Saturday, March 24

Graduation dinner

Oh I wish that I could wear this for the graduation dinner w the kids, but well maybe it is within my shopping budget, but the question is is the dress covering up enough for a respectable teacher?!

(Apologise for the tacky pic, but no corol draw or photoshop on comp so .... well enjoy anyhow)

Lets make a zoo

Ohh All these babies and more would do wonders on my wrist this season. Its lika having my own little min zoo on my wrist where ever I Walk. The tiger and elephants will soon be on my wrist and a snake wrapped around it isn't to far away inte the future.

photo: NAP, kyssjohanna

4 things about me

  • Four movies I can see over and over again
    Mean Girls
    Dirty Dancing
    Pirates of the Caribean
    Finding Nemo (or any disney cartoon btw)
  • Four Towns I have lived in
    Melbourne, Australia
    Townsville, Australia
  • Fyra tv-shows I follow
    Grey's Anatomy
    CSI all of them
    Sex & the City

  • Four plases I wanna travel to
    New York
    New Zealand
  • Four magazines I bought last
    Marie Claire (US)
    BAZAR (UK)
    Bazar (SWE)
  • Four things I should do more often
    Shut off the computer
    save money
  • Four favorite meals
    Curry from Fiji
    Creamy pasta
I got challendes to this, u do it to....

Thursday, March 22


Ok I now I'm like a day behind with the outfits but that is because I have major problems in getting my hands on the computer after work. >Before work at 7 am its ok, but at that time I'm not inte the mood for uploading pics and stuff on the web.

Oh well this is what I wore yesterday when I woke up thinking it woould be a beautiful spring day. It was the sun was out, but there was frost on the ground and I had to scrape ice of the windows from my car before I could leave for work.

Green/white to from JC
black dungaree dress ICHI
grey stockings Lindex
white fake converse with blue folwer on side


This baby would be perfekt to liven up my place and make it a bit more exiting.
How cool wouldn't it be would all my uniu books inside this?!

It even comes with its own chair and desk?

But unfortunately I don't think its available in sweden yet only the Uk :(

Photo: Viable london

Monday, March 19

Monday, conference

Ok so I have worked at my new job for 3 days now and today I had to attend a teacher conference with in the agricultural fields.
It was really interesting even though my brain is echausetd tonite there was even more information that is needed to cram into my brain,
starting to worry that there won't be much space left soon by the amount of cramming I'm doing at the moment.

So in the honour of today I wore

Black diesel skinny leg
white shirt sportsgirl
dog tooth slipover
old necklace
timberland boots
Vintage lacque belt
checked coat
Tiger of sweden grey scarf

saturday, breaking in my new jacket

So today was the premier of my new parkas, it was unfortunately a little bit cold still so I'm gonna have to wait a little longer until i start using it regularly...

For my shopping spree I wore

pale blue parkas see by Chloé
blue old diesel (high waist)
purple singlet sportsgirl
Long loose/fitted shirt Clara/MQ
Timberland boots
Esprit bag
necklace old bought in Prague years ago

In the make up jungle March

So I have bin rummaging through what i want in the make up jungle this month and well this is the conclusion of this......

I want either the pastelle colours from chanel or Lancome they would be so pretty on my eyes this season
Some concealer from YSL and lipbalm in the smell of mango would be nice to but hurtful for the wallet
A new lancome Hypnose mascara is needed, mine is almost empty
A little refreshing eyeshadows from Jelly pong pong would also be nice (how great isn't that name?!)
Guerlains bubble powder for that fresh look in the face
The new eyeshadow colour NOX from Make up store
Eyeliners in beautiful colours from smashbox
And finally some lip plumper for those party nights when u want some sexy kissable lips!!

photos: strawberrynet, eleven, acessora and Make up store

First day of work, Thursday

So its my first day at work and this is what i wore that day:

Black diesel skinny leg
pink boob tube Supré
White Fornarina top
Timberland boots
Esprit bag
Checked coat

Had a really good day and everybody was really nice, think I might like it a lot.

Sunday, March 18

Silver dreams

These babies are what I want for all the spring and summer parties. would work perfekt witha litte dress, jeans and well almost everything in my wardrobe....

They are not in stores until april 7th, but I'm praying that I can get my hands on a pair.

photo: Awsome

Saturday, March 17

Challenge- 6 interesting facts about me

Ok so the challenge is that I'm gonna tell you six interesting facts about me and then u do it on your blog.

