Thursday, December 31

Happy new decade!!!

May this decade be as good as the last & even better.Fireworks from 2005 (my first newyears in Germany)

Decisions to be made and lifes to live that is my new years resolution to my self. When this year ends I will not partially live my life, but fully live it as I want!

Wednesday, December 30

Victoria Secret's fashion show 2009

Tune in at 8 pm (swedish time) on channel 3 to watch these beautiful gassels of the fashion world show the most amazing magazine.

I Know that I'll be watching & dreaming away.

Wonder how much time I need to spend in the gym to get my body to look like that.

photo: zimbo

Tuesday, December 29

German new years celebration

For the last couple of years I have spend new years in Germany. This year I'm not. There have bin so much hassle in trying to organise my tickets, someone to take care of my cats etc etc that when a friend called about celebrating it with them in Gothenburg I said yes.

It felt good finally taking a decision. But my subconciousness seem to be telling me to go to Gremany (just wrote Australia).
First I had a dream about THE dream guy (my friends friend) and last night I dreamt about Billa-bonn in Bonn and not sure why but the spiraling bathroom staircase was the main part of the dream (still surprised I have not killed myslef in that one) so now I wonder what will next dream be about?

As you might be able to tell Australia & Germany is closely linked in my mind to.

The subtle knife

The subtle knife
By: Philip Pullman

Book two is already finished and now it the really really really important quiestion. Where is book 3?! It hos gone missing so I will not have read all three in 2009.

As you might have noticed I was not able to keep myself far away from this book. It was completed in mere 24 hrs (with some sleep included). I didn't like it as much as book one as you might suspect, but with all triologies book two just tend to be a traveling section where new caracters are included and the main purpose of the story is drawn up. You get to now the main caracters better both the good and evil and some of your favorites dissapear (ofcourse). The end of the book just keep you hanging midstory and you can't wait until you get your hands on the third part. The part that I have to dig through my apartment to find.

I give it a mere 3

page count: 11 851 + 341 = 12 192

Monday, December 28

Northern Lights

Northern Lights (The golden compass) by: Philip Pullman

This summer my dear friend Holly Hock and I were meeting a couple of times to discuss the Twilight books after she finished reaading them. Everytime we met she brought me a new part in the Golden compass series & told me that I had to read them. For some reasons I have not had time to finish reading the first book until now. The first 20 pages took about 4 months to read, the last 360 pages took about 3 days. Last night I could not stop readning. Even when I was so tired my eyes were closing I just had to fnish the book, the last five pages were completed with the help of toothpicks holding my eyes open.

I love the story that is set in a world so similar to ours, but still so different. Ofcourse we have the orphaned child with a wealthy uncle, but all humans have deamons, there are armored bears, witches & magic. And Dust the ever so important dust. The evil woman with a golden monkey & kids disapearing with Gobblers. Its my world, some other place than the real world & I feel so part of it. I feel the agony when Pan the deamon is hurting, I feel the comfort when he is there trying to make me happy. Its almost like I am the Deamon following feeling the happyness, distress, pain, love & adventure.

But why did they change name on the bok from "Northern lights" to "the Golden compass"?

This is a clear 5. When I'm part of the story nothing can go wrong!

Page count: 11 442 + 399 = 11 851

Sunday, December 27

Brain hurts

So much to think about and a big decision to make:

Afrika in the fall or move to Australia in july?

will give a pro and con list of the two kontinents as they move along.

Merry christms to me

I will shortly show you what I got in christmas present from everybody, but first I'll show you my gift to myself.

It was all an accident I gave myself so much, but just couldn't resist the fashion (label) nerd inside me when this appeared infront of my eyes.

I was bored surfing around on H&M's webpage when I suddenly discovered the bag & dress I fell in love with from the Jimmy Choo collection was still available in my size. Klick, klick it said & they were mine.

While on it I just had to have these Sonia Rykel shoes. NOT for wear, but decoration for a shelf in my bedroom.

photo_ H&M


I found my heart, my meaning & future the other night!

(Wow that sounds like I fell madly in love) BUT I did, whit and Australian accent, it reminded me about home & what my soul has missed these last years. I just didn't wanna leave the bar, with the awsome (not) australian pub mix music, shots and the bartender. From australia with that dangerous smile, but most of all the accent.

How have I managed this long without hearing it everyday?!

Kortfattad kinesisk-engelsk ordbok för älskande

Kortfattade kinesisk-engelsk ordbok för älskande
by: Xiaolu Guo

This was my choice for our bookcircle at work. Its interesting to see her development of the language from start of the book to the end. I do think I should have read this one in english instead of swedish (but I didn't order the books). I love the struggle she has with the meaning of different words and the culutral barriers that exist between the chinese culture and western european.

Her obsession with sex I have a bit hard to understand she takes it a little to far in my meaning, but still like it and how she interpretates things that we take for granted. But how naive isn't she following strangers home, trusting everybody and even after a year not clearly understanding some parts of the sex sell.

