Wednesday, August 29


Oh I want, but of course the bloody shoe shop doesn't take them in and they never seem to appear in the webshop

photo: vagabond

Tuesday, August 28

Monday/ tuesday outfits

Forgot to publish yesterdays out fit so instead I give you 2 today.


tischa- junk food (cookie monster)
cardigan- Fillipa K
jeans- Diesel skinny
black ballerina
beige bag


: Dress- Lindex
cardigan- Filippa K
tights- ICa
black ballerina

Monday, August 27

No Camera

Just took a walk around town and saw THE most amazing rainbows (yes multiple) I have ever seen. My only regret was that I had no camera with me.

There were one huge bright rainbrow that was in like 5 layers what I could count. You could s all the colours clearly and its was like there were 5 rainbrows standing next to eachother on a row (could se 3 bottom colours on the 4 'in the back') and above this Bright rainbow there was another full one that was a bit duller in colour. I could not stop staring when I first saw it with the church tower in the front of it all.

And later on when I walked over the river I saw my first wild beaver swimming around in the running water of the river. Could not belive my eyes at foirst so I stood there for a while staring until I realized that YES it is a beaver and not something else.

You can imagine that I was kicking my ass that i didn't bring my camera on this walk.

Sunday, August 26


An A on the floor in the laundry room.

Sunday outfit

Today I wore:

shirt- mexx
3/4 jeans- topshop
my golden shoes- b-young
wedding jewlery.
blue silk ribbon in waist

Sunday shopping

I was just supposed to return a necklace that I got on my birthday but didn't really like. and with jewlerry I have decided tobe honset instead of adding on my huge collection of stuff I never use at all here at home.

So instead I got a designer dress for 10 euro. Imagine I was happy, and with that came a cardugan and singlet to- they just followed me to the counter and begged on their knees to follow me home. I swear.

got some toiletries such as facial cleanser, mouthwash, bath foam etc etc. and a cookie monster t-shirt (praying a girl at work won't steal it of me right away)

the wedding of M&M J

Sorry for the lack of updates but full thottle at work and private.

Yesterday my dear 'brother' decided to marry the girl of his dreams. Who was just as gorgeous as usual and we all understand how he managed to steal his heart away.

The ceremony in church was beautyful and the only downfall was that my camera decided to stop working while bride was walking down the aile and didn't cooperate until we were outside the church. Praying that I got some good pics from the evening at least.

The cake was both gorgeous and delicious so was the food, even though me my stupid thing forgot to mention that I don't eat meat. Not that I had any problems to get rid of themeat of my plate, many generous ppl around me willing to help me with that. best was of course the dessert forest fruit mousse (lightly frozen).

Due to the heavy stress on bride they had to leave the party early (she had a bad bad bad head ache) I felt so sorry for her and you just wish it wouldn't happen (but 8 months of planning coming to an end) even the tea bags had their monograms. Will show you some bits and pieces from the day later on when I have had some energy (got all photos to) and show you how amazing day we actually had.

I wore:
dress bought in germany
my golden shoes- wich are sooo comfy 14 hrs running around and no blisters or sore feet at all. Even carrried them today (forgot my other pairs in the car)
jewlery - 90% grandmas old pearls. Love them all and am so happy that they suit me, there are SOOO many orgeous things hiding in her old jewlery case.
golden clutch and my white short sleved suit.

Monday, August 20

The knight in shining armour

On saturday I went down south to visit my cousin and his family. His wife is turning 50 and she had a party on sat night. Me and my cousins child who are of same age decided to head into town and see what was up (or down). i had a great time until I had one (ok 10 drinks) to many.

I can honestly not remember ever being this drunk. Sure have woken up w bruises, mind gaps and struggled in getting home. But not all at one time and can't even remember last time my legs wouldn't carry me at all.

I'm so happy that I got the best relatives ever that took care of me and made sure I got home safely and put me in bed (yep wasn't capable of that either).

Has bin a long long long time since I woke up that embarassed, but he was just a sweetheart made sure I got some brekky and all.
Also realised that I toksome pics during the night even though I can't remember a single pic being taken.

My outfit:
dress- bought in germany
white short sleved suit jacket-vila
black suit jacket- vintage
black tights & vagabond shoes

Friday, August 17

A day older

Weekende almost here only a couple of hours work and then I'm heading home to get some nice food before we head of down south to celebrate my cousins wife 50th.

