Wednesday, September 30


Due to a heavy work load with work and Uni I don't seem to be able to find energy to write here at the moment.

But don't worry I won't be far away and hopefully I will be back shortly again. But for now there wont be alot of updates here.

Monday, September 28

2 AM

Thats when I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy. I only thought that happened when I was jetlagged.

At 3 am I gave up trying to sleep and started reading and at 5 I got out of bed, starting to unpack, having a shower etc.

Now at 5.30 I feel like living dead. But sleep until night now...

Sunday, September 27


Its addictive.....

Saturday, September 26


I went to Ikea today to buy a selfwatering flowerpot and some candles.

Are you surpisred if I tell you that my flowerpot was my most expensive pot I have ever bought and heaviest?

Will show you what more I got when I get home tomorrow.

I'm home

After a mishap with my phone while in Germany I was unable to keep you updated. (I forgot what my new pincode was)

Will in the following week give you a complete update, but am currently at my parents place without the camera and not enough time.

Sunday, September 20

Prefer blue skies over these grey

New Moon extended trailer

Woke up early today and was lucky enough to capture MVA on MTV (rerun) this morning where they showed the extended trailer.

I just can't wait. Its 60 days to go, but know I'm getting confused what is about the fight scene in Italy (don't remember a fight)

One day to go

Tomorrow we are flying to Berlin to attend a conference. I have not started packing yet, and we have absolutely no clue what to bring with us.
Realizing that we have like NO free time, but two different dinner parties to attend.

Oh well at first I'm going to charge phone, Ipod and camera and then I'll deal with my wardrobe issues....

Friday night

I had an awsome night with my friends at the pub. I celebrated my birthday a month late & was it crazy or what.

The drinks were floating all night, maybe a little to much alcohol in my system though and I blame that all on the FOUR Jägereister shots that someone tricked me to drink.

yesterday was not a fun day at all. Was not human until 4 pm. SO spent all day in bed.

Friday, September 18

Bodyjam instructor

I have bin thinking about this for a while know and since my dear lovely bodyjam instructor quit. We lost one class a week. So at the moment I'm actually looking into how to become a Bodyjam instructor with the costs, licensing etc etc.

Got all my answers and now I just have to decide if it is actually worth the money (ie will I get it back?). So my next step is to talk to the gym where I train and see if they are in need for another instructor.

What do you think?

Thursday, September 17

Its itching

My allergies are driving me insane at the moment. My face is just itching & i feel like peeling the skin of!

And yes its my own fault if I would have the decency of staying away from milkproducts there wouldn't be any troubles like this.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit
By: JRR Tolkien

It took a while for me to finish it. But since Tolkien wrote his books on a verse it is hard to get the flow going while reading.
I'm so happy that I finally read this book & if you are into fantasy & classics this is a book to read. Its the story how Bilbo gets the ring from Gollum and what part Gandalf actually plaied in the beginning.

I liked it. But will only give it a four for the hard reading (It took me five nights to read 50 pages).

page count: 8353 + 306 = 8659

Wednesday, September 16

Reason 44

If I would have bin in Australia know I could have gone on the boat with my dear friend that does her phd on dolphins to see this in real life instead of having to drowl over the pictures on facebook:

photo:Ina A

13) En nästan vanlig man

En nästan vanlig man
By: Buthle & Öhrlund

This soundbook grabs you at once and you just can't stop listening. Its quite brutal and the main caracter is clever. But at one point it just goes to far, all the women are soo needy and the "evil" guuy you just want to see get caught.
Unfortunately the end is quite predictable, but if you like sex, drugs, violence and money. This is definately a book for you. I don't think I'll read anything else from these authors it was a bit to rough and manly for me. Not one single woman was independent, they were all needy, greedy, predictable items.

Tuesday, September 15

Trial three

Maybe tonight I will managed to stay awake and finish my book.

It is good I have just bin a bit to tired the last noghts so I have fallen asleep while reading..


We don't know how it happened but we are slowly slowly moving forward and next week we have to hand in part 3 of the 5 assigments that needs to be in before the completed thesis is done.

As you can imagine we are slowly starting to panic a little. Since at the same time we have placement and work etc to deal with.

I don't know

I'm friends with some of my students on facebook. Starting to think that was a bad idea.
Oh well I'll see they might be removed faster than what they were accepted.

Monday, September 14

Bed time

I'm going to crawl into bed and finish my book.
I might even start a new one while at it.


