Thursday, February 20


Today I have spend 8 hrs driving my car in snowslush
1 hr at an interview
2hrs struggeling to stay awake in the couch. Is it bedtime yet?

Saturday, February 15

When you master the omelett you master the kitchen?!

If that is true I have now offficially become master chef. Öets just forget about last nights dinner distatser. Disaster in capitol letters!

I tried to make an omelett in the owen today with mushrooms, capsicum, tomatoes and goat cheese. Lets just say it was devine. I then did as I used to do in Mexico. Wrapped it up in a tortillabread with avocado, lettuce, creme fraiche and taco sauce.

I'm still in food heaven. Unfortunately there are no photos since I ate it all before realizing a phot would be needed.

Thursday, February 13

The joy

I just got an email.

They want me to come for a job interview!

i sent in the application last night.
This is how I feel right now!

Monday, February 10

And then there was meat

On friday I was eating in the school diner and walked over to grab my meal from the vegetarian section. There were some new patties laying there that I had to try. Took one, walked over and got my dairyfree sauce and then sat down to eat. Took two bites of my pattie and got a little suspicios. Walked over to the lunchlady and she informed me it was leftover hamburgers from last nights dinner.

I asked why they had put them in the vegetarian section and got a reply about the vegetarian dish was labeled, but apperently the label had ended up wrong.

I was not happy about this reply and stomped away from there, picking up my plate, throwing away the hamburger, sat down and finished my meal, quite pissed of.

The head lunchlady was not at school this day, but this is something that I do not take lightly on!

10th of february

Today is the first day of 2014 that I have opened my bedroom window. I closed it in the end of november and now I felt the urge for fresh air.

Saturday, February 1

10 years as a vegetarian

I realized this morning when I was making breakfast that in January 2004 I made the decision to cut out red meat and birds frommy diet permanently.

Previously I had tried to learn eat red meat and more than chicken fillets, but it never appelaed me. So when I moved from Townsville to Melbourne I also left the little bit of meat I ate behind me.

I have never regretted this decision.

Twice I have eaten chicken, once by accident and once by no other option (except starvation and embarassing my friends mother in law).
Once I hade accindetally eaten pork.
Twice tuna. Once by no other option than embarassing myself for my friends mother that switched out the lamb for fish becasue of me and once by coice (Hey fresh caught tuna by an old man from his hand carved canoe. No dolphins were harmed and he put his life at risk).

Thats it.
There have ofcourse been events where I have been served meat and sent it out, bacon has bin sprinkeled as decoration on my vegetarian salad (Some people do not understand the word vegetarian).
There have been mince dishes served where we have wondered over the true source of the "vegetarian" mince.

Other than that nothing. Sure occassionally I have crawing for liverpate but that is it.