There was an interesting discussion about the book and the cultural barriers that do exist and how wrong it gets sometimes.

I only give it a 3.

Page count: 11 154 + 288 = 11 442

Thursday, December 24

New baby

Santa was nice to me this year!
I finally got a new computer. At the moment I'm currently transfering all my stuff from my old computer onto my new external harddrive so no pictures available etc .

But count on more frequent updates from now on. If I only could get my phone to work with the mobile blog to.

Monday, December 21


I'm starting to suspect that there is a blackhole somewhere in my flat.

Things that has gone missing:
  • favorite necklace
  • a book
  • bike lights
  • earrings
I have no clue in where they might have gone.Last time I saw them was in my flat

Sunday, December 20

oh my god

I'm listening to cheeky music.

and have the biggest grin on my face (I think I'll blame the wine)

two red roses

Two beautiful red roses are standing on my kitchen table!

How lucky am i?

Friday, December 18

16) Snabba cash

Snabba Cash
by: Jens Lapidus

Its about the maffia in Stockholm, who controls it and how it all goes togehter. JV is a guy from the countyside that wants to party and live with the rich kid. Deal cocaine is his ticket to the top in the fast lane. But is it really that smart to get that involved? While he is dealing he is at the same time looking for his missing sister that disapeared a couple of years ago. What happened and where did she really go?

J-boy escaped from prison, knows everything you need to know about dealing cocaine. They lives get entangeled and I am driving extra laps around the block, have no problems doing extra runs just to hear some more. It was sad when the book ended. I just wanted to hear more and more and more

Thursday, December 17

The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm
By: Robert Jordan & Brandon Sandersson

Book twelve in the wheel of time series. The question is now how did I managed to miss book eleven?! Realized after aout 200 pages that there were some holes in my story. I didn't remeber Rand loosing his hand, Mat getting married or Egwene getting captured.

This is fantasy in its full sense & I love it. Always feel sad when I read the last page & know that I have to wait another two years until the next book arrive. It feels good that there will only be two more books, since clearly you apprenelty can miss reading one without loosing majorly in the plot.

I give it a three:

page count: 9388 + 766 = 11 154

Wednesday, December 16

15) En plats is solen

En plats is solen
By:Liza Marklund

I just love the story about Annika while driving my car. She drives me insane & I just wanna yell at her, but at the same time I can't stop listening & am almost looking for excuses to go for a drive alone in the car just to be able to listen som more.

Tuesday, December 15

Vi måste prata om Kevin

Vi måste prata om Kevin
By: Lionel Shriver

What do you do if your son tunrs out to be a highschool mass murderer? How do you keep on living?

Everyody is asking how could this happend and where were the parents? But if the parenets were there and all the kid wanted was a reaction how do you deal with it then?

The book is written in letter form where Kevin's mom is writing letter to his dad explaning her side of the story how she felt while having this baby and how wierd he was while groving up. But was he really that wired or was it just how the mother saw it? I would love to read this book from the son or the fathers point of view and find out how they saw it. Its gripping and scary how a kid can keep him slef in that much of control. How smart are you if you can managed to write a full essay and only using three letter words. We hardly managed two sentences....

I give this a four.

page count: 8948 + 440 = 9398

Monday, December 14

I got another one

The other day I got another sms rose!!

14) Genom dina ögon

Genom dina ögon
by: Stephanie Myer

This is her independent book she has written since the Twilight series. I have bin a bit worried that I wouldn't like this book since I liked twilight so much. So I decided to listen to it in my car. Well what to say, book rage ocurred again & I'm happy that I never read the book.

I have issues with this book or the moral in it. The story is good, but quite predictable. It held my attention though & I didn't really wanna stop listening, but not sure if it would have bin the same reading it.

Sunday, December 13


I'm urrently catching up on my reading (Almost there)

Next tuesday we are handing in our thesis.

Hopefully by christmas day the blog will be back in order & I will try and update the events of the last two months.

Sunday, November 22


the question in my life at the moment is:

When will I start livig my life again?!

How long can you keep your life on hold before you lose it and yourself....

photo: jonaspeterson

Sunday, November 15


I just got flowers from a friend.

Can't pick them up until tomorrow unfortunately since the store is closed.

Thursday, November 12

Gekås shopping

Last friday on my fall break (the only day I had of out of that week) me and my mom decided to go to Gekås to by all the basics that we stock up on when we go there.
It turns out this was the day when they broke some records:
  • Best day sales record (22,2 miljon sek (approx 2.2 milj EUR)
  • Best month sales 500 miljon SEK (approx 50 milj EUR)
  • Best week sales 120 miljon SEK
  • outof the 12 miljon socks they sell early I bought 10 pairs (this is the only place I buy socks at)

And ofcourse I just didn't get all the basics like socks, deodorant, leansing stuff for my home etc I also found some clothes.

