Tuesday, May 31


Homesickness is a bitch!

Thank god it sometimes disapears as fast as it arrives....

Saturday, May 28


That I'm not a huge fan of the churchbells here in Catemaco would be an understatement.
Today they started banging again & as usual I got really annoyed.

Turn around to look at what is going on from my spot at the internet cafe.

Its a funeral precision leaving the church with two coffins. Suddenly I felt like an intruder watching the procision out of the church from my table with my jug of icedtea.

Its saturday
the sun is shining
its Carneval
and some people have to go through burying two of their loved ones...

Friday, May 27

Octoberfest 2011

The ticket is booked
Accommodation is fixed
Tent booked

Now we just need to wait for september to arrive and prepare to drink that phD into oblivion! Oh and we also have to celebrate that the 20s are behind us....

Thursday, May 26

I can't belive I am saying this

but I think I am told old for this. Or atleast my body.

Having an unplanned drinking night & then working in the heat all day is not what my body can take anymore.

AND it looks its on for tonight again (I'll try to stick to everyother water tonight)

Monday, May 23

Mac and Cheese

I think I will survive my time in Mexico....

To hot for clothes....

Saturday, May 21

Shoe stores in Catemaco

AS you all know I love, love love shoes.

As i happens I seem to have moved to the shoemecca of Mexico. I am born in the shoe mecca of Sweden so let me tell you I feel right at home.

Apparently Catemaco is the town with most shoestores per sqm in the central area....

Qoute of the day

"Sometimes I wish I had never met you. Because then I could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you out there. " ~ Good Will Hunting

Friday, May 20

Tim Burtons design?!

If Tim Burton ever would design a house I imagine it to look something like this...

Check out the aircon in the bottomfloors bathroom...

Oh and yhea there is another house built into this house in the back where some of my spider monkey friends live.

Thursday, May 19

Weather forecast

"I wanna make you sweat"

The Carrie diaries

The Carrie diaries
By: Candance Bushnell

Love, love, love. Carrie in senior year. Need I say more? I bought this one on the aiport and this was the best travelbook. When in Canada I almost bought the sequel "summer in the city", but decided to wait until its out in paperback.

So Carrie as a teenager is it anygood, yes I think so. You get a little of the background of how was she was as a teenager. What it was the made her move to New York and what her dreams where then. I can tell you that even in her early years she was struggeling with the boys.

Think that is why I like Carrie so much, all the bor problems. I can see myself in her in som many ways.

I give this book a five.

Pagecount: 602 + 428 = 1030

Wednesday, May 18


I am wonder when I will ever feel clean again. I mean really fresh and clean like you tend to feel when leaving a shower.

Here that feeling lasts as long as the water in the shower is running down your body. As soon as you leave the shower you are yet again covered with dust.

Förflutenhetns landskap

Oh my god where will I start. What a drag. A historical piece over where words and customs came from throughout history. It has taken med no joke over three years to finish this book.

But I gave it to mom afterwards because I think it is a book that she will enjoy. I didnot!

I gets a Zero.

page count: 567 + 35 (311) = 602

Tuesday, May 17

The wait is almost over!

Sleep talking

Apperently I have started talking in my sleep again. Thank god the girls I live with don't understand Swedish....

Never trust a Mexican

If you ask a Mexican person if the food (salsa) is hot or not.

DO NOT TRUST THEM if they sayhe NO. If t say YES count on it being burning hot.

I like spicy food, but with moderation. Just had a wonderful eggsandwich with a "non-spicy" salsa. It tasted good, but I'm happy that I was suspicious and only took a little of the salsa onto my sandwich.

The pirates daughter

The pirate's daugther
By: Margaret Cezair-Thompson

Predictable, good, can't put the book down. Thats three phrases to describe this book with. And I also guess that from now on I'm a book thief!

I "burrowed" this one from the resort in Egypt. Just never mentioned when I would be handing it back (woops).

Yes it was a while since I read it, but for a beach/airplane book this was the perfect one. You have the drama, the love, the war, the rich and famous, the poor and suffering all taking place on Jamacia and a little in New York City. Not a masterpiece but well worth reading when relaxing on your holiday.

I give it a three due to the predictedness of the book.

page count: 168 + 399= 567

Monday, May 16

Gone by the wind

Forgot to attach my underwear properly to the clothes line on the roof today.

I have managed to figure out that 3 socks am missing, the questions is how many panties are now flying around in Catemaco that belong to me??

The socks are neetly attached to the neighbours backyard tree (they have a dodgy backyard though)

Sunday, May 15

If is a trend what does four make it? a fact?!

