Sunday, September 16

Running inspiration

Two weeks ago I stumbled over Josephine's marathon blog.
Josephine is one of swedens top marathon runners. If you want to feel inspired to run, her success, workout regime, failure and coordinating work at the same time training on elite level. Head over to her blog: Lille kenyanen.
It's in Swedish so for you international readers, try google translate.

I just live the way she writes and yes I am a little biased. We are distantly related (just had to brag)....

Sunday, September 9

Upside down inside out

I feels like i have gone in a roller coaster whirlwind at the moment.

I din't know where to stand, how to stand. Need to go for a long run to clear my mind

Satuday night

Had a great plan for this Saturday. Go out for a dinner with colleagues and then meet a friend for some partying! All went well until I was waiting forctge tram to go to heaven 23.

Let's just say broken glass, blood, plastic bag, taxi, er, home, more blood was more the turn of events for me.


Saturday, September 8

À trend?

I think I can sense a new trend in my wardrobe:

Navy/black skirt/dresses/tunics

3 of my latest purchases
Navy see through acne skir
Navy wyhred dress
Black gestuz skirt (gotta love the back)

The Horror lamp

I have been given a room with a nightmare lamp!
Ok I sleep with my blinds open because I love to wake up by natural light, but a lamp without a switch that you can't turn off. That is like falling asleep wile reading, you wake up at obscure hours of the night trying to figure out if there is a way to rip out the lightbulb without frying your fingers on the spotlight.

Friday, September 7

Weekend plans

This weekend I am spending working at liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg. I will work here promoting my work and of course go one some good dollar coaster while getting paid. Did I mention that occasionally I just love my job?!

And to top it all of we are staying in gothiatowers located in central gothenburg.

The sparkly bra

Next in line after the dress was logging onto instagram and there on style by Tyra's shop was the sparkly sequin bra. I have been chasing funny bratops since Mexico, but only found lace ones. So I decided for the ooooh so descrete sparkly bra instead....

A little bit of shopping

My shopping an lasted until the 17th of August. Yes I broke my promise on my birthday when I found a dress I had been drooling over all summer on 70% of the 50% sale. Yes it was almost free from the original price.

I have worn it since and got so much praise for it.

Thursday, September 6


Last year I was asked by our new principal to take over the mentorship on a student and then another. This is something that is quite unusual that a student switshes between differnt mentors.

The only time thus occurs is when a mentor either quits or there has been a trust issue. Yes some people donot work well together and that is also a student/teacher relationship when it comes to mentoring.

During my five year carrer I have had one student to demand changing to another mnetor from me, and now one asking for me specifically even though I didn't even belong to the correct mentor team.

Well this student is a little special it has a terrible disease it  is living with and we have to make special arangements around it. The lastest is "mentor time" that is a designated hour a week I'm supposed to me this student. This student needs to workout at the school gym at least ones a week and well some one (read med) felt this was the perfect time and place to meet. INstead of having the horrible across the desk meeting with me having a notepad and writing down everything we say, why not have an hour at the gym instead?!

Well me being me cannot be at the gym just walking around. The student wants company, not someone sitting of their time with them. So in between the sessions where it needed help I worked out. WE are talking 45 min work ot with low weights half hearted since there were som many things that needed to get storted this time. Why then are my legs and bum litterally killing me after a 1x10 lounges session and 10 min on a bike??? The rest were uppebody of helping the student.....

Wednesday, September 5

The proud muddy runner

A photo was snapped just when I was about to hit the shower. Yes was still wearing my medallion. Just pulled a sweatshirt on and jumped on the next tram home, no time to clean the legs of the mud. If you look closely you can see that my toes are black. That is mud, see previous post to have a look at our shoes

Five star cooking


9460 that is my place in previous weekendes Tjejmilen that I ran in Stockholm.
Tjejmilen is one of the largets runing races in the world for females. Its all from the Elite, to runners, joggers, walkers etc.

My journey toward this race started in end of May after I had dome a health check up for my new job at the aquarium. After being informed that my physical age was 43 I decided that I need to ASAP start to work out and get back into my old shape. But what to do?

Studying fulltime and working partime does not make you rich, when your university is in another city from where you live and work. I had promised myself that after the thesis was presented and handed in I would start to take better care of my body and start working out.

The same day as I did that health check I went for my first run inover a year with one of my friend and her dogs, the following week a colleague and friend joined me for a run. Poor thing really had to run slow to keep up with me and had to walk when I was totally completely out of breath, We ran 5 km.

She asked me then if I would like to join her team for Tjejmilen. She needed a fourth person to complete the team. I said yes, but at that time I only had one goal. To run the entire 10 km race, but the time was not important at all.

That was in may, during the summer I have done some 5 km hillystreet runs in Lysekil where I have been living the last 2 months. I have not run as much as I have wished due to a quite physically challenging work including scuba diving, walking in the ocean collecting algea and well being on your legs non stop for a minimum of 5 hrs a day.

Last week I ran my first 10 km in over 10 years time. I felt like I was going to die a couple of times and when my freind on the 8 km wanted me to incerase the speed a little I had no energy left in my body. I finished that run on a decent time 63min.
Sat a new goal for the race on saturday: To run under 60 min.

I never made that time goal unfortunately with a finishing time on 1,04,58 I should be pleased. Starting late in the race with people everywhere and me spending more time on trying to figure out how I can overtake the slower ones + the rain. Some where between the 6th and 7th km the rain started to pour down. We are talking the muddy puddles on the gravel parts of the track turned into lakes, the uphill on the 9th km had a small stream running down and the finsihing line as just a huge mudlake.

But I did it I ran the whole 10 km track!!!
Now my goal for next year to be able to seed into atleast starting group 3. That is I need to run an official 10 km race faster than 58 min. But I can do it I know it.

In may I'm supposed to run a half marathon. Here I am actually wondering what was I thinking!! 10 km is far, 21km is light years away. I am starting to train for this next week already!