I'm weariing:
top-10 feet
jeans- lee skinny leg
lack shoes

Thursday, August 16

new shit

Well finally found a pair of golden sandals that I like on sale (100 kr) can't complain at all on the price tag, AND Lancome have finally released their mystery game collection I grabbed the nail polish and black/golden eyeliner. Also bought papaya bath oil.

Can't wait to jump into the tub. Unfortunately that will have to wait until next week since I'm going away to a party this weekend.

Fully loaded

Sorry not much happening here lately. But work is just full on and well outfits have not really bin happening since I have bin hovering around in the forest or similar areas where fashion is not happening.

School/work well I'm going at 110% right now and when I get home from work I just don't wanna do anything, Hardly rading any blogs at the moment either :(

But today I got around doing a lot of stuf after work,

first i went shopping & managed to get both shoes and some make up on the go. Straight after that I went on a summer concert run by Göteborgs Operan on what they have on their repertoirs this season. Desion have already bin made to go and see my fair lady (can't wait)
also caught up w a friend while I was there.

And tomm its my birthday ( can't belive that I almost fortgot it this year)

Tuesday, August 14

Daring it

Feeling brave.I'm wearing shorts today (got jeans with me)

Sun is out and its looking nice and warm, but who knows weather may still change.

Work is full throttle ahead and I will try and update a bit more tonight (oraying to time)


singlet- kj hamnett
shorts- who knows
belt- silkribbon
bracelts from spain

Sunday, August 12

Think before you act

It makes me so happy when I see people that care and brings it up. In this world with all the consumption and travelling and life of luxury I always love when people do care about the environment and what happens in the world. With our animals and what we can do to help,

catya just brought it up on her blog and I just had to write about it. This is something that is really close to my heart. Actually its is my life it is what I work with every day at work and what I have studied etc etc.

Please let all these animals grow up in their natural environment where they belong. Think about what you buy, where did it come from and what did they do to get it?

Sturday shopping

Went into a neighbouring city to try find a pair of suitable shoes. I did find a pair of shoes, but not for that occasion, did buy a pair och laque sholettes that I can wear to work until it gets cold on 70% sale. And then I finally found a black body that I have bin seraching for all summer it was on sale 50% of sale price, so got 2 one black and one blue for half the price of one. Thats what I call a bargain.

Other than that no luck at all. So now I need to start looking in random shoe shops for a pair of shoes, might go back in a couple of days after work and look in one shop I didn't look that closely in (maybe fall botts have arrived then to).

Excepr no luck in shoes and my phone mishap I had a erally lovely day & didn't get home until after 10 pm.

I killed my mobil.

There was an accident yesterday where I had put a juice in my purse. That it turs out leaked. So from this my phone unfortunately died. or died and died they key pad died and I can't get into any menues. I have switched the sim card to my old phone, but have lost ALL numbers that I have gained since easter 2006.

Me and my razor have gone through so much since the day I bought it, gone for acidental swims, spilt into piece when dropped on ground, cracked outer screen. And through all this it survived and no major drams, and now a little juice killed it. Just because Ileft it in bag all day at my friends house :(

I know have had my phone for a while, but I really really loved that phone and am really upset to have to get a new one. Since the reason I switched phone is because the speaker brok in that one can only use it in handfress mode if I wanna talk to somebody and thats not really that practical.

iMy plan was in jan/feb to buy the new iphone when it is released in rest of world, but now it looks like I will either have to pray that mom has a functioning old phone or that I find something I like fast or cheap.

Friday, August 10


It seems like I have a curse with guys. Not like my friend who has a guy cursed country. Yes she can get no guy in home country but as soon as she leaves they are all OVER her. The hot ones that is. I have my fair share so only complaining a little on that one.

My problem seem to be that all the guys I find that seem suitable in look and personality are TAKEN or turn out to be complete ASHOLES.

Today at our work trip I met a guy that has bin on fraternal leave (yep you read right) and let me tell you he was HOT HOT HOT and (taken) and funny, we ended up playing in the same team and well I was on a rage mood screaming at my ball (fair enough it landed in stupid areas) and he just laughed gave me shit and we had a blast. ALL of us in the team but yhea (ARGH)

annoyed at myself, why taken how come are all guys taken??? oh well one day I'll stumble arcross a guy that is single and my type (I hope)!

these days

Well my paerents have bin staying with me for the last couple of days. Hence the silence AND I have gone back to work, Today we have a secret little trip were we have to wear sturdy clothes (hope shorts & t-shirt is enough)

otherways I have just discovered that my neighbours are screamers (YAY) and on the plus side they are not the kind that goes for ever, but starting to think ing giving them a musselor something that will cover up her sleep. Come on some ppl want to sleep in middle of week.Weekends I don't care hey can sleep until noon If I want to, but week days I have to be up and about by 6 am (the latest).

