Sunday, April 29

Bosse Bus

My bed aka couch is stolen!!!

Signs of spring

Cherry trees in bloom

Wednesday, April 25

Up for grabs

Some basil, thyme, mint and strawberries

Grow baby grow

My herb garden is already over flowing. Time to move some saplings to their own pots and give away as gift to some friends.


The papers are signed!!

The 12th of June I pack my car and go west for a new job and hopefully a new life and career.

Let's start with finishing up some other things first though.

Tuesday, April 24

Day 2 30 day challenge

I think I just died and we are only on day 2!

What am I up to?

This... Bodyrock 30 day challenge who would have thught a 12 minute workout would kill you?

Monday, April 23

30 day body rock challenge day 1

Just did the fitness test.

This will be a long and painfully month.

Beach 2012 here we come

Tuesday, April 17

The emotional yoyo

I feel like a Yo-Yo at the moment. My emotions are sort of spunn around and I flip from happiness, acceptance, grief, heart ache, emptyness, anciety attacks, etc

Again there is SOOO much happening in my life at ones that I can't really handle it properly.
  • Its Work - I love my job, but also hate it. Its in the rwong location, I feel closed in a stuck.
  • Living - I love y apartment, but I Hate the town. I have NO friends living in the town anymore and the emptyness in suffocating.
  • Uni - Yhea we are at the end of the thesis. Need I say more?
  • Love - What love?
  • Future I - I have signed the papers for a summerjob (YAY) and am so excited, but there is so much that needs to be finished by then I want it all to be done now. 
  • Future II - and beause my summer is already set and fixed I am not paicing about what will happen this fall. I do NOT want to go back to my old job, I can't. But I don't know what I want to do. 

Yes I now one day at a time. But right  now everyday hurt so much, do not move fast enough, but it still moves to fast. SO much to do so little time, but to much time to spend alone and feel the emptyness.

Yes rambeling, but this is how my brain spins out of control right now. Am I closed to the famous wall? Probably yes!

Sunday, April 15

Sunday, April 8

New years resolution 2 day 99

So I said 150 days was a minimum and that 75 days were to easy.
From my previous list what I needed to get I had to unfortunately add some items:

  • new runners
  • New long workout pants- not sure what has happened to my old pair, but they are not in my apartment, my parents house or in Link√∂ping. They have not been found at my friends place where I stayed in april last year.
  • New nice bikini- when an option fall upon you you better grab it. My mom said it did not count......
I have also purchased a new facial lotion and mascara after my old ones ran out, but they were on the previous list.

Dermalogica active moist

Show me what you got!

I finally dared to try dermalogical after looking at it for years.

Really like when your bag I full of extra samples to. And that they had pagage deals for the same price as one item.

Friday, April 6

Biggest cat in the world....

I am not sure, but when my bedroom door is closed and Silvra needs to push it open. This is the smallest "crack" that occur. Most often it's wide open.

Compared with her brother that was twice her size,she needs 3x the space to leave a room with a door slightly ajar.

Secret addiction


Grapes and Brie

Its just one of those things you can die for

Best before.... It's only an indication


Found in my parents fridge

3.2 kg

We did the yearly check up yesterday (also called vaccination or in Silvras words: the m***** f***** that punches a needle in my back day!!!!)

After having been fighting for years to get her weight up she is now in perfect health, but not allowed to gain anymore weight. I have a feeling that the veterinary soon will get a new nickname....

Thursday, April 5

Abdecita bikini

Its bin 6 years since last.

So when I found a new gorgeous bikini for €7 a piece I felt that it called my name.

Yes it's true I have not bought a new bikini in 6 years. Good iquality or high quantity?!

P.s the grey thing in the corner is Silvra inspecting my new purchase...

Tuesday, April 3

Pearls for girls bracelet

Jewellery is sort of excluded from my shopping ban, that does not mean I am allowed to go and splurge on these items. Sensible shopping and only things I need.

Like this new everyday bracelet I picked up for €3 on sale in a shop. After leaving all my bracelets in the hotel while dad was in hospital I'm still working on a new collection.

It is actually harder than it looks to get together an everyday collection you can wear all the time without disturbing you in your everyday work.

Sunday, April 1

Working condition?!

I got a question yesterday if I really needed new runners and how I could justify buying two pairs when on a shopping ban.

To put some statistics in how much I wear on my shoes.
1) my runners are 2 years old
2) I tend to walk more than run, but I still run from time to time
3) since I got the Nike+gps app in October I have walked a minimum of 360 km (actually recorded)
4) Look at the health of my soles.... Yes it's an actual hole in the bottom of my sole

Do you still think its not justified to buy two good pairs for the price of one. Well not my problem