Tuesday, August 31

End of holiday shopping

My last day of my holiday I did some shopping. Like my friend put it I really opened up my wallet for the sales rack in a sportshop in the middle of nowhere. I guess the owner was smiling all the way to the bank. Ok ok it was not that bad. BUt I did get a new pair of sweat pants that I can wear at home when the need for comfort is huge.
Also found a shirt/shirts that is perfect on the golfcourse or when you need to travel lite, like when hiking.

Monday, August 30


Call it what ever you want, but right now I can't wipe my stupid grin of my face.
I Found out on friday that I got accepted into uni! Only problem is that the course started today. But after some emailing with course directors, departments directors, administration offices etc etc I am now enrolled into masters in applied ethology and advanced biology at Linköpins university.

And we have solved it so that I won't start my courses until october 25th.

Now I Just need to solve what to do with my apartment and where to live.

Shoe matematichs= one pair out = two pairs in

I went shoe shopping yesterday. After some severe threats overmy wornout stinky ballerinas (Sorry have no picture of how horrible they actually looked) this past week in Finland I decided it was time for drastic measures to get rid of them.
Said and done I walk into a shoe shop to replace my ballerinas with a new pair.

Well I found these lovely white Esprit leather sneakers on 70% off and while looing in the shelves I found these awsome black Vagabond heels also 70% off.
SO I left my stinky ballerinas in the shop and walked out with two brand new pairs. ( I almost bought a pair of winter jodphurs to, but felt that was a little over my budget getting three pairs at ones)

Sunday, August 29

Ipod nano + nike sensor

I really like the idea with the NIke+ sensor for you Ipod. But I'm not a huge fan of the batterychewing habits that it does. I can have a fully charged battery. Turn it off throw it into my back with aims to use it the next day while I'm traveling. If I forget turn set it on hold in that mode it will start up witch means that when I then going to use it I have no batteries left.
This week when I went to Finland I was good almost all the time, but forgot to turn it of at one moment. That means this morning when I was going for my walk I had no batteries left in my ipod.

To say the least this is starting to really really annoy me!

Saturday, August 28

Katta Kvack give away

Katta Kvack is cleaning out her makeup drawers!

For one lucky person she is giving away 61 eye and lip pencils. DO I want them?!
Yes of course, I love eye pencils especially.

Photo: rutelessly stolen from Kattakvack


This is not good within a three week period I have lost two contact lenses. I clearly need to be more careful when I take them out in the evening before sleep.

Friday, August 27

Just blow

Soumi 2010

I spend this week in Finland with my students visiting our exchange school we have over there.
The ferry to Helsinki was nice, bit windy but relaxing and comfortable. In Helsinki we met the rain and while walking through Högholmen (Helsinki zoo) the rain was just pouring down until out lunch break.
After that we headed to Tourla for dinner and nighttime activities.

The following morning we jumped back into the bus and headed back towardsHelsinki to visit Finlands largest dog spa.
Then into thebus and back to Turku where we went for a stroll and then bus to catch the frerry back home.

Thursday, August 26

Puppie vs Werewolf

We are not quite sue what she is. Here are our list of possible species:

Spider monkey
Bald man
80's mullet Idol

Wednesday, August 25

Paper recycling

Maybe I should take my paper recycling out more often.

Tuesday, August 24

Monday, August 23

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Pedigree - Free family tree program

Worst friend in the world

I your chirstmas gift has not gone missing in the mail. It has gone in to storage in my flat (accidentally packed it down during rennovations in april). Its the green box hiding in the middle of the pile the pile that I pulled out of a box.
Will go in the mail ASAP!!!

Sunday, August 22

Happy birthday to mappy birtday to me

Ok OK I know it was last tuesday, but have not had time to show all the flowers I got.

From a colleague
From a friendShould go in the bin

P & J's wedding

Last saturday I attenden my dear friends P & J's wedding at Varbergs fästning. It was a gorgeous outdoors wedding, that was a tad bit windy.

Friday, August 20

Nynäs slott

Not sure why, but when we were visiting Nynäs slott with work I only photographed flowers and plants

Thursday, August 19


When photos don't turn out as they are supposed to....

Stendörrens national park

When I headed back to work last wednesday I was a little early to meet up with my colleagues. A whole hour and a half that is because my boss had mixed up the times. SO I decided to do a stop in Stendörrens national park and have a walk around:

fashionable in the woods
playing with my camera

Saturday, August 14

My week

The blog died yet again. Or no correction I went on hoiday without internet connection!

Had some really relaxing days before I went back to work this wednesday evening.
We decided on tuesday to head to Furuvik Parken and they had a baby Gibbion. He was soo cute and of course I took like 200 pics of him and only him
and some flamingoes to

Tuesday, August 3

Tuesday night

Spending the evening at a friends holiday house listening to reagge in the sunset and drinking some cocktails....

Saturday night

After some beautiful days in Stockholm with a dear friend from Australia (will tell more about this shortly) I attended a friends 30th suprise party and then headed out on town sober with my lovely friends. 'Lets just say this was an interesting night out....

A and I headed to the dance floor as soon as we went out and it took 30 sec until a guy comes up asking me if I'm a guy. Yhea thats right you read right a GUY not GAY....

as the night moved on the place we were at turned into THE major Cougar PALACE in town and by closing time it was a cheap as meatmarket on the dance floor. The safest bet was to not look at anybody longer than 30 sec and you might be safe from creepy pickup lines.