Then i have nanaged to stall a bloody car like a beginner (okok bus), sprain my ankel while playing soccergolf (it was so much fun) on my way to geta cold. Soccergolf in heavy down pour might not have bin the best idea in the world.

And best of all my bank account suddenly look fat. Like really fat (got my taxrefund) though I had 4 euro on it., but there was a little more.
Now I'm just gonna save it NOT spend SAVE !!!!

k promise will blog a bit better from now


How adorable aren't these tinkerbell earings fronm disney Couture by kidada Jones!! Its almost that I'm temted in ordering them, they only thing is how heavy they might be....

available at kyssjohanna

They also have this cute bambi necklace, but I think that I'll stick to my little charm that always hangs around my neck.

photo: kysshohanna

Tuesday, August 7

Stupid me

YOU think I may have learned by now after three years in the tropics that if you HAVEN*T worn flip flops for a while DO NOT attempt to go for a long walk. YOur feet will kill you in the same way as super high heels will ie you will have blister in random spots like between your toes.

Not sure why I today suddenly got that shoe amnesia is it because of the great weather maybe and that I was going to the beach? Well something went wrong in my braian so I walked the 2 km to beack in flip flops and then 2½ hours later I walked back home.

Do you think I wanna do anymore walking today??? NOPE not at all. Since this sumemr has bin shitty I have mainly worn my ballerinas everywhere I have walked and well the sensible side should have grabbed them today to, But NO I grabbed the flip flops bc they were beachy and goes with my outfit. Oh well maybe the day I urn 30 I will have learned this since 5 years in Australia sure didn't :(

photo: mrsH

Parents in town

yes I had just left home and my parents arrive at my door step to visit me here in my little 1 bedroom flat.
Need some things done here and they are on golfing holiday throughthis part of country so suited them to come here.

Yesterday we went down to Rhodos a greek restaurant for dinner and then had a beer in the sunset at sill & dynamit down at the harbour. It was just lovely a bit to much food for me though (ws still full this morning).

But sleeping 3 ppl in my tiny flat is a mission had to listen to their snooring all night (YAY) and realised this morning that they r staying 2 more nights.


i have to be at work by 7.30 tomm morning. Think I will spend the full weekend in bed after they leave on thursday morning!!!

Love my parents but they do tend to drive me insane especially in enclosed compartments!!!

Time to get ready for beach.....

A day at the beach???!

Just spoke to a guy from work and he ordered me to go to the beah this final day.
Think I may comply and bring a blanket down there sit and relax this final day of my holiday!

I'm wearing

dress- sportsgirl
flip flops

and then there will be some togs pulled on not decided whichpair yet (have a couple)

Monday, August 6

Where did they day go??

Shit it almost 5.30 pm and I have still not cleaned the flat or started preparing dinner andmy parents should arrive around 6 ish .


at lesat Idid some grocery shopping

what do you think of.

mushroom and sundried tomato pai????

k better get ass moving

cleaning will be get all shit into closet and then we will work from there!!!

Sun is out the shorts are on

Was a bit sceptical this morning when getting dressed, but decided to give it a go. That is shorts and t-shirt. brought a cardigan but ran upstaris to dump it as soon as I got outside. It was so bloody hot that what I wore felt like a bloody winter costume.

I wore:

t-shirt- vila
blue tee- cheap monday (looks like iwill be a favorite)
shorts- MQ
ms bjouix necklace

and I was steaming hot in this

The shoe hunt

Went shopping today trying to find a pair of shoes that won't kill me at the wedding. The option I have now is not an option. My ankles will die and I will more than likely break my neck at one point during the night.

The shoe serach didn't work that well, instead I managde to find myself a cruling iron, a couple of pillows for my pile on floor (will move onto bed and couch one day. A soap dispenser for my bathroom, since my dad crushed my last one I decided for a more sturdy one and when its on 50% sale who can resits it??

Then I got some mavala nail polish in silver and satin to. Think they will be great this fall.


YES YES YES...........

In the beginning of summer I started to realize that both my black pair of jeans were getting a little tights (like you can't move/breathe in them) and then I tried on another pair that I only wear during the summer due to their length (little short only look good w thongs on feet).
Yesterday when I came home my summer pair were haning on my closet door haunting me, so I just had to try them on and see if they were keepers or time for them to leave.

