Saturday, April 8

It doesn't happen

I went to sleep a Friday night and wake up  in the morning all innocent. Check my phone and there are flashes about the attacks in Paris.

I have friends in Paris. They have checked themselves safe on Facebook.


I stand in class and check my work email. The latest read:

Xx with family is safe! Safe from what?!
Check the news and read about the bombings in Brussels. 


Yesterday I read: I'm safe
Then I listen on the radio. 
She was safe, but in the middle of it. My best friend!
It's getting real!

We all new on day, but not today.
Yesterday was today!

Two of my closest friends were close. One in the middle, the other to close to comfort!

What we can do is open our hearts and pray for peace and love.
Hate won't solve it, but openness and acceptance will in the long run.

The world is dark, but only we can bring the light with love.