Saturday, April 28

Graduation dinner

On tuesday nighgt tmy lovely students had a graduationdinner and as their teacher I had to attend and well in the end I ended up wearing my grandmas old dress that we changed so that it would fit me.
It was a lovely evening w great dinner and entertainment. Wish we had stuff like that when I graduated from my high school.

And well Our loveky kids decided that this years prank wold be to change one of our dung barels into a PIG.
So from now on the freshmen ge to practise on the pig and try not to 'tilt the pig' insead of 'tilting the fockler'

They were a cue bunch tha fnished school yesterday.

Saturday, April 21


Ok so working at a place that works for a better environment I guess I'm gonna have to start making some better choices in my life. that i'm driving a environmentally unfriendly car is not making things better, but I'm starting my ecological path in small scale like trying to find ecological t-shirts and buy ecological food. Dispose my garbadge in a correct way etc etc.
So with this ecological thinking I'm now really curious on Sukis cleansing stuff. And since many beauty bloggers out there r raging about it. My only hesitation is that I have so much other stuff in my beatuy drawer at the moment.
But a sample kit can there be any harm in trying?
I mean if I like it I can keep on ordering it & if I don't I haven't spend 100's of $ on a kit thats useless. And its i good for the environment.

I guess I'll just take and order if from eleven next time i'll make an order.

photo: eleven

Acne belt

Not sure why but I really really want this belt from Acne. They have it i cornblue to but for some reason I like this mintgreen (r u still alowed to call a colour that?!) and well looks like i'm gonna have to pay a visit to the Outlet shop when I go home next weekend. Not that I weren't planning to anyway ;)

photo: acne

Friday, April 20

80% sale give me a BREAK

Ok so my krdeit card is weeping from the pain it has suffered this month and well i guess it is time to start eating proper lunch at work bc there will b no spare cash for food the comming months anyhow with this bill (hehe)

So what did I end up with this time, well shopaholic has 80% sale on some items and well now there is no more excuses in not buying the shoes anymore and well somehow this gorgeous dress landed in the basket to ;)

oh well at least I will b pretty ,)

photo: shopaholic

Wednesday, April 18

the pants suit

Now when the weather finally seem to be warming up and I want to dare show my pale legs for people I would love to do it in this J.lindeberg shorts suit with a apir of tuquoise gladiators from Emilio Pucci and a midnight blue Fendi hobo bag and belt and matching cc skye bracelt on my wrist. And well sunnies to but can't faind a pair i like yet, wayfarer aren't my thing maybe a pair of awiators from rayban?!

photo: Browns, NAP and kyssjohanna

The interview

Ok found out the otherday that I didn't get the job at the zoo over the summer holidays. which sucks, but I'm hoping that something else might occur. Even though I would not havea problem w 8 weeks of holiday the problem is money (as usual).

Sunday, April 15


That studs r back I guess no one have managed to miss, have bin a bit sceptical to studs on shoes until I found these babies from Marc jacobs, now I just have to have it.....

Shoes and belts i have never had an issue with but well the shoes were another matter and now I just don't seem to b able to get it out of my head. I just have to havea pair of heels w studs on them and with the strap around the ankles could they b any better?


the Loubutin Manicure

Ohh me want, this louboutin manicure how cool wouldn't it be on my nails this season?!

instead my nails r short horrible, but in a lovely princess pink colour from essie
think I will change them to Calypso for the week though

photo:, beatuy feber

off - white

Don't now why but suddenly I have this crazy earning for everything that is offwhite.

bought this top from Mike & Chris at shopaholic a while ago and never worn it until now, suddenly I can't seem to get enough of it, just need to find a suitable top to wear underneath it.

Then there is this gorgeous off white top from Edun at my wardrobe that I just can't wait until i get into my wardrobe.

Ok these are not offwhite and they are sold out, but still they like to haunt me at my wardrobe where they r on sale for £33 but no size avaiable. And who else but see by chloe could make the perfekt pair of denim shorts?

I guess i need to start looking for a suitable pair hwre they still are in stock ....


Internet acess

Well at the moment I have serous problem with the internet at home. As u now I'm sharing living w a couple of high school kids and well they decided that cram the comp full of shit would be a great way to impress me....
Today is the first day I seem to be able to update my blog a little. butopening a second window well thats just to much.

