Saturday, June 30

Saturday= anotherday of work

Its almost 8 am on a saturday morning and I have already bin awake from 2 hrs. Oh boy what a joy. I woke up from a scream and car tyres screaching, a closer inspection revealed a cat got hit luckily died instantly so didn't suffer. At first i though it was a girl screaming , but thank god it wasn't.
So yhea thats what you from sleeping with the windows open. Feel rested though got a good 7 hrs sleep last night (plenty for me) and hear and behold I'm looking forward to lecture today its only 3 hrs so should managed that without any dramas.

I'm wearing this rainy saturday:
singlet: sportsgirl
shirt: Fillipa K
2 skinny belts: Lindex (baby blue & dark green)
skinny leg jeans: Lee
boots: KX&Y

Friday, June 29

browns sale

The acne denim tunic and J.lindeberg jump suit is on sale at browns too... ahh they just wanna make me suffer, great sales at




and many many many more.....

it hurts my just have so bad klick crawings in finger ..... but shopping stopn until I go to Germany

photo: acne, browns

Gizmo grey jumpsuit

This gorgeous jump suit ws tested at their outliet store a while ago.

The fit from waist and down was just absolutely perfect nothing could be wrong.....


from waist and up well lets just say this it didn't even pass my shoulders :(
I was sooo disapinted bc i really liked it and became soo exited when it fit waist down (my problem area) couldn't even imgaine that it would be like 15 cm to short in torso area :(

photo: Acne jeans

in 5 days

Only 5 days then I'm off on vacation

and boy do I need that......

Just relax, eat good food, hang out with great people, pray for some good shopping, drinking &

okok Socializing in general.

No worry about work at all, just what i need now.....

or do you disagre???

Analyse this, Analyse that

Sometimes I hate myslef with all my over analysing thinking and well just panicking over small unecessary stuff that would be so much healthier for me if I just didn't bother moved on and well DIDN*T LOOK BACK

I seem to be an expert at that over analysing, looking back when i can't change anything why not just move forward and not worry about it??

All went like it should, sort of just bloody STOP ANALYSE all AHHH

sometimes its not even big deals just me making them bloody HUGE, MASSIVE out of proprtion big.


A whole day of lectures ahead of me again. Oh well almost done 'only' 2 days left and then exam time.

I'm wearing:
singlet 1: Fillipa K (underneath)
singlet 2: gekås
black ballerinas & denim jacket

Thursday, June 28

Boys and absence of them

What is impressive though is for 1½ yrs I have had no guys around me that has bin interesting enough ( oh yhea except 2 days in London oct) now when I smell like a bloody barn all the time it feels like and yhea have shit all over my boody every bloody avo (if i'm unlucky)

Boys seem to have reentered my life ok ok ok I now it was only one night this weekend and to much booze invloved, BUT that was the first time since christmas day that a boy was full on hitting on me ans showing that he wanted me AND giving me compliments that I can live of for hmm lets see at least a couple of weeks before I start crawing more from where that came from.

how is that possible when i have reached the bottom feel like crap all clothes make me look fat either due to to small (things haning out) or wrong shape and you get the tent feeling, they show up give you great compliments about how hot you are etc etc etc and suddenly you feel ok again. (sort of)
After not having worked out since feb there is some bits that have grown a tad to bog for my liking ie my ass (why can't it settle where i want it??? like chest region)

It seem to have become a bloody cow blog

work, work, work and work seem to be the only thing I'm on about these days & oh yhea shoes ( you can never have to many)....

I'm praying the 5 weeks holiday will more put my life back into real order where boys, shopping, parties and booze become the top 5 topics here and NOT WORK. I swear after monday I will try and limit my farm talk to only Once a week......

I guess its the 10 hrs days that is kicking in and well when you r lecturing about cows, reading abut cows, working with cows in th emost UNFLATTERING outfits ever I guess its kinda hard to think about anything else when you aren't at work since I seem to be working as soon as I put my as down infront of computer or even the telly.

But then to this is MY BLOG and i write about what ever I want to and hat is oon my mind, unfortuntaley there seem to be only cows on my mind. Today i'm espcecially blown up since the foreman told me that he wouldn't have survoived the avo wo my help (did I blow up like a peacock or what)...