AND they fit perfect little tight in waist, but they to strechout quite a bit so no dramas. You can belive my cheerfulness after that. Realized that I have atleast 3 more pair of pants in my wardrobe that fit me know :D
Now I'm just gonna be able to stick like that when work starts and the long drives in the car is back each day. Oh well just hit gym and eat healthy that should be ok.

AND NO LOLLIES floating around at home....

Sunday, August 5

A day in the car

Spent a couple of hours driving back home again with a fully loaded car.

Best sight : a camper van with the main door open. I don
t even wanna now how much shit they lost or got inside their car. This was on the high way & I just wish I would have had a camera to show u guys- but driving and photographing at same time is not safe!!!

I'm wearing:
white singlet- sweden
green singlet- diesel
3/4 jeans topshop
pink ballerinas

and my package I ordered like 2 weeks ago had arrived friday (talk about long shipping time)

Moving back home

Yes I have finally got almost all my stuff inside my flat again

and ofcourse the most impostant item that was first put in place was

What to do??

WEll was planning to stay at my parents place today and drive home tommorrow morning, or rather mum had planned it that way due to trafffi.
Ok were supposed to finish painting the garage doors. but weather is shit and honestly in shit weather I don't really feel like standing outdoor painting even if the doors in question are under over. The mosies are out and usually pretty nasty days like these. Don't wanna rack up my no of bites for the year this last day at home (have only had 1 this far).

So what to do??? Sit here and be bored or pack car wait for dad to get home from glof compeition and then drive???

My parents are coming up tomm to and staying until thursday (they are playying golf in my area)
Hmm one night alone would be nice considerig I'm starting work again on wednesday!

Saturday, August 4

Simpsonize me 2

Fullbody in my new hair do

comp playing up again (now all pics r small suddenly)

New hairdo

Got sick of my hair and decided I needed som cut and colour


Sneak peak

A little preview.....

Items for fall

The main garments for FALL (What do I have, want & need)

List stolen from Ebba

* Pencilskirt-Black or darkrey. CHECK. bought a black velvet one a couple of years ago. Should start using it (or sell it)
* The suit skirt with a little flair- CHECK boght on sale years ago. No pockets but the best skirt for dressing up and down. And i have my new short one to
* The suit. NOPE still lookng for the perfectc black suit want one with both pants and skirt to the jacket
* The men suit jacket. CHECK remember mom found one i her closet the other day.
* A Simple everyday dress. CHECK Have a couple of dresses that work perfect for everyday wear. Favorite is my black/grey J-lindeberg one also have a couple that add a bit of colour
* Suitpants- CHECK the wide loosefit kind-demands alot of your body. I have 1 pair that I need tohave taken up (again) becaise even with super high heels i step on them.

So this list is kind of telling me that the onlything I really need to get this fall is a new apir of black boots, going out shoes and gum boots. The rest is set.

HAHA do you honestly belive that??? I am plannning though fo this fall to try and not invest in anythiing else, rather the oposite GET RID of stuff.
Anyone willing to help me on that bit???

SUN is shining

The sun is shining time to get out there and try to get some more colour before work starts on wednesday. beacuase later on I won't have time

just gonna try to not get brned this time. Seem like peeling and tanning goes hand in hand ths year for me.

4 days

That is what I have left of my holiadays

going home tomm and my parents arrive on mon stay until thurs.

I need some stuff moved and they want to play golf. Praying that the'll pik up the grocery bill to then ;)

New hair do

I finally got around to get my hair cut and coloured.

I passed the super harsh judge (mommy)

But my judgementt well i need to style it myslef then I'll show you.

ie I'm not sure like colour, but cut well lets after I have blown dried it right now itts just flat

Thursday, August 2

Rugby + september = paris

Take me there please would be so happy to se both Australia & New Zealand live

& and all the beer and rum and blokes my kind of thing

photo: official site


I have one sall thing to ask of you.....


it confuses my poor head that is allreaddy filled w enough anxiety at the moment!!!!

Vegetarian roll

AHHH dinner the sweet melody of aluminium foil and what delicasy hides beneath.

I now shouldn't due to allergies.

BUT ordered without pineapple. Yes still that yummuy sauce in it. No way I'll order wo both so I setled for just one bad.

Think I may have solved it

Not restless thats not what I am
or yes I am can't sit still can't focus and I finally now why.

Its that couch the furniture. Furniture = a home a place to live that is good BUT also long term I'm prepared to settle down here in sweden work as a teacher !!!

or am I!!!!

thats it I'mpanicing bc I donn't wanna stay here forever wanna move on go back to Australia, bt for that I need money and a good paycheck I need a decent carrer

wich is why I'm staying here right?!

