Saturday, August 23

Soon I'll train Capoeira again

For a couple years ago I used to train capoeira once a week, but due to a muscle injury, demanding uni and a unforseen move to sweden I quit. have from time to time looked half heartedly for a club close by, but only managed to find when i'm about to move.

So last night before I was going out I was at a friends place and she was telling me she was going to start training this afrikan dance, fight thingy. I asked her what it was called and jumped of happines when she told me it was capoeira. So I literally threw my self on the phone to book myself into the group.

SO in a couple of weeks I'm back in the ring, which also means that my body will be sore most of the week from muscle ache :D But You do get fit from it and strong, which is what I need i I'm gonna survive in the saddle of my friends horse.

Maybe now I will start meeting people outside work and maybe actually get my life back as I like it. yes for each week its getting better and better, but its still not where I would like it to be. Should not complain, I could have it so much worse.

photo: brazilriodejanerio, oddshall



top: free trade
jeans- lee

More presents

Went out last night with some friends to celebrate my birtday. Had a great night eventhough it ended quite early.

Got this awsome rooster candle and trey from some of my friends.
It was starwing though since I had barely packed it out of its bag until it fell into my birthday cake (have tried to laod those photos for a while but phone and computer is not cooperating today :( ).

It was just hilarious, but also embarassing at the same time. But now he is clean and tidy and home safe in one piece. I also got a fidt voucher from some other friends, so now I can shop more clothes....


found some pics in my camera


body- mq
pants- sisters

Sunday, August 17

Love Acne

I was in love with the pistol boots last year and when I noticed that they have them even this year i just have to have them.

Wouldn't mind this skirt while I'm at it.

Oh and this jump suit.

photo: acne

Another year has passed

yes its my birthday today & I have turned a year older. Not sure that I am any viser though (maybe has to pass 0 before I notice any of that).

I got an external harddrive for my computer, hiking boots and a hiking back pack.

Celebrating with my friends on frida so not sure if anything else will enter my possesions.

Saturday, August 16

160808-when sun comes out

The sun showed up while me and afriend were having lunch.

So when I got home I changed into something cooler and went outside with my cats for a little while.

top- sportsgirl
shorts- mq
shoes- haivanas

Spending money

Well having a look in stores when stuff is on sale is not a good idea.....

got a plant from the market...

new sheets on sale and a pair of shoes that I can wear until my feet starts to freeze (oktober)...


Going into town to have alook in some stores and meet a friend for lunch.


top- mike & chris
vest- second hand
jeans- sportsgirl
shoes- lady bug

New record- 4 seconds

After I unfolded the Ikea bag and sotis decided that it was his. Laundry in general is really exiting in my house it seems like. Think is a combination of something coming from the room they are never allowed to enter (closet), smells and that it comes in these funny bags....

And then he refused to leave even when I was filling it up with sorted laundry. He almost looked like he enjoyed being underneath all those clothes in a small space....

Thursday, August 14


Today I hadmy first day of class and in the afternoon I had to be outsoors in the forest helping the new students while they were aiming to get around a problem solving track,, where you actually have to work in groups to be able to solve the problem.

In the morning i wore:

singlet: sportsgirl
shirt- clara
cardigan- lindex
jeans - cords DKNY jeans (finally fit into them again)
shoes- lady bug ballerinas

avo: muddy old clothes and warm jacket


Finally only took a couple of weeks longer than planned to get my acceptance letter from university.

In two weeks I'll be going back to uni. This will be my third degree that I'm getting and this time its a teaching degree in subjects such as agriculture ete etc and how to handle teaching outside the classroom.

The degree takes 1½ years full time, so while I'm studying I'll only be working 4 days a week (80%). How I will manage I'm not sure but am really looking forward to the challenge right now, How i'll feel in a couple of weeks when its all over me is another story.

But right now I'm actually also thinking of what degree can I study when finished with this one. Looks like I'm one of those who never get out of uni.

Wednesday, August 13

Back to school

Today the freshmen starts ( Jaffies) and this year I have a quiet year. Only need to introduce myself, then its normal work (ie figure out what I'm doing in class tomm)


singlet- supre
blouse- sportsgirl
dress- styeling
tights- ica
shoes- scooter

Tuesday, August 12


Shopping for €5 in the grocery store does not count?!

Could not resist this vest when getting groceries and well €5 is a bargain (got that instead of fries and lollies). So yes have to be healthy for a whole 2 weeks now :D

But at least I'll look good while being healthy.

Sunday, August 10

Sms Of the day

Hi, Its rock n' roll all night and party all day!
recived at 00.45 am (10 aug)

My Weekend on the field

I have been volunteering at the esquerian club where i take lessons a couple of hours a week.

It was a shame about the weather but fun anyhow to watch them jump. Made me miss it even more than before. Think its time to find a horse I can do some jumping with soon.

