Tuesday, July 27

Porcelain flower

As always when I'm away my pink porcelain flower starts to flower. This time its just crowded with flowers soo beautiful

Monday, July 26


I have bin away from home for 6 weeks. I can admit I have bin a little nervous how my herbs would have survived this neglect. A dear friend have bin taking great care of them and this is what I met when I got home:

Tomato plant have just exploded (right now flooded to)
Thyme and rosemary is looking good, need to take care of some thyme
Ruccola did not survive not being eaten
Mynth, lavendel and basil, basil, chives and parcely well they are in different stages of alive

Sunday, July 25

5) Rabbit proof Fence

Rabbit proof fence
By: Doris Pilkington

Not sure why at work I suddenly start to read biographies. Is it so that I will look even more brainy around the students or is it because these books capture my eyes or is it that they are easy to lay down at a whim and pickup again without having to loose track? Honestly I don't know but I guess its a little mixture of all of them. Since its now holidays I have time to finish all these books that I have started in class, but never had time to complete for different reasons.

Rabbit proof fence is Australian and aboriginals. That you can tell from the language, I'm home I can feel the heat, breathe the red dust and become horrified at how white men think. This is one of those books where I'm ashamed to be white european on top of that. I'm also amazed at how ignorant people can be not to think what a person is willing to do to see their family again.

I give it a four and am still working on getting the dust from my skin.

page count: 5 705 + 133 = 5 838

It's raining outside

Saturday, July 24

Great friend

I have a friend that just pulls the best gifts out for different occasions do not need to be birthdays etc just random things she finds that she thinks I will appreciate:
When I started my masters of Education she found this coffe cup that says miss, miss, miss all the way around (Miss is another word for teacher in Swedish).

She was surfing the web this summer looking for something and stumbled over the nailpolish drying monkey and thought about me and my weekly manicures I do at home.

After showing her my love for Dr. Tatianas sex advice for all creation (she is the one that introduced the book to me in the first place) she got it for me in swedish with the words: To further your teaching agenda with your students inscibde on the front page.


We have recently found out that my grandmother dies without telling her secret. My dad has always known some of it but not all. After finding out some more I feel if she didn't wanna tell why can't we bury it?!
Mom have more the feeling to dig deeper and to unravel the whole history. I'm not sure I wanna now more than I have learned the last two days....

Friday, July 23

4) The zookeepers wife

The zookeepers wife
by: Diane Ackerman

Hold your horses I have read a world war II biography and I really really liked it. This real war time story is about Warsawas zoo and The Zookeeper Jan Zabinski's wife Antonia. How she was fighting to save the animals at the zoo and after that the huge organisation in moving Jews out of the Warsaw Ghetto and out of an occupied poland. Around 300 people were helped, where only two were captured and killed. From page one I could not stop reading, it moved me and right now I have an urged to travel to warsaw and walk the streets, see the remains and try to wrap into my head how they lived during the occupation.

I give it a four.

page count: 5 424 + (323 -42) = 5705

Wednesday, July 21

3) Elsas Mode

Elsas Mode
By: Sofi Fahrman

This is Sofis debut book and from the reviews I have read im surprised. This is top chicklit no questions about it. Its girly about fame, fashion and the inner circle of Stureplan, Stockholm, Sweden. I'm not sure what I like it yet. Elsa is abit to "blonde" for me, naive etc. Still I could not put the book down and for some reason I can't wait until book 2 comes out (in pocket that is). It has bin over a week since I finished it and I still don't know what to think. Might come back and do a second review (if I come up with anything clever)

I give it a three and that is for the I don't know what it was that made an imprint on me (otherways it would have bin a two).

page count: 5 115 + 309 = 5 424

Tuesday, July 20

Champange porn?!

Okok this is not real champange only great whitewine with bubbles.

But I can honestly say that when its comes to drinks and free choice anything with bubbles are my luxury....


This week I went with my mom to Gekås. And I managed to forget half the basics I usually get. But I blame that on when looking for hairspray seeing one of the guys with the film crew walking around making the show for kanal 5.

I did though find this in the womens department:A short leather jacket (50% off)
summer dress
long sleeved stiped top
threequarter tights

Monday, July 19

2) Dr Tatianas Sex advice to all creation

Dr. Tatianas sex advice to all creation
by: Olivia Judson

Oh My GOD!! This book is just amazing, if you have the slightest interest for biology and SEX! Why do hermaphrodites exist? Or why do Lions mate like manicas? Why do the red back spider male throws himself into the females deadly jaws asked to get killed? These and many more questions that I'm quite sure you have asked yourself at one point or another? Or for example why do some speceis have spikes on their penises? How come the silverbacks (male gorilla) testies are teeny weeny compared with the schimpanses.

I JUST LOVED IT!! finished it in a second with tears rolling while i'm at the same time horrified for what animlas will do for sex. Just to let you know females are much more sex addicts than any male you could ever imagine (with some exceptions that is).