Writing down my panicing thoughts not cooherent at all, but that is how it has started to spiral in my brain. Starting to feel a real good panic attack coming if I don't talk to anybody (n this case you)


Today hass bin one of thosedays even though nothing have gone wrong (yet)

Everything just feel like shit.

I look like shhit, i'm angry at everything for no reason

but most of all restless

so bloody restless don't know what to do

most of all just wana jump on a plane get away from here go to a bar order a big rum & coke, move on,

don't wanna party, don't wanna sit still

dane maybe- nah

OHH ok I'll go for a walk
since flight, bar & randomness is to far away.......

Paint job

As I told you yesterday I did a bit of a paint job yesterday. Today I brought the camera with me out to the garage to get some pic while it was drying. And to get a pic of what I boght today (will tell you about that later)

Well my 20 sek spice rack I bought second hand a while ago went from this:

to this:

hoping the fall on the lawn won't have ruined it to much, if it has I'll have to suckup to one of my aristic friends to do some cute pattern on it. Me I have no artistic vein what so ever when it comes to drawing and paitning. More a cut and paste peson.

Then we have pidestal (Sorry no before pics on this) this is how it looks afte 2 coatings w silver paints. I really like how it turned out daddy hmm he keeps on sayng it would have bin nicer white. What a luck that its gonna be in my flat & not his. Early in the days (when i was an infant) it had a horible faded ivoy white colour like when white plastic turns yellow kind of colour. what do you think would it have bin better white ??

I'm planning to have one massive green plant on it and then I'll see what will land on top. Lets just pray the plan will stay green instead of going in bown/black colors as my other one did.

p.s I do wish all those beer crates in background was mine, but only oe is :( d.s

Welly warmers

My boots at work are just freezinig cold during the winter months and ocasionally I start to wonder if my toes have falle off completely.

Today when I went shopping they have welly warmers in grey (earlier they have only had baby blue & pink) so a pair of these got to follow me home to.

Am also cosidering getting a pair of black hunters while I'm at it, but with a funkier colour welly warmer than grey this time.

My boots at work are forest green so don't want a screaming colour for them.

photo: hunteboots

simpsonize me

Had to try and simpsonize me this is how I look like a yellow simpson

my computer s playing up- startin to worry that I might have overworked it through out the years and that it is prayiing for a retiremnt pretty soon.
I'm hoping i'll get atleast another year out of my little baby.


Shitty weather outside but i'm daring 3/4 tights and tunic anyway.

Going shopping w daddy now we r gonna pick up an item I have bin drooolling over like forvere. lets just prey its not sold out now,


tights- lindex
jacket-hard yakka
bag & shoes u know by now

Wednesday, August 1


SIX down

they willl soon be back to


Advanced paintjob for the lazy

so have finally got around to

  • 1) buy colour silver & mat white for my furniture I'm repainting
  • 2) Bring almost all furniure to my parents place to paint them. It is so much easier to do this at a place where you have a garage, outdoor area that you can move around in and not worry to destroy the pavement (read lawn)
  • 3) Started painting (only took half the summer)

All in allit has gone really good except I realized that I should have brought my balck kitchen chairs with me to, they are starting to fade in colour (over 60 yrs old). And that I suspect myy dad really enjoys painting furniture with a spray can. My mirror was all done before I even had time to start, on my spie rack he needed to show me how I do it (only did 75% of all painting) my pediestal (spelled like that?) I got to do 60% before we ran out of paint, next thing I now he has finished it all for the day. (pics comig on finished items when it has dried in full)

The only hassel with the paintjob was the slight silver shimmer I have on my bod and that fido our lawn mover decied that he didn't like the cartoon the spice rack was standing on and bumed it our. Which mean that the spice rack fell flat on groun so that need some touch up now. How lucky I am then that daddy liked the painting :P

ON my mission in the window painting I have managed to only paint 11 windows (mom 'only did 22') instead I have done all the door frames and today when I did the front door (only area not allowewd to mess up)

I managed to: spille HUGE blobs of white paint on our wood cooured veranda, paint on out blue door, step in paint and walk all over veranda AND stone pavemnt and of course got paint on house.

SO spent about as muh time painting as I did cleaning up my mess.

rest of day was spend with my friend and her son. and he almost almost (it was so close I tell you) managed to turn around from back to tummy by himself. Instead he decided to throw up all over her even into her cleavage (he sure likes his mommy ;) )

photo: husqvarna