Friday, November 30



tischa- the cat empire
cardigan- j.lindeberg
shoes- din sko

Thursday, November 29



singlet1- supre
singlet2- morgan
tunic- twist & tango
jeans- lee
cardigan- lux
shoes- X&YZ

Wednesday, November 28



singlet- sportsgirl
dress- filippa k
tights- 2 x lindex
legwarmers- urban outfitters

Tuesday, November 27

Lambi Coolmint

A parcel a rrived filled with tissues.
Just at the right time now when everybody at work seem to have a cold :D

got both coolmint & balsam with aloe vera.....


had a massive weekend will tryand tell u all about it tonie!!



tunica- vintage
tights-2 x lindex
shoes- timberland

Monday, November 26



tischa- acne
jeans- topshop
belt- mango
cardigan- esprit


cardigan- lutz& panos
shoes- ecco boots


singlet- supre
belt- vintage
cardigan- lutz & panos
shoes-ecco boots
jacket-red berry
scarf- cheap monday

Friday, November 23


singlet- supre
tischa- care bears
shoes- din sko

Thursday, November 22



top- petit betau
tischa- thecat empire
jeans- topshop
shoes- timberland

Wednesday, November 21


dress- bad religon
tights- cheap monday
boots- timberland
cardigan- j.lindeberg

Tuesday, November 20



shirt- saint tropez
dress- gina tricot
belt- sportsgirl
tights- koola anna
boots- timberland

Monday, November 19



singlet- filippa K
dress- Filippa K
tights- lindex & falke
shoes- timberland
cardigan- MQ

p.s have bin told that I look like the dance teacher in fame when wearing this dress & tights :D d.s

Sunday, November 18

Urban Outftters= shopping

I did a cruise around Urban Outfitters earlier today & managed o fins what I wanted for a lot cheaper than what I have found at other places :)

legwarmes, a long cardigan, carmex & key markers...

photo:urban outfitters


singlet 1- bonds
siglet 2- everlast
ttop- JC
jeans- topshop
shoes- ecco

Aother gorgeus greyish cardigan

I have bn ruising around Urban outfitters and found this gorgeous cardigan from paul& joe sisters line. Me want, yes have fallen for long greyish cardigans and it s so painfull looking at all these gorgeous items nowig that I can't aford them at the moment :(

what I was looking for was actually some nice blacck/ grey leg warmers that can use with my boots now when ts getting colder outside.
photo:Urban Outfitters

A miracle

Today like 6 months after I moved into my flat I FINALLY put of some items on my wall, there are still my 2 major paintnings at my parents place waiting to get framed etc.

But 5 months is getting my ass around in findng 2 nails and a hammer and bang them into wall. Alla in all it took me 5minutes.

So what do u like?? hey are hanging over my telly

Finally - only took 5 months

Started reading 9th cave, midsummer its great, but thick and HEAVY (specially hardback copy). I now 750pages is no excuse since I read potter n just a cople of days ;)

But yesterday it was finally done, now just have to wait for the last book in the story about ayla.

Oh well until then I'll read some other books and at the moment I'm reading both the Master and Magarita and learnng how to fly.

photo: adlibris



singlet- just jeans
cardigan- portmans
jeans- topshop
shoes- timberland

Friday, November 16

Todays good deed!!

On may way home from work there was this gorgeous dutch on the road still alive (THANK GOD) so the animal carer in me stopped, ran out and picked up the pup.

After some phone calls thanks to the id tatoo in the ear we managed to locate the owner and I brought it back home, alive and well. A bit muddy, wet and cold but alive with no visible injuries.

This shows the imprtance of id tagging your animals!! if it the dog hadn't been ntatooted I would have had to bring it to the police stationand pray that they owner noticed the missing dog and reported it missing. Yes in these hunting days it could have bin a hunting dog. bt left on road it would quickly have become a dead dog :(



top- sportsgirl
singlet- just jeans
snglet- supre
jeans- topshop
shoes- timberland

Thursday, November 15



cardigan- myers
tights- 2 x lindex
cardigan 2-MQ

Wednesday, November 14



tischa- the cact empire
body- MQ
cardigan- MQ
Boots- dinsko

Tuesday, November 13



tunic- vintage
tights- 2 x lindex

Monday, November 12

MMMmmm wold't mid wearing this to work tomm

Wouldn't mind wearing this at work now when its getting colder here in the north.