I tried to get a photo of my super sexy outfit, but the camera man only focused on upperbod :(
Promise you will get a fullbody shot one day (maybe when clotes aren't soaking wet and DIRTY (haha I gues I can dream on then)) And guess what you gain like 100 pounds as soon as you put yur gear on. compared with this mornings outfit for sure

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Ok I'm obsessed this time with a (hmm ok 3) pair of shoes, all labeled marc by marc jacobs. There is ONE thing though that is disturbing this obsession & that is the height of the heel of the pink pair. Imagine if they were in the same height as the green pair with stones I would imagine that they already would have bin in my possesion by now and the same with the green pair woíthout stones. I'm in love with marc by marc jacobs shoes (who isn't) and crave them badly.

U might ask what is stopping me except the price tag that is a months rents (on 50% sale). The second thing is the MAJOR problem (hehe) 12 cm heels I can not even come up w an ecuse that say maybe when i meet the perfect guy that is 2.10 m tall since I have a feeling my neck will be broken before that.

What makes things worse is that I think they go on sale at Mrs H tommorrow. Oh the pain the suffering but some one will be happy & aas long as they treat them with tender loving I will be pleased. So promise who ever buy them TREAT THEM WELL...

photo: mrs H


So thursday almost weekend and does that help me??? NOOO I have another 5 days of work before holiday leave. Yes working the whole bloody weekend tooo.....

I'm wearing:
singlet: sportsgilr
shirt: bebe
tunic/dress: clara/mq
tights: lindex
ballerinas: black scooter (yes not my usual pair)
jacket: denim hanky panky

Wednesday, June 27

The job blog

Yes that is what it feels like now the blog where I complain over how much stufff I do at work and well all the animals at work

And guess what HERE IS MORE....,..

After finding out that my freind thought that all cow theets look similar. i figured I'll poove otherways, have bin down in the milk pit all afternoon taking closeup photos of the different shaped udders and teets of our cows. The quality is a bit ehm well both good and bad. It wasn't the most polite models that I was working w its their way or the highway, so some I didn't even get any shots from at all.

Was nly supposed to have taken pics but for some reason i got to helpout down there to (which I love) soince it was only the foreman and a girl w disabilities working there today.

Before that I was lucky (in my world) to get to attend dehorning and castration of our young calves and also help the vet out when draning a major lump from one of our heifers. All doen with in animals rights restrictions with anaestecia and local painkillers desinfection etc etc.

Some cows have LOONG teet, some have tiny tiny, some have teet that are almosted crossed ( a pian when putting vuccum pump on) osme have HUGE ones, and others need a bra to be able to walk and move. ie a cows udder and teet are shaped in as many different ways as a human womans breasts!!!


Had a horrible first part of day at work today even though I got so much done during that time it was scary.

For lunch I went w a friend to a furniture sale and came out with a new shoerack, pillow and window light.

Yesterday at yoga there was a sale and I ame home with a yoga mat, bag and new tights for worrkout I have bin checking out for a while.

photo of shoerak & lamp will come up as soon as betteries in camera,

Bloody flies

ARGH I'm going crazy here the weather is absolutely SHIT. Its grey cold and raining at the moment.

I'm trying to get some work done, but just end up chasing flies and well hmm surfing on the web. Not getting any done & i'm supposed to hold a 3 hr lecture about cattle meat production on friday & animal welfare within high producing animals.

What is more fun dream about new clothes and makeup or read about meat quialities?????

And these FLIES are NOT helping me have 3 on my desk that have decided to bug me as much as absolutely possible until i managed to kill them.

bw only 2 left moo HAHA


Wednesday and that menas only 6 days to go before I go on holiday :D

Was so tired this morning, will be at work like 1hr at least after regulartime (
Only have planning to do at work, so will be fine not rushing. have lke 4 hrs to take out from monday night which is good (ashame I can't take it in pay though)
I'm wearing:

dress: bad religon
dress2: karanina
tights: sexy fox
white/pink ballkerinas

Tuesday, June 26

Copy CAT

Write your name with your littlefinger: Bambie

Write your name with your elbow: bambied

Write your name with your forehead: hwqkjghoi34

Write your name with your foot: bbasmbnied

Write your name with your nose: hqkh94

Better then expected ???

from: linn

Beach 07

I'm Almost ready for beah 2007 or atleast if my tummy gets to decide.

