Saturday, October 30

Welcome to the family

I am now a proud owner of an Nikon AF NIKKOR 28, 1:2.8 D lens. Bought it from a friend dirt cheap (almost free). Yes I know its made for 35mm cameras, but takes beautiful pictures with DSL to.

Friday, October 29

Oral 1 completed

So first oral of the course is over and done.
I'm happy with the grade 8/10 now I just need to up it from there and the 5 is in my hand in even this course.

and ofcourse Octupus is spelled Octopus!!!

Thursday, October 28

Thank god!!

A huge huge rock was just lifted off my chest!

Just found out that for spring semester I will get financial student aid the weeks I'm at uni. December is still an issue. At least that is only one month instead of four.

Wednesday, October 27


Ok my shaken muscles have now given up and instead they behave like stiff rods. I move around the flat like I'm an old granny over 100yrs old or in my final days of pregnancy.

The worst bits are standing up, sitting down or taking clothes on and off.

Am planning to workout tomorrow, but not sure how much I will manage after the warm up session.

brain lateralization of octupus

Welcome to my world this week:

The keywords are:
  • brain
  • hemispheric lateralization
  • phylogeny
  • invertebrates
  • octupus

Doesn't it sound awsome?

Shaky shaky

My body feels like an aspen leaf and overcooked spagetti at the same.

And this is the morning after.

Tuesday, October 26

Today is the day when

the pain starts. From now on I will live in a never ending life of sore muscles. Or that is until I rebuild my strength and flexibility. which may take a while...

Bit sleepy

I discovered this morning when I arrived at uni that I had put my skirt on insideout.

Monday, October 25

3½ week

Its has now gone 3½ weeks since I gave myself my promise. I think I can easily admit that I have a shopping adoction (anybody surprised out there).

But have done no shopping at all since my Stockholm slurge, except shower gel today (that I needed because I forgot mine at home in my flat).

Oh and facial cream as I told you my bottle was almost empty and since I'm going to travel quite a bit I figured my almost empty bottle could stay at home for me.

On friday whenI went out withmy friends I got a late birthday gift: A gift voucher to one of my favorite shops. I went in there today, but nothing struck my fancy. So have a little that I can splurge on my self when in desperate need.

So my need to shoppinglist looks as follow:
  • Nailpolish remover
  • toiletries bag
  • Everyday Jeans
  • Facial cream
  • Inner soles for my hikingboots AND winterboots
  • Nailpolish Top coat- To be clear TOP COAT not coloured nail polish


I did it....

Got mobile internet that is

The day is here

I'm back in the school bench. My first course is Behavioral Neurobiology and my first assignment is to freshen up on hemispheric specialization and brain anatomy. To be honest I don't really remember ever laearning about this is any of my courses.

Saturday, October 23


Today wqas my last day at work!! It feels wired and unreal. Can't understand yet that I'm not going to wqalk in there on monday or for the next 5 months!

It feels soo good right now to be away from some people, but ofcourse I will miss my dear friends. Did find out toda that one of my dear friends are looking for new jobs now. Good for you dear. I'm going for an interview at another place next week (closer to uni).

Mr Old ofcourse had to chase me down today for a hug and good bye. I feel sick everytime he is close to me like that and for some reason he do not wanna get what is wrong with him!!

Thursday, October 21

Come on!!

Its not even november yet. I could have accepted end of november, early december but almost mid october nope that is NOT cool!

I'm talking about snow!Just looked out my window and there is about 2cm worth of it covering the ground, with more coming from the air.

Monday, October 18

Work out goal

Its going downhill with working out at the moment. Working 50hrs a week at the moment is not helping and also having frozen my gymmembership is no good.

SO have given myself a new goal. By christmas I will have:
  • Fit into my skinny jeans
  • Have gotten a flat stomach
  • Be able to see that my arms have muscles, right now they are absent
  • Be able to run a mile without feeling like I'm dying (did I mention I'm not a runner)
I guess that is all by now, but when goal is reached (christmas) I will add on to the list.

Sunday, October 17

2½ weeks in

It has now gone 2½ weeks since I gave my self a shopping ban until 1 april, 2011. So how has I managed this far?

Well week 1 didn't go to good: Bought tights, lipstick and traveling towel when in Stockholm
week 2 went better didn't buy anything.