I give it a Five.

page count: 4 881 + 234 = 5 115

Sunday, July 18

The beach

By my feet, I was not allowed to build a castle, the remains are to the right on the shot

Went to the beach with a friend and her kid.... unfortunatley most of the pictures got over exposed, but some I like the look of any way:

the so not future marin biologist (he thought snails were freaky!)

How fun can a baseballcap in water really be??

Skövde sale

On june 29th I went to Skövde to see the world premier of Eclipse. AT the same time I had to go there and give some blood for a new bloodsample to test and see if my allergies were genetic since I have NO antibodies against milk in my system.

Well I had some time to kill and needed a cardigan since I had forgotten mine at home on the westcoast. I first found the grey green one and that was a perfect thin one for the summer night, then I walked into MQ and found the thick grey one + a knitted striped tunic.
So know I'm all fitted out for cardigans this fall, the only one I need know is a replacement for my perfect black one

Saturday, July 17

Bridesmaid shopping

During the wedding one of my good childhood friends invited me to her wedding. That involved a bridalshower shortly following. During that shower she was getting a proffesional make up done at make up store. After a while I got a little bored and walked over to H &M and found this awsome summerdress from their garden collection. It has only bin in my posseion shortly, but everybody I go to the beach with asks me where I got it.

Its clearly the perfect naked beach dress:; Flowery prints, short, flowy, thin, big pockets etc..
Then I got threequarter tights to and since we have a tropical summer I'm getting unsure when I'll open the pacage.

Dream date

Ia just promised that on friday I will meet my dream date!

But not sure how that African sex dance will worl out during cirsumstances....

Torture pure torture

Over a year ago I was dreaming about these shoes. While in Dubai I found them on sale for about €100 but was good and didn't buy them. Now they are on net-a-porters outlet out.net for €208 this is not fair

Wedding outfit

Finally I have had the energy to fit with to network to connect with moms computer.
This is what I wore for my friends wedding on the 19th of June:

dress: H&M
shoes: Roots
suit jacket: Greenhouse
Jewellery: thailand perals and inherited pearls from both my grandmothers watch granddad did for mom + hair jewllery made by Iwan

The black suitjacket

In june right before the wedding I attended I went shopping with my mom. We hit town mainly because I was going back to my roots (blonde, note: I am not blond, but everybody apperently wants me in that category for some reason). A while away we decided to go to a store that had a VIP sale in the evening before their official sale started.
We went there and I found this Gorgeous black suitjacket and scarf. After a discussion I managed to convince my mom that I needed another black suitjacket since all my other ones are shortsleved or similar. I am chasing the perfect black blazer to, but that is another story.
When i*m in the car the following day admiring a friends beautiful naval dress with red and turqouse acessories we discover that my suitjacket is naval and not black.

But I like in anyway..... Scarf and suit jacket

1) Vampire Diaries- The Return Shadow souls

The Vampire Diaries- The return Shadow souls
by: L.J. Smith

Thank god book 6 redeemed itself after teh downfall of book 5. I still think though that it all should have ended with book 4.
Elena and Damon are traveling to the dark dimensions to find the pieces for the fox key. This is an emotional journey on all levels for all caracters involved. They meet some interesting caracters throughout this journey and ofcourse Elenas dearest friends catch up with them on this trip. Stefan is back and because of that its not as harsh as book 5 was. Book 5 reminded me of New moon from twilight in the pain I was feeling while reading it and the unbearable heartache that I had the entire time. Here thank good the heartache is relived, but not in any way that you can imagine. I'm now cheering for Damon!

I give it a four.

Page count: 4 395 + 486 = 4 881

Holiday shopping

Thursday, July 15

Meet "Findus"

Our neighbours got a kitten, for some reason he decided to move to our place!

We are not sure about his name but we call him "Findus" after the cat in Petterson and Findus....

isn't he adorable?Unfotunately I forgot the flash (hence the darkpictures)


Went shopping with my mom the other day and found these two beautiful bras on 86% sale. Lucky me being small managed to grab the largets size they had left (70B).

Life suck

I am the most hated person in the world by my cat right now...

Tuesday, July 13


After having read a couple of great reviews about ordering your wine from vinovum I just hd to try. Will let you know all about it in a week or so

Monday, July 12

5 down 5 to go

I have now read half my bookpile for this summer,
maybe I should start reviewing them soon to

Saturday, July 10


Parents flower garden

I went on a walkabout with my camera in my parents yard and captured som flowers, here are some...

Friday, July 9

Summer time reading

oh boy I'm reading

when ever get the urge I have at least 4 books by know to review that I have read from the 11th of june

Monday, July 5

Summer break

As you may have noticed I have taken a break.

My brain is all creative and want to write posts, but my mind can't get me to settle down long enough to type them out.

Ohh what I miss mobileblogging right now (should get into that again)