Msn and dsurfing the net at same time forget that it results in the computer freezing up and I have to restart. yesterday I had to restart 5 times during my 1½h session. Today this far only ones.

Will tyr to blog a little from work, but can't sit there to much and play around.

the shirt dress not skirt (ehm)

Ok so I have officially fallen in love with this garment, don't think there ever was a doubt that I wouldn't. I already have a Midnight blue from Filippa K that is just gorgeous and well this white one from Permanent vacation that you can buy at shopaholic would be great for day wear and evening wear hot summer night.

Why does it have to be so far until payday arrives?

photo: shopaholic

Thursday, April 12

Siberian tiger

It finally arrived I had to wait a while because it came all the way from the US and well then there was easter and so on. But now its here and it is just gorgeous, I got the siberian one, the white one and well now I want more the giraffs, zebras and most of all the elephant would be a nice alternative. But as usual it all comes down to money....

It keeping me company at work today on my wrist and I think it will be a regularity.....

I will post a pic on it but now u will have to settle on this old faithful pic from shopintuition.

I have very little acsess to update my blog at the moment, can't really use the comp at work all the time and the one at home well u now, the little kids like to hog it :(

But 3 weeks and then I'm praying to be back in buisness and I promise a lot more blogging both about work and wel hmmm the lack of boys in my life..... (not sure where they went)


Its out in stores and I have to wait to enjoy the free copy of mine :(

Because of my recent move most of my mail still goes to my old adress so its on its way in its beutiful wrapping :(

Oh well the one who waits.....


Sunday, April 8

Obsession: ALexander wang skirt

Here is my new obsession. The white short Alexander Wang skirt
It would be sooo prettty w tanned legs and just a cool simpe siinglet or tee.....

Want it, but 4000 kr !

hmm maybe the day become a millionaire.

photo: shopaholic

Easter & Reincarnation

Hmm, well this with celebrating Easter involves eating a little bit of egg and a nice dinner w parents.
No easter egg this year, but oh well think I can survive without one evern though it would have bin nice.

The reincaraion bit hmm well bit spooky thinking this way, but on good friday i might have seen my old cat. No not a vision, but a livig item. he disapeared 2 yrs ago in June. I have not seen him for yrs so... Every time a blackc cat shows up at home we wonder if that is him. It isn't helping that ppl down the street hass his son who is a smaller copy of him.

So this cat i saw, a ruffled cat who looked like it had bin living in the bush for a while, missing peice of ear horrile fur, but same size and eyes. When I started talking to him he replied came up and behaved as mine used to when outside resistant, not letting me touch him but talking and walking just out of reach.

He headed for veranda door but got scared and ran back into the forest. Mom saw it to and now we r like was that him or a cat similar looking?!

The wondeing continues....

The music challenge

Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle.
Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the
song titles as your answers. NO CHEATING!?

How does the world see me?
Song: I deserve it.
Artist: Madonna.
Comments: Nice

Will I have a happy life?
Song: Animal
Artist: Def Leppard
Comments: eh?!

What do my friends really think of me?
Song: Somebody to love
Artist: Boogie pimps
Comments: Thank you!!!.

Do people secretly lust after me?
Song: Headstrong
Artist: Trapt
Comments: Ehh don’t get it! Yes I’m headstrong but?

How can I make myself happy?
Song: Pon de replay
Artist: Rihanna feat A.P
Comments: I guess DANCE have fun and enjoy!

What should I do with my life?
Song: You don’t care about us.
Artist: Placebo
Comments: hmmm? I do care.

Why should life be full of so much pain?
Song: Another day in paradise
Artist: Phil Collins
Comments: one word

How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
Song: Tequila
Artist: Cypress Hill
Comments: He-he... Okej. I'll admit to that.

Will I ever have children?
Song: Day by day.
Artist: Violent vision
Comments: hmm! Well…. I guess its true I'll take it as it comes

Will I die happy?
Song: Friendship
Artist: tenacious D
Comments: Well I guess that is good!.

What is some good advice for me?
Song: Happy Days
Artist: The Whitlams
Comments: Guess. CHEER UP! Don't wory so much or?