Went to yoga today and it was rock hard from the 2 body pump sessions that I have had. If only if could keep up that good job. Legs and arms feel like they have bin constantly sore for a week, but I'm praying that its making wonders in TONING my bod, it sure needs it from all the sitting down and recovering the last couple of months.

No it has nothing to do with the midsummer escapades this weekend..... (That was an ego booster, just what I needed)


Dagmars yellow dress

There is love in the air.....

No no guy :(

But a DRESS :)

This Yellow piece from Dagmar is more than welkcome to move into my closet for the wedding especially with the silver loubutins to go with it.

Even though this one is perfect

photo. Mint & vintage

Kenneth jay lane Handbag Jewellry

Found this gorgeous green apple at Pink mascara and they have SOO many other gorgeous items like this and this and this and Wellk just go HERE and look at it all...
I Think I might just be a little bit in love with kenneth jay lanes jewellery

photo: pink mascara

The wild boar got a bit lucky that cold winter night

So ecological pigs have to be able to be outside all year around and that is just GREAT. We have really happy pigs at work and the cutest little piglets that row up and well turn into ecological meat that you an buy in the store.

Well a week this winter we had an UNINVITED guest in the sow pens up in the forest; A WILDBOAR.......
Unfortunately he didn't make it much longer (thats life when you put your finger in the cookie jar), but he didn't just spermiate One SOW no this lucky fella is now a father to approx 30 little pigglets, He managed to spermiate THREE sows that cold winter night.

The offspring abot the cutest I have seen. Baby animals are cute in general, but honestly can you really hate the look of them???
They will go into production if there are farmers williing to take them in the right age & all, so util then hey will run around happily at work & have the whole staff go : AHHHHH how adorable..... Just look at their cute stripes AND spots.


6 Hrs of lectures on the agenda today. No i'm not gonna speak the full time I hope only like half the time. Rest will be spend answering Questions about cows :)

I'm wearing:
top-the cat empire tischa
skirt-vintage (got rabbits & little ladies on it)
shoes-din skjo sandalks


601 That is the magic number...

of WHAT?

Until the day i broke my resolution

Monday, June 25

Monday- first day of class

So monday and my last week of work before I go on 5½ week holiday. Can't wait only 8 work days and then I'm on my way to germany.

I¨m wearing:
tunic/dress- Guess (bought in usa 99)
jeans jacket-second hand
sandals- dinsko (100 yrs old)

Sunday, June 24

The arnold shoulder routine

Spanbloggen wrote about the arnold shoulder excersice acouple of days ago and I have bin a little bit curios what this kind of shoulder excersie is.

After going to another body pump today I guessmy shoulders whis they never have heard about the arnold excersise. It was good and I'm sure its G R E A T for the shoulders but while doing it I thought moe they wee gonna de and fall off ( the muscles that is)

Feels good have in working out 3x this week, soe yes but no pian no gain. fott not bothering me and a couple of more weeks I should be back inold shape and then work from there to super old shape (my goal).

p.s spanbloggen has THE best competition going right now wish I could enter but have no possibility to be in Halmstad tomm when you have to be able to pick up the wonder ful prize d.s


Well honestlY i dodn't think i'll ever be able to afford anything from Tiffany & co. but their colour is great and well maybe on my nails would be a good alternative.

Blogdorf goodman wrote about it (actually 2 diff colours) the other day and I can only admit that I fell for the china glaze for audrey colour straight away And now I'm just trying to figure out how can I get hold of it here in sweden. (Color club blue light is ok to but....)

photo: blogdorf Goodman

Saturday, June 23

Midsummer eve party-updated

SO went to a party last night.....
It was so much FUN, crazy amazing to meet some new ppl and everybody was so nice.
Espacially one litle boy that caught my eye especially and I seem to have caught his eye to (for once) things happened that isn't approproate for here. But I had a great night and morning (we stick to that)

Rest oif day today not that nice, have had the WORST hangover in my LIFETIME or atleast as far back that I can remember last time. So day have just bin a complete waste in trying to recover get food down and get it to stay there ( I never throw up hangover) and worst of all hang out w my parents friends and be socail when most of all I just wanna drag something old over me and disapear for a couple of decades (or back a couple of hrs).

