Thursday, October 31

Sports bra addiction part 2

As I have mentioned before I seem to have aquired a sports bra addiction. Or to be fair a sports clothes addiction. But back to the sports bra's.

I have felt quite happy with my 3 new sports bras and my other 2 existing ones. Until I browsed the other day and found that they had my favorite stay in place sports bra back in stock. I have found out that this model is not made anymore. Guess who just added another sports bra to her collection.

Yes you are right me. But this model is also the model that I use during all my races (now I have 2 to swap between). One pink and a brand new tight black one.


In June I cancelled my subscription on Glossybox because I was moving, I had grown tired of them and had to much stuff in my drawers.

Today I feel for the promoton of getting 3 boxes at a reduced price. Lets see how long this subscription will lats.....

Friday, October 25

When you least expect it

So there is this guy that apperently doesn't use Facebook, but likes to flirt with me when we train together. I have felt a little panicky since the running sessions ended. Until I headed to the swimming pool and literally bumbled into him in the fast lane.

From this training session I have figured out that he is interested but that we are both equally shy (him less than me thank god). Now I can't wait until next time I go swimming......

Sunday, October 20


I'm not know as the party planner with my friends and when only 2 of your friends have the ability to make it it doesn't really encourage me to throw more parties. 

We had a lovely evening with great food, laughter and ended up at the local nightclub. 
It turned out great, but wasn't really the night I planned for....

Tuesday, October 15


I get toungetied when I try and talk to a guy I'm interested in. But honestly this is just ridiculous! We actually try to talk and someone step right into the conversation and I loose my ability to speak yet again.

I had one small mission and that was to try to get a date or number out if you. Instead I lost count (I think you did too) over the amount if times we were interrupted!!!

When will it ever  be possible to get a date out of you??