paycheck we didn't stay in contact long.....

Welcome paycheck of April. Lets pray that our friend shiplast a bit longer....

Thursday, March 26

The stable

Is this what you dream about or what??

The arena and two stables....

The entrance

Imagine owing a stable like this.

We have a octagonal stable....

spa area (with sauna lamp (not in picture))

shower area with marble sink

floor lightning (yes that was that is)

these saddle hangers must be made to order..... (and there were several)

storage in the saddle chamber


You now this awsomme dress that I was gonna get!

Wel turns out my mom already got it for her, So I guess I need to find anotherr maxidress then.....

Wednesday, March 25


And here are some shots that never made it & never will....

a toe

look no rider


nice ass

hmm a tail

focus what is that??

Matching gone to far??

Notced this after I had finished getting dressed....

Tuesday, March 24

New born-5 weeks

And the grand finale...

How can you not fall in love with animal babes?!

These two are 5 weeks old and the mare already nows how to show off her amazing steps (keep fingers crossed that i improves from here on)

and the stallion he was abit nervous by the crowd....

bloody phone

I soo need to get my blog function to work on my new phone.

Next week I'm going to finland for a couple of days and lets just say that I have heaps of stuff that I want to show you from that trip....