Thursday, August 30

This week

This week so far:

I have run 10 km just over the hour
Worked way to much
Slept longer than I thought possible
Done laundry
Packed my bag for the weekend
Signed up a half marathon this spring (what were I thinking?!)

Sunday, August 26

Some gym clothes

This running thing and being bad in updating your outdoor gym clothes collection has resulted in a severe expansion of my gym clothes wardrobe.

This summer I have invested in some short:

Nike running tights

Reebok EA7

Adidas cool fit cotton

Cross jacket

Stay in place sports bra

Rönish Singlet

Nike lunarglide3+


365 that is how many days it has taken me to partially unpack my laptopbackpack that used in Mexico. Now it's even stored away and what is left in it is stuff that I keep in all my bags

Books in the reading pile.

Since I have completely lost track of what books I have read and have been horrible, horrible in updating this part. I am starting it over from today.

I have added the books I read last year into the page count, but will not give a review over them (to long since I read them).

The books I have read this year I am actually a litte unsure of, but have started the page count 2012 and will just list them below.

So from today its serious books reviews and updates that is on the agenda.
Might be that I do give review over the Hunger games series.

Books read to date in 2012:
  • The hunger games (book 1) by: Suzanne Collins, page count: 454
  • The hunger games Catching fire (book 2) by: Suzanne Collins, page count 475
  • The hunger games mocking jay (book 3) by; Suzanne Collins, page count: 454
  • Altar of Bones by: Philip Carter, page count 631
  • The wheel of time Knife of dreams (book 11) by: Robert Jordan, page count 761

Saturday, August 25


Yes, I know there must have been at least one person that hickuped on that one. Running out doors also.

A colleague of mine talked me into running "tjejmilen" next Saturday and I have a mission to actually run göteborgs varvet next year.

I am a little nervous for next Saturday since I to this date haven't run I over 7,5 km yet. But my goal is still to run under 70 min.....

Its time to shape up

I am not talking about my physical fitness here, because that one is actually improving. I have great plans for fitness fall 2012 (hahahaha)

But I am talking about my lack of blogging action. Not sure what has happened, I plan to blog even know what to write about, but before I know it two or more days has passed and nothing has been written.

I know this is a clear sign that I need to slowdown quite a lot and go back to basics. I am trying.

My weeks at the moment are: Work, run, sleep, do something fun on the weekend and then back on the work, run sleep mode again.

And you know what I think it is helping. I feel less stressed even though from day to day I think my colleagues are seriously contemplating having me tested for an ADHD diganosis (no joke) or they suspect at least that I have forgotten to take my medication.

Maybe one day I will learn how to relax and take one day at a time. At least I have managed to move down to one month at a time, we are working on the weekly bits as we speak.....

Saturday, August 11

Only three days to go

I only have three days left on my summerjob.
I hope that they will keep me on the books for working extra weekends this off season and hopefully I will be back next summer.
The only thing is that next summer I will not be available to work as much as I have done this year.
I am actually starting to feel desperately that after working/ studying almost every single day for over 2 years my body has had enough.

From wednesday I will for a while only have one job to focus on. In september my spanish course starts, but until then I will try to take it slow and relax on my spare time of work.

Tuesday, August 7


I am starting to study Spanish at the university this fall.

I'm starting on the beginners level and my goal is to be able to teach in spanish on high school level in the end. From my starting point that is 2 years fulltime Spanish studies.

My goal is within a 5 year period have completed the requirements.
But how many books do you actually need for one course?!

Of course there is the dictionary, but 5 ?! coursebooks on top of that for a 30 credit course....

Thursday, August 2

Sass & bide jeans

I think it's soon time to say goodbye. I was hoping for a longer relationship in terms if shorts, but after 10 years there is not enough fabric in the bum to keep it intact anymore.

The day we part you will dearly be missed, comfier jeans is impossible to find even though we have had our ups and downs in the past.

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