I ended up wearing:
lace singlet -sprtsgirl
white shirt- maxx
silver belt- vintage
black skinny leg lee jeans
white/pink ballerinas
jacket- vila

(will post a photos from the night tomm when i'm home at my comp. If there is any showing outfit)

Friday, June 22


Well sitting at another comp looking throuhg photos and found this one of my gorgeous little babay I had to take care of for work. Unfortunately she didn't make it but she will be in my heart for ever my little baby kangaroo Fia.


Midsummer this holiday when u r suppsoed to wear that ulitamte summer dress, have flowers in your hair and dans around until sun comes up in bare feet.

If I would settle for a dress today that would have to be with long leggings, gumboots, heavy coat & a hat to not drown in the bloody rain that has bin pooring down all day.

And me my smart ass forgot ALL my leggings at home, strapless bra and well looks like the only thing I can wear to the party tonite is black skinny jeans and a golden tunic w white shoes. (great planing huh)

Not sure what happened when I was packing the other night, but have gotten the worst mismatch wardrobe w me home EVER. Didn't even think it was possible to bring that many wrong items with me in one go

I will try and get a photo of what i end up wearing in the end tonite. Now i wil invade kitchen for some food


OK over the weekend the updating frequency will be really minimal. I am home at my parents place & didn't bring my laptop (ie have to borrow theirs)
Also won't be that much time to spend infront of computer since my weekend seem to be fully booked right now.

Sales have started

Acne is having their sumemr aleon their webshop & I have to wait anothe couple of days before my salary is here. That is just EVIL EVIL EVIL.

So many items that I want, but this month I really really have to hold back. Due to the upcoming trip to germany in a couple of weeks.
After that Its just to spend what ever I have left (how much that is)

Wednesday, June 20

Body pump

some times u make crazy decisions before you have time to think them through properly....

Yoga felt sooo good yesterday & well I singed up for a bodypump class at noon today, Which wouldn't bin that bad if it wasn't for that i woke up w slightly sore arm/boob muscles this morning & now starting to feel side stomach muscles to.
I should mention this that it has bin a long long time since I had any mucle pain in stomach area from working out. Have not had a proper workout since end of january due to surgery and moving and well finding a gym that I like most of all and it looks like this might fit that descritption (of course when I'm soonof for 5 weeks holiday).

So if I keep this up I will have the hottest body on the beach (as if there were any doubts ;) ), since when I go home I can hit my dear old gym

So I have a feeling by tomm when I'm gonna drive the 250 km home my arms will be killing me and I wil be tired bc of having worked for a couple of hours at work.

photo: sportcentrumdamhuis,

Things proving that you have bin single for to long.

Its summer and your legs haven’t bin shaved since (you can’t seem to remember)

Your place is a worse mess than usual (who are u going to show it to anyway?)

Your plants have died, not from neglect but to much attention this time

You fall in love with every guy that smile at you on the street

You have forgotten how it feel like waking up next to some one else

You pillow is being squashed from hugging during sleep and when away you can’t sleep without you ‘hugging-pillow’

Your dreams need to be R-rated before showing

You can’t remember last time you were on a date

You feel sick when watching other couples

photo: tiptoland, fotosearch,

Tuesday, June 19

The black leather jacket

This fall i want a balck leather jacket (No I still don't have any) during the summer my beige one is just pefect but in the fall beige is not the right colour.

i wouldn't mind the longer version of mike & chris jacket or the short one from ACNE jeans for the fall. The long belted version is ok to from Acne.

The Mike & Chris one I have bin looking at a couple of tiumes, but when I fiunally decided that It gts to come home to me the only size lket is XS and sorry but there is is no way that I'll fit into that (sad but true)

photo: shopaholic and acne jeans


YES, I'm praying on this have YOGA class this avo and am really praying that it will be a nice relaxing power yoga where i can strech my poor poor muscles back out instead of a bodyknot tying yoga class I attended last time.
Think that one made more damadge than good, sp keep you fingers crossed that its something like this...

rather than this...

photo: stationshuset, jade

Modefrossa where, what ......