1) I'm over 6 feet tall and have a fond love of High heels
My socks never macth neither pattern nor colour and it seem to drive ppl insane. Reason justto lazyto sort through my socks.
3) I love music not very good at remembering what I'm listening to but always have to have some music around me in car, at home, at work, working out yhea when ever hate silence at home especially.
4) I have alight compulsive behaviour: 1) Can only use one blue/black pen and won't change to a new until ink has run out or it is lost; 2) All daily beauty products are the same can't use a new item until I have finished the previous bottle even if it is a new brand & all.
5) I have a thing for colour finding black, gery and white items in my life can be a hassel, although lately my wardrobe have darkened up a little
6) I'm a night person can stay up way to long if I don't control myself and I love to stay in bed in the morning have MAJOR prolems in gettingout of bed for work in the morning.

That was some interesting fact about me that u might have known or not :)

Friday, March 16

Head full

Ok the blog is suffering, but my head is just crammed with information from work. yesterday I had a 8 hour long information session with 5 different people.
Today I have bin tagging along to classes and looking thorugh old material for the courses that I'm going to teach.

It is just so much information that by the end of the day my eyelids r just ready to shut and my brain just wanna shut down and reboot for the next day.

I'm hoping that I'll have much more energy tommorw so that I can give u some photos from the outfits this week, my new parks, and well maybe a little wishlist of makeup to (if u r lucky that is and my brain is sort of functioning)

Wednesday, March 14


I had the most adorable outfit on yesterday & forgot to take a photo of it :(

I will keep them updated and try to remember to take the photo in the moroning while still nice and fresh ;)

Todays outfit will b posted later on

Ecco shoes

Belive it or not but I have falle in love with these shoes from ecoo. Yes Ecco shoes u read right.
Found them in a store in this town with no decent shopping and well there was love.....

Imagine how great these would be for casual wear and work wear those days I'm not in the animal house.....


Settling in

OK so I Have finally got internet again.
My new living situation is not the dream living, but hey its only for a couple of weeks so I'll survive.

Living w 3 kids that is still in high school...

Poor things...HEHE

Monday, March 12


Ok I'm movingnot really sure how much internet conncetion I will have to start with. will try to keep you updated as much as possible on how my new job is going, the new town is and well everything new basically..

Baby Come to MAMA..

Keep fingers crossed might be in my possesion this avo....

photo: my wardrobe

Friday, March 9

Spring shopping

This is what I want added to my wardrobe right NOW!!!!

Parka. see by Chloe
Skirt: Acne jeans
Black boots: Acne jeans
gum boots: Pucci
Black heels: top Shop
Bracelets: kennet jay lane


Today's outfit, well its friday felt like being pretty...
top: long sleeved fornaria (Bargain)
apron dress. black Clara
Skinny leg jean. grey LEE
boots: my brown timberland
Watch: Axcent

Tuesday, March 6


top 10 shoes of spring that I want is coming up......


Its amasing what a smell can bring back memories...

It has bin a while since I last used my Curious perfume but today i decided that i wnt to wear that one... sprayed it on and suddenly a longing for Australia & especially melbourne came over me.

now 2 hrs later I can still fainylt ´feel the remains of the smell in my room ( i never do that) and I just wanna start to cry, I miss it so much the noise the people even uni studying...

why now, I haev used it plenty of times since I came home over ayear ago, but suddenly I just feel like I have bin gobe for TO LONG.....

Monday, March 5


Less than 7 days then I'm moving, yet again.
Starting to loose track over the amount of times I have moved these last years.
major moves like another country 2 in this century, then we have between cities 5 times and well within that I'm not even gonna count.

Its amazing though that I'm still so fond over ALL my junk I have managed to collect throughout my lifetime, that I don't seem to be able to say good bye to.

But i now havea month and a half to empty out my room and all other crevices at the parents place to move into my new flat. My first place that is actually unfurnished from the beggining.
Exited YES you can bet on it....
But have decided that NO JUNK from previous places are moving across those doors. hmm how long will it take before i break that rule?!

Friday, March 2


Yes bin a while since I last gave u and outfit of the day, well not that exiting when I'm at home in my comfy clothes,but here were go

today I'm finally back in normal shoes and well decided that to celebrate that I'll wear a dress...

dress vintage from grandma

grey tighs

earings vintage

timberland riding boots

Esprit bag

Purchases this week

So well this week I have bin trying to occupy myself and well I did end up doing some shopping both online and at the mall.

This is what I ended up getting this week:

C & C california gery top w long sleves (Bargain)
Modström blue singlet (Bargain)
Pink leggings (bargain)
Hollywood fashipon tape

Dr brandt night creme (on sale)
Essie hand creme kiwi & lime

Black Apron dress (MQ/clara)
Black dungaree dress (TARA/ichi)
Grey short Filippa K skirt (bargain, TARA/ filippa K)
Veet razor (kicks)
neutrogena comfort balm (kicks)

Pictures: private, shopaholic and blush


Check it out