I foud these really gorgeous pantyhoses in black and grey, but it turned out they were to small so I gave them to a friend. (The sizing at this place can be a bit funny and this is the first time evr that I have tried on a pair of S and they are to short & a bit tight (Didn't think that possible (the thight bit))):

I got a green tunic for mere €3

A new cardigan that I can use to and from the gym and when bludging around at home:

A pair of goldshinytights to wear to the nightclub:

Wednesday, November 11

Phone update

I finally had enough left over on my salary to be able to go and pick up my new phone after my otherone got stolen this summer.

Turns out I was in luck. The phone has bin updated and I got the new version that has facebook, myspace you tube etc as quick menus. They only thing that I still have issues with are the mobile blog update. Can't get my email to work and that means that I don't seem to be able to post any mobile posts.

But any day now I might solve it. It never seems to be painless with switching phones and all the updates/ settings that need to be done.

Monday, November 9

Kolmården Ethology course

A couple of weeks ago I headed east with my students to Kolmården for them to take an Ethology course in zoo animals and for me to take care of the students and look on all the pretty animals.

They favourite is always hands down when you get to walk in to the wolves to say hi to them & if you are lucky you might get a HUGE welcome from them (that means get your face cleaned thouroughly by them).

One thing I have discovered is that Kolmården seem to kill my favorite pair of jeans. Last year I ripped two pairs when I was getting food out of our car in the nightmare hill.
2008 batch

This year I ripped one pair & this time in front of the students the first night we were there. They ame to the conclusion no acrobatics in pants that are abit loose in the waist.2009 batch

Sunday, November 8

Tjejkväll shopping

Last week I went to girlsnight at a mall in Skövde (a town close to where I live). We were mainly going for the fashionshow, food and the company of eachother.

The first we managed were to be among the 50 first to arrive so we got a goodiebag each. In it there were some hotspots and some ehm diet soups (hmm do I really need to diet that bad?)

We got an amazingly good dinner and after that I discovered that my favorite shop had an awsome sale on. So I ended up walking out of the store 5 items richer. Then I have bin looking for some nice longsleved t-shirts & managed to find that plus a really nice plain grey tightish sweatshit (were in laundry already when I was taking pictures of them all).

Here is what I got:

Hugo boss top:

Moongoose dress:

Tiger suit jacket:

Shirt (not sure of brand):

Hugo Boss cardigan:

Japansese label top:

The favorite items in goodiebag 2 scarfs:

Sunday, November 1

Tip of the day

If you are using hair removal cream on your legs make sure you close the bathroomdoor proprely so that the cat can't get in and walk along your legs.

HAve a qute upset cat in the couch after we had to clean his tail before the hairremoval started working its magic or he started cleaning it.

Saturday, October 31

Sleepy cat

back in a bit

Busy reading : Vi måste prata om Kevin
And visiting my parents over the weekend. Only computer action is my addiction Farmville and rest of time is spent curled up reading, shopping with mum and recharging my batteries (that are starting to run out).

The blog will not kick into full action quite yet even thnough I'm working on my batteries, my soul and other things need to get back into something called a onepiece until I can put enegery back here.

Issues at work have killed my spirit & instead of making this my whinging place I'm quite & let my dear colleagues that I can speak to be my resource in finding my never ending fullthrottle energy & spirit that I usually have.

Happy halloween!

Going for nailart this year.

Thursday, October 29

Ladies night at the mall

I'm attending ladies night at the local mall tonight. Straight after that I have o drive home to my parents place (2½h) since my car is having an oilchange etc tomorrow morning at 7 am.

Im hoping that I'll find some longsleved t-shirts, a plain scarf & some nice black tights (mine are dying in express rate)

The Mao case

The Mao case
by: Qiu Xialong

Is it really necessary to have font 8-9 in a book?
The story is about a girl whose grandmother had an affair with Mao and Mao gave something to this woman that has followed through the generations of tragedy that followed. Its interesting to read and that its not a western criminal story is just a plus. While reading there are a lot of poems appearing that eiher Mao of someone else in China has written.

This makes me wanna read more about Mao. I know nothing about him really & this book kind of tickled me senses in wanting to now if it all is fiction or if some parts actually are true.

The book never really captured me in its claws as I thought it should from reading the back while standing in an airport tryingn to choose.

I therefor only give it a two. To many missing elements and the intriguing murder story is still missing for me (sad to say).

page count: 8659 + 289 =8948

Wednesday, October 28


A parcel arrived yesterday with some books. Inside of a dog is a friends. But the other ones are mine. When i'm going to have time to read i don't know. My reading pile is getting out of hand. Books that i started reading is almost bigger than books waiting to be read. Hoping to find time this weekend to finish my bookclub books atleast.

Tuesday, October 27

Sunday, October 25

November rain

Feels like november but it is only october.