One of the guys that was with us on the field also took photos of the people compeeting.

here are a selection.

if You wanna see more check out the webpage.competitions 8-10 aug 2008

photo: Mariestads ridklubb/ Göran anderberg

A drunken trade

When in Scotland the alcohol level in my body was quite low most of the time. We only had like a pint or 2 or½ a bottle of wine a night as a maximum. Why I'm not sure it just happened.

Well when we came back to Edingburgh the last time, my alcohol consumtion went through the roof one night.

And at one point this really hot (cute) guy showed up in the reception at the hostel were we were staying.
Yes it was all calss drinking free rum & coke n the reception area of the hostel :D

Well the guy wore a nice tischa that I liked & asked to trade with him. He wasn't that hard to convinse.

So now have this tiger beer tischa and he got my acne i'll tell u he looked so much better in it than I did.

Friday, August 8

080808-the day of miracles?!

All things seems to be possible today

why ?

because its 08 in triples? but it has bin that since the millenium! All numbers up to 8 in triples.
next year 09 will be in triplets and then 10 & 11 & 12.

Getting married the 111111 wt 11.11 am would be quite cool but other ways I don't get the hype.

With all this drama about these triplet days you could almost think that that the loch ness monster Nesssie has reapperaed or something similar...

sexy Scots

Now sure what is up with the scots....

bit the accent, the looks and well the kilt

makes me wanna.....

Only one glass

I was just gonna have one glass

of white wine with dinner...
and now I have killed my sorrows ina full bottle

(gonna be a great day on the esquerian field tomorrow)

I wish I was this good.

Silverfisken or Jonas as his real name is has started a new blog.
A photo blog were he is showing his work and aiming to become a wedding photographer in Brisbane.

One thing is for sure, the day I'm getting married he is gonna be my wedding photographer. Thank god I'm planning to move to Australia & hopefully Brisbane
Because the only thing I have left now is to find Mr Right and get him to propose and all that necessary stuff that is needed for a wedding.

Have ruthelessly stolen some shots from his blog just to show you how amazing this guy really is:

My three favorites he have posted since he started the blog.

P.s yes that blog is in English

photo: Brisbane wedding photographer

No worries

talk about being relaxed!


I bought this top for less than €2 and have a feeling that I will have worn the shit out of it when next summer arrives.

Its so soft and comfortable and yes gorgeous!

First day back at work

Had an amazing day yesterday were we visited a huge farm that gives out a scholarship tp pur school each year.
Then a moose and bison farm were we had a HUGE lunch, it was just ridiculous in size.
Shortly after that afternoon coffe and the sandiwches we got there were also on the bigger scale.

Then as a surprise we went fishing in a lake & it was just amazing so much fun and just nice and calm haning out with co-workers.

There had bin 35 kg fish put into that lake for us to catch. Hmm think we got about 7 or 8 of those Kg out. I got none, only some tree branches (still attached to tree) and seaweed (we could have gotten an amazing seaweed salad if everybody would have collected their catch.

For dinner we got grilled fish (surpirse) and potato bake. But guess how many people were still hungry at this point. You were right: NONE

photo: tennesse- art

Thursday, August 7

Its over

So 7 weeks of relaxing and lots of fun, travel, laying in the sun and soaking up the rays, parties with freinds, etc etc has come to an end.

Yes my summer holiday is over and in 2 hrs I'msitting on a bus w the rest of the staff at work going away on a daytime trip.
Quite like this starting on a thursday work for 2 days and then have 2 days of until the 'real' work starts This week its just a trip and meetings.

What also makes it easier going to work is that the rain is just pooring down outside and there is no chance that there will be a sunning session today :)
Bad part is that our work trip is an outdoor event part of.

Wednesday, August 6


Just found this one in the sale section on topshops sale section and its sold out.

How did I manage to miss that while it was in store? Its just gorgeous. Just the type of playsuit that I want!

If any of you find a similar one out there PLEASE let me know.

photo; topshop

Second hand shopping

In may I went and visited a friend on the east coast and she dragged me to a second hand marekt oneof the days. I'll tell you it was so much fun and I did manage to do some nice finds.

My salt and pepper seals were just so cute that I couldn't resist them.

Then I found some pots for my plants, have two cats that have severely depleted my plantpot collection and thinks new ones are to expensive.

These serving platters I found early during the day, but didn't buy them. Buy the time we were leaving I was still think on them so we stopped by to see if they were still there. They are handpainted & I think they are just gorgeous.

My seahorse

When I moved to Australia it didn't takelong for me to go and get inked permanently. Since then I have said that I'm gonna get two more.

Still have not seen the light of those, but am in no rush since they are permanent & don't wanna regret it afetrwards for being to hasty.

This is how my Seahorse looks 6 years later being mis treated by weather, wind and all otehr damage I have done to it.

Was told it would turn into a hippo one point in my life, still no sign. Some even said a Walruss.