Sunday, February 24



shirt- bebe
tunic- gina tricot
tights- cheap monday
boots- timberland

Saturday, February 23



top- petit betau
dress- modströms
suit jacket- esprit
tights- 2 x lindex

Activity day

We had an activity day at work on thursday, me and a collegue got in charge of the rock climbing....

fun but could feel it in my body the following day.

photo: crux



singlet. supre
top- tiger
tischa- menzies
jeans- topshop


Not sure what is happening....


body- clara
tunic- twist & tango
jeans- diesel
shoes- timberland



cardigan- j.lindeberg
tights- vogue
boots- timberland



dress- j.lindeberg
cardigan- miss bardot
boots- timberland
tights- 2 x lindex



dress. numph
tights- vogue
boots- ecco

My Fair Lady

Last saturday I caught up with some friends and went and saw My fair Lady.
It was really good and don't regret spending a single cent on it at all. Know I just want more good musicals to come up in gothenburg so that I can go and se more.

Aftre the show we went and had pizza and then it was beers and daquiries at SKÅL. To much people out ffor our liking, we just wanted to sit around and chat.

My legs got abused bc I was wearing my lack tights and EVERYBODY in the room (at least that is what it felt like) wanted to touch them. But otherways it was nice and it felt even better wakingup the following day not feeling like a train have ran over you and mangled you to bits. (it a first)

photo: göteborgs operan



shirt- filippa K
tights- gina tricot
ecco boots
j-lindeberg cardigan



top-crocker Krav
jeans- topshop


Havehad no energy blogging this week ....

hence the silence!

Thursday, February 14

A dentist visit

Yes that time of year when u have to have your theet checkad and wallet emtied at their expense. i know its important and with all my problems I have had with my teeth as a teenager I go every year to have them checked. Don't wanna have another surgery due to lack of yearly checks.

Thank god no holes this year either.
At least from this year they have something new:

A dental plan (dental nsurancce), u pay for all your dental costs once a year and that will cover all examinations and problems during that year (expect my braises and prostetic theet). Am I happy or what one normal examination with all the x-rays etc etc pays its self with this new plan.

At least from know on there won't be a gaping hole in wallet after a dental visit, only a litle ache afterwards when they have cleaned all your theet :D

photo: Lth, junitjej,

Will you be my Valetine?

photo: Bibi

Make up

Ehm ....

Friday I had no lipgloss- in panic I get the new Dior- result I'm in love.

Monday- I was upset and 1 got some stuff from asos (should have arrived by the time I get home) and also foud estee lauders cremeeye liners on sale. Got the blue/black and fell so in love with it that yesterday I got the brown/bronze one to. Easier to use and more perfect eyeliner result I haven't seen in years (hence had to have them all especially when theye were 50% off). A proper reviw will be posted when all 4 colours have in tested and tried in several circumstances.


Mr D have decided to enter my life again.

Why because he knows I'm currently dating someone else and what you can't get you just have to have!!!

at 07.20 am he called .....

For a walk

Look how cute we are,

ommy seem to have this sick idea that we are supposed to walk outside with collar and leach and behave like mature/grown up cats.

Sha can forget that, these days out all alone was enough for me. Hear that I don't wanna go outside atleast not attached to a blood string.

Bro is all cool behaving like a bloody suckup as usual!! 'hrmpf'
at least I don't need to have a bell on me & its cool red, no baby blue here!
// Silvra its my way or the highway



singlet- modströms



What a cutie I can be, when the camrea is not poiting at me.




Wednesday, February 13


After silence there comes the phone call :D

and am all happy again. No lunch date though .(
we will try next week. To be honest rather have a date as i did on sunday than a lunch date, but can't be to picky right?!

photo: telenor



tischa- bullies
sweatpants- roxy

My baby is HOME

yesterday avo a couple of girls called me and told me that they have found my dear baby.

She had bin sitting 2 doors down in my apartment block and was trying to get in. not easy when everything looks the same around here.

She is fine a little scared, but when looking at her know you could never imagine that she has bin outside for 5 days all alone. It took like 5 min and she was back into old habits, like messing with her brother, playing around with all toys possible at the same time especially afetr I had gone to bed......

this is how cute hey were this morning when I got up.

Tuesday, February 12

Lunch date- trial 324

We are into week 2 in trying to get this lunch date going. last week it was me cancelling all the time, now its hmm lets just say


not quite sure our lunchdate will be as romantic as on the picture,but can always pray ;)

photo: trojanhorseantiques

Day 4- still missing

Today the ad went in the paper about missing cat and there are still no sign of her, have also called the cathome for runaway cats in this area. Nothiing there either.

Only thing I can do know is keep fingers crossed and hope, even though I think she is gone for good already :(

Her brother has cooled down a bit, not hysterical anymore (thank god) although he as so social at nights and as soon as u sit down that occasionally its a pain in the neck.