SO 2008 I ripped 2 pair of jeans over my butt, 1 pair 2009, 1 pair 2011 and to be honest I think there actually is a pair from 2010 also, but I have no picture proof of them..

These pants were not made for a balconyyoga session (ie climbing on railing)

Catemaco shopping

Yesterday I opened the big spender wallet. I bought a beautiful bowl to keep my toothbrush and makeup in and a bracelet.

And no I didn't go bankrupt.

Why don't you crawl back into you hole?

For years and years and years you have played with my heart. When I said stop enough you suddenly got serious. Or correction as serious as you ever can be!

Now I can with easy mind that my heart and head have moved on for good. SO why do you keep pooping like a fucking jack in the box all the time?!

Oh well I see you as a good distraction for my head right now, at least it got me thinking of something else....

Saturday, May 14

The world at my feet

BUt why am I feeling pushed into a corner then? I need to move, clear my head, but can't.

  • The heat
  • The Danger
  • The unkown area

Friday, May 13


Honey I miss you!

Didn't think it was possible, but can't wait to hear your voice!

A bugs life

Thursday, May 12

What did the tree ever do to you?

Beauty come from the inside

..... Need no more words.

Getting hot in here

I have been struggeling a little with the heat here. That is until I realized that I'm off a couple of degrees. I thught the temperature were around 28 degrees in the sun with 80 % humidity.

Today I found out that we have around 36 degrees in the shade with 50 % humidity. That means that its over 40 degrees in the sun. So no don't think I'm struggeling anymore its just normal to feel like I'm melting away in these temperatures.

Wednesday, May 11

80 pesos

Mexico I think you will kill y shoe addiction. The upside is that I won't be buying highheels, but leather sandals en masse.
For 80 pesos I got the most comfortable sandals I think have ever owned....

Tuesday, May 10

Lost in translation

Going shopping in foreign countries are always interesting. You never really know how the stores will look like, what they will have but most of all what things are called.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I had a Mexican friend with me helping me when I was i doubt. I still managed to buy some ehm interesting things.

  1. Body lotion instead of body wash
  2. Instant cream coffe instead of instant coffe
  3. Pre toasted bread instead of toast


Monday, May 9

Things you shouldn't say if you wanna pretend to be smart

After a couple of weeks of neotiations with my parents I finally got them to install skype so that we easily can commnicate while I'm over here in Mexico.

Their computer didn't have a microphone so they had to go and buy one. Nothing wierd here you think.

2 days later I get a call from them on skype and can't hear anything. Through the chat I get the following message:

" We have just bought a microphone for the computer, but haven't installed it yet!"

Why then is my question would you try and calling me before installing the microphone?!


Say hi to my view for the next 3½ months....

Sunday, May 8


What is it with traveling and exploding bags?

As soon as you get to a new place and open up your suitcase it takes mere seconds and it looks like someone detonated a bomb inside your bag?

Now I need to get it all back together again for the 9½hr bustrip I'm taking tonight.

Coffe addiction

Mmm Mocha frappe

Hiking shoes

For my Mexico trip a friend of mine told me to get a pair of hiking shoes instead of using my hikingboots. She had felt because of the climate and the prolonged wear of the boots that it got to hot and hence she bought a thinner pair in Mexico.

So instead of lugging a pair of heavy hiking boots with me I went and bought a pair of Haglöfs hiking shoes. After only having worn them while flying this far it feels good. We need to get used to eachother, but that will happend soon enough I'm sure of.

Saturday, May 7

Bed reflections

For the last 2 months I have ben traveling around quite a bit in Sweden. I started to think in how many places I have slept and came up with that from march 1st I have slept in approx. 15 different beds in hotels, friends, family etc.

For the last 2 weeks before I left Sweden I only stayed 2 nights in the same bed. You can imagine that I am looking forward to monay when I arrive in Catemaco and get my "own" bed to sleep in and my "own" place that I can have as basecamp for the following 3½ months.

In Mexico City

I arrived safe and sound last night. Today I started the day with a breakfast on my friends balcony in the sun watching the view over Mexico City. After that we headed out and downtown where we went to the archological museum and then walked around.

Ended the night at some friends house where it was xbox games with tacos and beer in the agenda.
Now sleep time to recover some energy for all the tours we are taking tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 3

2 days

i can't belive that in less than 48 hrs I will be sitting on a flight across the Atlantic ocean towards a new and exciting adventur.

Before then I just need to organise some more stuff...