What is happiness?
Song: Lead song Top gun
Artist: Topgun soundtrack
Comments: Haha! I see...

What is my favourite fetish?
Song: Protection
Artist: Behind the scenes
Comments: I guess. A little confused here, but well better safe than sorry...

How will I be remembered?
Song: A whale of a tale
Artist: Disney
Comments: HAHA.

I think I’m quite a good person with some weird fetish and random music collection. Loved it though u just have to try it!!!

from: Consommateur

Saturday, April 7

Today's outfit

Today I'm wearing:
T-shirt free trade
jeans: skinnyleg diesel
axents watch
scooter ballerinas
see by chloe parkas

This morning I was wearing:
Cheeta t-shirt Topshop
LONG singlet
3/4 black tights target

Found a place at home were I can get ok pics & well yes I seem to live in a greenhouse or rainforest....

Clothes shopping

My last weeks purchases....
pic 1:
J.lindeberg cardigan
J.Lindeberg skirt
KXY & Co boots

pic 2:
Acne jeans shirt (mens trial collection)
j.lindeberg dress
Filippa K shirtdress

need to add some colour to my new wardrobe to...

hmm any good ideas were i can do that ?!

Friday, April 6

Make up store shopping

1) Eye liner #102
2) Eyeshadow NOX
3) Foundation brush

latesta make up purchase from Make up store


So on the day planned: 5 april, 2007 23.00
my childhood freind gave birth to a little baby boy.

He is 45 cm and weighted 3000 g (something)

Both mom & baby is Ok!

The labour went smooth without any complications.

Silver shoes

Ok so that it a metallic season i think no one has misssed by now.

And what I want is a pair of silver heels. AM in love w the Filippa K ones, but after looking at a similar pair (same styl diff colour) I think I have to be realistic in the height and well they were just WAY to high. :(

Other shoes i could consider is:

1)silver peep toes from topshop
2) Filippa K's silver peep toes
3)Marc by mark jacobs zipper heels
4)Marc by mark jacobs silver heels
5) Jimmy choo's need say no more

photo: Topshop, NAP, browns and Filippa K


Later on I witnessed a car accident bw a truck & car, thank god no injuries more than dents in vehicles.

And when lollie shopping a guy tried to pick me up. he was in neasrly 40's and ugly (DAMN) but got a small ego boost.


Thursday, April 5

Wierd day

Ok my interview today felt ok. But I wont find out until end of next week if i have gotten it or not. Ahh the waiting..........

Other than that the day was hmm ineresting to say the least!

Ok driving home I did a stopby in got and while there I bumped into 2 ex boyfriends :( not funny at all oh well never needed to talk to them (thank god).

Then i was almost in not 1 but 2 car accidents. R ppl crazy on the raod or what?! Ok first one was partially my fault we alll wanted to enter the same lane at one from 2 other lanes.
The secod one a truck driver just moved into my lane while I was in it & well t was either move or b squashed!

Well that was my day....

Wednesday, April 4

Working holiday

So well I have mangaed to get a fulltime job, bu ot over the summer holidays wich is great except that no job= no money! And that is never good.
So I have in lookig around a little and the prefect job would be at a Zoo since that is within my field and were I wanna end one day again.

And yesterday they called aout an opening at a major zoo here in Sweden. Is only 50% over the summer holidays but HEY I'm not compainig that would be PERFECT! considering the last summerrs I have bin working my ass of and not really having any time of so 50% and well hrm
the area they need ppl in is even better. CARNIVORES or big mammals stable such as rhinos, antilopes etc :D
I have bin runnig around for a while cheeriing to say the least. yes I now is only an interwev bt that is better than nothing at all righ?

Photo: Borås djurpark

Tuesday, April 3

Fair trade

So this with ecological shopping is really starting to get to me. My shopping gene has a consious and well it is not helping that my new job is a school is working towards and ecological future.