H2t parcel

A parcel arrived yesterday from head 2 toe.

The first look made me a bit sceptical...

what the......

my though is what have they sent me???? After a closer look I reaslize that they have given me agift, most likely because I gave them praise after I did a mistake in my prder and they emailed and asked if this was correct. That is what I call service!!!

This is what they gave me...

isn't it cute??

and this is what I got myself:

China Glaze Nail Polish-Coconut Kiss
OPI Nail Polish-Koala
OPI Nail Polish-Don't Melbourne the Toast
China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat
China Glaze Nail Polish-DV8

am right now wearing don't melbourne the toast and wireless holographic top coat and they look really good together!



top- crocker krav
jeans- diesel

Monday, February 11

When sis is gone.......

Have to make sure I get the good sports know when my sister is gone... (still miss her though).

hmmm.... quite comfortable up here on the shoulders while mommy is sitting by the comp. Can't understand why she is complaining. This is the perfect spot: great lookout, great for cleaning yourself and have also noticed that the bacl works super as a scrachboard. But why why all the complaining???

// Sotis the best cat inte the world

Makeup shopping

Hmmm okok broke my little shopping ban (again)

this time its i feel sorry for my self bc my cat is missing!

What I got was on asos beauty sale:

urban decay glide on 24/7 deviant the colour just look devine
urban decay LIngerie & galoshes -just have to try
jelly pong pong shimmer dust set Looked on these during christmas and now when they are on sale I just couldn't resist anymore.

photo: asos

Still Missing!!

it has now bin 2½ days since Silvra disapeared and still no sign of her.

The landlord and the plumer company that was here when she disapeared stopped by early this morning to appologise and help me look for her.

And now we are gonna go out with my friends dogs and see if they can find her.

If she still is alive there should be some signs from her today since she must be starting to get really really hungry right now.

Please let her show up soon!!!
Am a bit scared that someone has stolen her since she is a gorgeous kitten and has the most beautiful markings. at least then i know that she is safe and sound.

both me and her brother is missing her dearly!

A romantic date??

Mr handsome called and asked if I wanted to come on a horse and carrige tour in the forest.

Ofcourse I wanted! Who says no to that??

It was really nice and we ended with coffe at his place.
Only little slip was when I fell and managed to hit my knee. Me being me and always hitting myself I tried to smile and say no big deal (it hurt so bad I thought I was gonna be sick.)
afterwards it was slightly red and this morning it has turned into a nice blue/red bruise (woops).

Last night

This morning

oh well what don't you suffer through to get to see the guy?!

Next date feels a bit safer, a lunch date on town, but with me I guess anything can happen.

photo: svt



top- crocker (krav)
jeans- topshop

Saturday, February 9



tischa- junk fodd
jeans- topshop

Unresponsible people

Last night when I got home from the after work I was met by one of my cats that was completely nuts. In my slightly drunken haze I realized that one cat was missing. How the heck when I left for work in the morning both cats where in the flat and there are no windows open this time of year.
Got a bit further in and found a note on a table that the landlord had bin in exchanging my boken sink in the bathroom.

It took about 2 sec to add 2 and 2 together and realized that the person who entered my flat most likely let my cat out, They have never bin outside in their life and now she has bin missing for 24 hrs.

have binout looking for her with the help of my other cat today, but no sign of her. I can just prey that she either shows up when she is hugnry or that if she gets injured she won't suffer from a painful death, please let it be quick in that case.

will keep u updated in what happens, but right now its looking dark in getting her back :(

its the grey one silvra who is missing!!

After work

had a great night out last night with some coworkers.

did behave as a good girl and no drunken sms to hot guy instead another one got those just so I could pretend that I'm a good girl to the ppl that I wanna impress :P



shirt- mexx
belt- valley girl
jeans- lee
boots- ecco



top- james perse
jeans- diesel
shoes- timberland



top- crocker
skirt- french connection
timberland boots
2 x lindex tights

Tuesday, February 5


Finally my parcel arrived today and the top is just perfect work top,

yes can be used as a tunic/dress with tights or worn over a nice pair of skinny leg jeans. Just need to get a new pair of jeans soon then to (all of them are falling appart).

Is so good that it arrived right now when i'm going through a wardrobe crisis, ie I have nothing that I like and need a temperature change so that I can start playing around with what I have in there!!



shirt. vero moda
skirt- j.lindeberg
tights- 2 x lindex
boots- timberland


I was just told what I needed to hear and it has made my day (evening)

its amazing how your mood can flip like that from just a few words on a bloody gadget sent by another person!!

photo: telenor



top- fornarina
dress- modströms
jacket- esprit
tights- 2x lindex
ecco boots