I'm off to the gym to burn some fat and tone my ass!!

Its monday so ofcourse its bodyjam on the schedule. So wish that they had it twice a week still.

Sunday, September 13

A longtime ago....

I rode a train.

Now I'm on it again and have no clue what to do with my free ticket.

But on the otehrhand when I bought the ticket on the train in germany in january I survived, alhough we managed to do everrything wrong according to the conductor (not our fault that the visa machine had frozen in the cold)

Saturday, September 12


The laziest dog in the world tonight

Give me please

Ohh found this in a store today. Didn't have the money on my card.

But thinking of maybemaybe going and getting it next week. Or maybe keep my nerves cold and wait until after Berlin (only 1 week left)....

The gold of the forest

Meeting up with a friend to head out in the forest to look for mushroms and to excersie the dogs and kids at the same time.

Fingers crossed that we find some now and that its hasn't bin picked clean sine last time....

Saturday morning

I have bin out with the dog, eaten breakfast & now I'm off to the gym for a spinn n' pump class.

After that I'm actually planning to head out into the forest and look for some mushrooms. Need to get the dog out for a longer walk today so why not head out into the forest at the same time?

Friday, September 11


Not sure how. But backside of my left knee Has bin red and swollen for a week now.

Wednesday, September 9

Found it

It took four days until i found it. Of all places it was in my linen closet with all my kaftans


I wish this was part of my closet.

Photo: Sea of shoes

Tuesday, September 8

me and my big mouth

I said something today that eally really hurt a person.

Thank god someone told me what I have done so that I could apologize.

Even though I still fell bad about it.

This is bad

I'm into day two franatically hunting for rmy external harddrive. That is supposed to be somewhere in my flat. .

I just know that I have put it somewhere smart & thought through. I just don't seem to be able to find this place now when I desperately need it.

Monday, September 7

Chanel fashionhouse

I have recently started using SVT play online, and after finding True blood, I decide to have alook on what other tv-shows they have at the moment.

I didn't get that far. Got stuck watching Chanel fashion house that is about the Haute Cotour collection 04/05. Can't wait for the next episode now.

Summer shopping

I have done some shopping this summer.

Here is the july batch:

Top & denim shirt from Lager 157

shoes from skorette outlet

rainjacket & pants from a golfshop

Saturday, September 5

Todays costume

Guess what our theme is...

Friday, September 4

if only

Ohh I wish that this was part of my shoe collection.

Imagine having those at home in your shoe wardrobe to choose between everyday when you are heading to work and going out.

Wednesday, September 2

back to school

I have just handed in my first assignment for the semester. This will be my last semester at uni doing my teaching degree, but not my last degree at uni. I'm already looking at what I can do when I'm done with this one.

I will apply for some courses this spring semster, but a uni degree will wait until fall/spring 2010/2011..

But it feels great found out that I got one course counted so only have 75% instead of 100% studies this fall :D

That means only 5 weeks instead of 10 weeks placement.

Bat in bed

Yep you read right! That is what happened last night.

i woke up at two Am from some crash in my bedroom. Ofcourse I blamed the cats & they were involved chasing the poor thing.

I heard some strange hissing noice & my logical thinging was that it was a huge moth that had flown in through my open window (this has happened before). But I couldn't see any so I turned the lights out again and tried to go back to sleep just igonoring my cat that was chasing a moth. But the hissing contiuned and my cat was almost jumping on my head ( I figured the wasp was attached to my bedframe) so turn on the light again and look down to where he had jumped.

And ...

Litterally fly out of bed (ok ok to the oposite side of the bed) becaue I though there was a mouse like 3 inches from my face (squishe din between matress and matress), but a closed looke revield that it was a quite little bat that was scared of its life (no wonder when a huge black furry thing is chasing you).

Having lived in Australia for a while have it in my spine that bats might carry diseases and do not touch them with your bare hands! SO it was only for me to get ass out of bed, into kitchen find suitabe container (pray cat has not yet eaten it) and try to catch it.

Found container, bat had moved to a more secrue place ontop of a linencabinet I have in my bedroom. He was really easy to catch ( thank god) and then I released him on the balcony where he flew of into the darkness.

I didn't get a shot of him (whish I would have).
Sisn't sleep to well rest of night due to a hysteric cat that was looking for the strange creature & the fright that I would have him in my flat once again.

This was my closest encounter I ever have had with a bat. I do wish now that I new how to handle them so that I could have taken a look to make sure he wasn't injured.