Wich I think is great they have bin fully ecological for years and all new investments are made with the benefit of the environment in thought.
But this make me think more about what am I doing for the environment?! All these ecological brands that are popping up is great absolutely LOVE IT!!!
Yesterday I stumbled over a fair trade store in my city & well I jus had to step ini & look what they had & well my bank accouunt felt it.
Pics are coming, but I'll show u some items that I want & found in their gallery online instead. Who can honestly so no to hand made soaps from india, ecological food, hand made arts & crafts?! And the money goes to ppl in need.

Monday, April 2

Three things

Well here is my list of three's

1. My black/blue skinnyleg diesel, have a grey and black pair but these seem to always win the duel when it comes to don't know what to wear.
2. My black braided skinny belt bought from red cross for $1.5 (it was on sale) its attached to all my jeans and many skirts when u need a belt or just want to add something to the waist. Looking for a new nonbraided nice one, but just can't seem to find one as good.
3. My polaroid sunglasses w White/beige thick frame. Love them wear them almostt everyday.

1. My Ladybird balleinas, only really tried on one shoe and well the other ones desn'tt really fit. Have only worne them twice outside my house.
2. Old pink shoelettes. W 10 cm heel, pointy toes. The r beautiful, but when will I ever wear them? have worne them twice have had them for like 4 yrs.
3. Black V-neck from VILA, already had a good one why did I then go and by one that just rides up all the time? Its hopeless.

1. Tiger bracelet from KJL, still waiting on it to arrive
2. Filippa K Navalblue skirtdress, will be great now in spring when the sun is out
3. An Acne Jeans mens shirt from their trial collecction

1. Filippa K silver pumps
2. A little black dress, would love to have this from J.Lindeberg
3. A cool statemen T-shirt

Everybody who wants to can do this challange. It was fun!

Photo: Browns, NAP, Filippa K & shopintuition

Spring calls for a nice T-shirt

So well the sun is out and warming beautifully in the sun.
Here are some tops I would be happy to have in y wardrobe this spring and summer.
1) 81 hous(Heart)
2) katherine Hartnett (choose life)
3) Sass & Bide (Grey)
4) Sonia by Sonja rykel (Flamngoes)
5)Marc by marc Jacobs (Whale)

Photo: NAP, Browns

To much to remember

Ok so have bin really good taking pics of all my new items, learing some functios on my camera so that my ofit of the day actually look ok.

Annd now the bloody cord is in wrong town, have managed to bring all other cords w me home except THAT ONE!!!!!

SO on friday i can finally upload everything...

Sunday, April 1

Spring in the air

Yes fially spring is in the air, but with the changes of he seasons my lips have decided to dry up and swell. I truly look like have had injections into my lips (angelina ajolie wannabe)

So for a treatment of my poor lips taberco lipreament would be lovely.

photo: eleven

Acne jeans skirt and shoes

Oh How I have droweled over this skirt and these shoes from Acne Jeans. have wanted them immediately in my wardrobe and was really upset when I realized that the shoes had sold out on Browns :(
Yesteday I went to Freeport in Kungsbacka and had a look around if there would be any nice stuff.
And o my amazement an Acne Jeans outlet store had opened up and they had both the skirt (inblack ad beige) and the shoes.
But the fabric of the skirt was horible ot at all what I had magined (saved me a little) still a beautiful desgin thogh
and well the shoes were Grogeous still in love with them.
But I had to be realistic he heel was just way to high, much higher than I had imagined. Not a par for everyday use as I had planned for them :(

So instead a striped shirt from the mens collection followed me home. (Photo on the way)

To add moe pleasure or ratherr pain for being loody tall a girl found a pair of acne Lena hug for merely 500 kr. Size 27/34 right lenght way to small in waist :(

Photo: Bowns fashion

My weakness of make up

So well first I had to get some morer stuff for my bathroom cupboard

and well...
1) Lancome Effilant eye makeup remover
2) Lancome pop cherub 08
3) Clinque bronze 04
4) Loreal Exfotonic

Laying low

Yes I know It has bin quiet here the last week, but I have had So Much todo at work and it doesn't help that I have had NO ACESS to our comunal comp after work, me getting sick spending an evening at ER and well just full throttle ahead.

Should be bette this week sice I'm on spring holiddays and well am at my parents place w around the clockc acess to iternet.

SO what was the first thing I did after coming home.

I went shopping and almost landed a completely new wardobe ;)