As usual I fall for items that are way out of my league so i'll just pray & hope that it ends up on sale as so many of my other obsessions have done lately !

Photo: shopaholic



top- tiger
tischa- fair trade
skirt- j. lindeberg
tights- lindex x2
shoes- X&YZ

Sunday, November 11

So many nights- the cat empire


Its finally in my posession!!

They said the album wouldn't be releazed in Sweden (outside Australia) until next year, but today It showed up on itunes so who could say no??

Not me that is for sure!!!

Personally I think they just get better and better for each album that they releaze.

photo: the cat empire



dance body
tischa- the cat empire
jeans- topshop
shoes- ecco

Jelly Pong Pong supermodel stain- cup cake

A while ago I ordered some items from Acessora and here is my first review of these items.

Jelly pong pong supermodel stain-cup cake.
(Not same color as mine)
My first though when I unpacked it was jesus is it possible to make anything THAT small?? It better be good and well it is highly pigmented wich makes it a little had to work with because you have to be careful to no lookl like a clown....

IN the beginning it took me a while to get used to colour on my lips, but now I really really like the color and after learning how to use it it has beccome a morning favorite here :D

I give it a 3/5 becasue it is a bit dry and hard to work with, the tiny size of produkt pulls the grade down to.

photo: acessora

Saturday, November 10


While in London i was hunting for a new winter jacket, but didn't find any that I liked.

I also looked at this leather jacket at topshop tall and it is as gorgeous IRL as on picture, unfortunately I didn't feel like I could afford it (should have shown pic to mum, she fell in love w t when I shoved it online)

While I was cruising online I also found this jacket in the tall section and itt was love at first sight. Why WHY didn'T i see this at the flagship store in London, I felt like I went through every single garmet in that tall section while I was there. Now my mission is to get my hands on both of these jackets somehow.

Any ideas anybody??

photo: topshop

Here we go again

One of myy dear friends have the problem that all her friends are getting married around her.

For me that is not the problem I would love to go to some weddings at least once a year if not even more often.

Instead everybody seem to get pregnant around me.....

What is up with that?? Next in line is my dear friend (brother) who got married this august. Seems like that Honeymoon was a succes :P


I saw this bag when I was in London and it didn't make me want it less than before. Unfortnately I can't afford a bag that is triple my rent at the moment. One day maybe when I win the lotto or meet a richc and handsome guy

until then I'll keep dreaming about this Marc by marc jacobs FW 08 bag....

photo: marc by marc jacobs



jeans- lee

Friday, November 9

Good news

As usual I'm horrible in updating here during the weeks and it is during the weekends that i fill you in with what I have done during the past week.

On wednesday i found out some GREAT news:

My contract at work have bn extended until june 2008 & if I get accepted to the university to study teachinig I will get my contact extended even further!!!!

SO since then everything Hve bin just great nothing really have bin managing to get me down. The only thing now is my paycheck, new conract means a higher salary, but what to demans????



singlet- just jeans
dress- filippa K
cadigan- esprit
shoes- timberland
stockings- lidex

The Cat Empire in Västerås

Last night I went for a little drive (only 230 km) to see the cat empire play in Västerås and was it worth it???

HELL YHEA. The venue was tiny, the band awsome (did I expect anythinng else?) and I really rerally like thei new cd. Unfortunately it is not on sale outsde Australia yet :(

Their new CD has a heavier sound but that only makes me like them even better than what I did before (if that is possible).

The best bit was when I managed to meet part of the band after the concert and especially felix.

Would have loved to meet the drummer to, but I'm satisfied as is!!!

And of course I bought their new Tischa they have on this tour and mens size bc didn't like the colours on the female top (white and red)

I give this concert 4/5 Bambies. There were some dead moments and well It was just awsome not far off fom a full 5

Thursday, November 8



tischa- filippa k
cardigan- filippa k
jeans- lee
boots- timberland

Wednesday, November 7



tun- twist & tango
jeans- diesel
shoes- X&YZ

Tuesday, November 6



singlet- supre
tischa- golfpunk
jeans- topshop
shoes- timbaland

Monday, November 5



singlet 1-suprer
singlet 2-sportsgirl