I have realized that there are some items (ofcourse) that I need to buy/replace:
  • Nailpolish remover- should have done this about a month or two ago
  • toiletries bag- my old one is falling to pieces, is tiny and very unpractical. With all the travels on my agenda for the next four months it might be a good idea to invest in a new one (or wait and get one for christams)
  • Everyday Jeans- My two pairs of plain everyday jeans will die anytime soon. Hoping for a new pair underneath the christmastree.
  • Facial cream-The bottle is almost empty
  • Inner soles for my hikingboots AND winterboots- one pair is to big and the other the soles are starting to feel hard in the heels (gel cusions for the heel?)
  • I'm quite sure there was something else on the need to list

Here the things I DO NOT need to buy new (eventhough I'm trying to come up with excuses):
  • Singlets
  • make up- think I have a lifetime collection of this and with a brand new mascara in the collection there is nothing that needs replacing or are running out
  • Shoes- always try to come up with a reasn why I need new ones, but right now I think I should be set until summer arrives
  • Scarfs- you can never have to many, but I'm quite set with me 20! I use regularly any more and its just a waste of money
  • Perfume- have about 2-3 years worth of perfume in my fridge

Friday, October 15

Tuesday, October 12

Purple day 4

Didn't managed to complete my purple week intime so extending it for this week. Quite sure I'm able to complete it by friday.


dress- moonson
cardigan- Stockh LM

Almost there

I am now registered. Now I just have to complete the oral exam and playdown my handicap from 36+ down to 36.

To managaed that I need to play two 9-hole rounds at 18 points each

Friday, October 8

Parcel bags

The gift all in order before mailed to P.

bag 1- Don't mess with the curls- for hairstuff
bag 2- Warning! This bag is for P's underwear
bag 3- Princess p- For party wear
bag 4- The gift bag- For all fabolous gifts that she is getting me and her other friends
bag 5- I'm a dirty bag- for laundry
bag 6-The random bag- For odd bits and pieces.

These bags are all labeled in the back so that no one can steal them when she is in dodgy backpackers etc...

Wednesday work

Somedays I just love my job....

Tueday work

Purple day 3


singlet- zara
dress- Fillipa K
tights- Lindex
shoes- 67

Pruple day 2


top- ...
singlet- Sportsgirl
jeans- moto
boots- Dr Martens

Tuesdays outfit, have bin a busy busy week.

Monday, October 4


Purple day 1


scarf- cheap monday
top- kaffe
singlet- modströms
skirt- whyred
shoes- 67

Sunday, October 3

The globetrotter birthday gift

A friend of mine just turned 25. What to give a girl that is currentlu traveling all over the world?

Why not personalized packiingbags for the backpack?


I'm have bin thinking a little latly since everybody seem to meet someone when they are away with work, friends, sports etc etc etc. How can it be then that I always seem to end up at events with only couples? I swear it never goes wrong! Anything I attend there may be nice men around, but they are all taken or OLD!! I'm sorry I might be picky but I don't go for older men (a lot older that is). I don't do married men and yes the men I meet need to know what they want to do in their lives.

I guess you are thinking then that its the last section of guys I tend to meet and dismiss. But it is here that you are wrong. I mainly seem to meet old and married men!

ANy ideas what I can do to meet single men that are not afraid of leaving this country??

Video call

A stranger just called me with a videocall. Did I pick up? No ofcourse not. Its sunday, I have had a headache since this morning and hardly left the apartment. Not a time when I will let a stranger look at me through the phone.

Normal call please when calling strangers!

Bag clean

I cleaned the small outerpocket of my workbag.

I found this pile:

  • 4 bracelets
  • 1 necklace
  • 1 pair of earing
  • a USB
  • a tampong
  • paperclip
  • knife
  • contactlens container
  • coins
  • buttons
  • mouthpiece for alcohol lock at work
  • 2 name tags
  • 1 pen
  • nike+ chip
  • 1 hairtie
  • 1 bobbypin
Also visible on the picture are my wallet, soundbook "cocaine", box with napkins, car and huskeys, jar with buttons and reciept. Yes you are looking on part of my hallway drawer.

Pink day 5

Seem to have bin in a little rush, unfocused and uncentered, but thats the best shot I had from yesterday.


Shirt- only
singlet- supre
jeans- motot
boots- dr martens

Saturday, October 2

How, why?

I ran into you today at work. Sure that shouldn't be a surprise since you used to be there. But still when I spoke to you my heart jumped and as usual I just want to kiss you.

Thank god I can always bring up your kids so that I don't have to think about my emotions, but my question is why does it always feel like I save you when bringing up the kids?! And why do you play so much on my emotions? Right now your smile and eyes are all I can see infront of me....

Friday, October 1

Pink day 4


top- Junk food
singlet- supre
Boots-Dr martens


From today and until april 1st. Yes that is april fools day I am not allowing my self to shop anything unecessary.

With unecessary I mean:
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Make up
  • Jewellery
  • etc
I guess you get the hint. I need to save some money (since I*m not getting paid in three months time). If I can do this I'm not sure yet what I will reward myself with. Any suggestions?

In many ways this is an important thing for me to do. I will keep you updated each week with how it goes.