Oh no this is not happening.....

modefrossa my life here in the blog sphere seem ti have some issues, not bin updating since sunday.

AHHHH..... it is so easy to go there and see which bllogs have bin updated all lthe time.

oh well pls be back soon.

miss you

New everyday bag

This fall i bought the esprit travel bag in black and it has followed me every where since. It is my favorite bag still, but there is ONE major thing missing on it and that is a strap across the soulder.

yes its big enough to hang onto your shoulders, but there isn't the freedom as you get from a proper shoulder strap that you can sling across your shoulders. On the ultimate bag it would be the one that you can either remove or put into bag wo causing to much hassel.

Like these ones from:
The fringe bag from prada at first i didn't like it at all, but its growing on me, but in black or dark drak brown like the miu miu antique bag
Miu miu coffer bag but in black would also be a good alternative. (sure looks good on Kiera's shoulders)
Chloé's paddington satchel is alos gorgeous but unfortunately it doesn't have the 'normal' handles I want both, but even though it is up on the list, just love the model anyhow
Anna sui's linen frame bag is gorgeous but another darker colour is prefered, i can't have light colours on my bag, they turn grey to fast and then I get bored and want a new bag immediately
Miu miu antiquie leather bag. I can honestly say that this bag is on TOP of my list, need no words its just ..... perfect
Marc by marc Jacobs leather stam bag can work, now that the chain is the Thing rightnow, but not sure if Ill get tired of it, but if it was free I would not say no,no I would say YES YES YES
Miu miu nappa lux was one of the first bags that I fell for but it fell down to second place after finding miu miu antique. Miu miu sure now how to make gorgeous handbags. Like this and this and this. But I'm sorry what happend here ??

photo:Esprit, N-A-P, Trendora

Need a new BCD? maybe the Mares Airtrim is for you then

maybe the Mares Airtrim is for you then

Who doesn't need a new BCD (or one in general) what wouldn't be more perfect than this on from Mares?? Mares Airtrim was first patented in Italy 1997 and then USA 2001. My diving side of me is going through shakes and quivers it just W A N T it NOW. Sport Diver has more information about it here if you are interested

Sounds like the perfect BCD for me whith blody hollow bones and a lung capacty than can compete with an elephant.

I think it is time for me to start plannign another dive trip, my body is starting to go through major urges to get under the sea again. The peacefullness, the quiet, the view and well for aprefect dive I need my perfect dive buddy with me aka party twin ;) I promise there will be more information regarding me & my twin in crime (no not partner but twin)

photo: Sport diver/ Mares Airtrim

Monday, June 18

Uni exam? no just a littlebit of work to do

Ok Honestly this is how my dorm room used to looked when I was in the middle of end of semester exams at University. But this time its work and no exam.
I am kinda studying kind of working. ie Trying to get all my shit together for 15 hours of lectures I'm holding next week.
Belive me its quite a lot to go through organise and LEARN it has bin a while since I studied cattle in general and now I'm gonna be teaching in Swedish not english so have to learn ALL the terms in swedish and its taking alittle bit of time (and space of floor)

Maybe lucky that my couch still haven't arrived (should arrive mid august/early sep).


Starting my seconda day off with a meeting (great) ok this is about joining a gym, so I guess alot better than all the endless meetings at work ,)

I'm wearing:
shirt- Filippa K
tights-koola Anna (long)
shoes- wish convers but guess ballerinas (need to invest i new pair if converse)

Sunday, June 17

Elisabet arden eight hour creme= heavenly

Elisabet arden eight hour creme is my rescuer at the moment, due to my allergies hitting a new peak & my skin crackling like mud in the desert i need a lote stringer stuff than just normal oily moisturiser to get control over it before my face starts peeling off. So days like these when I'mjust lunging at home and there is NOBODY in sight I slab on some eight hour creme in my face, yes its sticky horrible and smell vierd, but honstly when the creme have had some hours to work its magic my skin starts to feel a little better and after a couple of days my skin start getting its normal babyskin feel :)
So this is definately a produkt that lands on my list of beauty items made in Heaven!!!!!

photo: strawberrynet