Wednesday, December 31

Tuesday, December 30

The whole fruit platter in one go...

We are getting spoiled on the cheap lovely cocktails here in germany. When will sweden learn this?

Eh what...

Sugar top! What is that used for?

Coloured eggs!

Not quite sure of this. That you can buy pre-coloured eggs in store.

Monday, December 29

Best gift ever!

I'm soon gonna be in heaven. That is when we sample this smooth red bundaberg rum!

Sunday, December 28

Scenic view of rheine river

Boys and their toys..

Its obvious that men never grow up! They will play with toys even when they are closer to retirement than childhood.

Saturday, December 27

Finally arrived.

Just waiting on my luggage and trying to get hearing back after screaming kids on flight.

Took the third option.

Couldn't decide between the two books so i decided on a third one.

Difficult choices.

I don't now what i wanna read on the plane. Romance or drama?

Friday, December 26

Hard life as a cat

When being able to go out you need to conserve energy...


Finally have hunted this new magasine in almost every town god forgot when distributing magasins in this country

Spot the black cat

Camouflage is the bomb in a bed room when you want to be alone

Love at first sight...

Ahh so want this. The larger size would be perfect in my living room.

Going home

Its freezing cold. Waiting for ride home


Hard that is what life is all about

Thursday, December 25

Up the hill...

It burns in the legs when you are halfway

Chrismast day

Sun is out and no wind

Wednesday, December 24

24th of december

That jacket (again)

It swear its haunting me!

Watching Ugley Betty (Season 3 episopde 7) and what happens?
Yep Miranda shows up with it on (end one in this clip)

ARGH I so want a jacket similar to that!!!

Best wishes

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

Celebrating with people that do care of you and wish you the best of the best in your life.


This is what was inside

In the stocking

Looks like i have bin nice this year to.

Tuesday, December 23

That jacket

I just love the jacket that Serena is wearing in this episode.

Does anybody now where I can find a similar one?

The joy of holiday season

Relaxing with wine and chocolate pralines


Love this one....

The cat and dog diary

(its in swedish)

Chrismast tree decorated

Only using red ornaments this year

Qoute of the day

Hehe, well its not only students who have frogs leaping out of ther mouths left and right, I'm pretty good at it to when my blonde roots seep thouugh and wanna have a finger in the game:

Saturday night while playing jeopardy we get the question:

When is it not an ettiquette rule to throw rice on somebody?

My reply: A CRIMINAL

Guess who will be hearing this on her wedding day (i that ever happens!)

Did you really have to??

Monday and tuesday me, mom and dad went to Copenhagen to get last christmas gifts and have some nice family time together before the official holiday.

It started out great with a windy ride over the bridge checking into hotel (Scandic of course) lunch and some strolling in stores.
I'm looking for a new years eve dress.

Well we had an afterluch drink and then headed down to Ströget to really look into stores and look at all the decorations etc etc...

We came as far sown as Illum where I found my first gift that I was getting. Dad walk up tp counter to pay and....

His wallet is GONE some bloody ashole decided at one point to pick it out of his inner jacketpocket while we were strolling sround in the stores!!

So he had to backtrack and see if he might have forgotten it at the bar, but no so he spent the afternoon in the hotel calling cancelling shit and all that stuff.

I can tell you that it kind of takes the air out of you to stroll around looking at stuff when shit like that happens...

But after we gt over it we had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant and today I have tried a ton of gorgeous dresses, all in the wrong size (why can't I ever be on time looking for stuff like that?!)

23rd of december


The shower that wouldn't turn cold

Monday, December 22


22nd of december

Playing polar bears

What happend with global warming?!

Merry christmas

Greetings from denmark

Tivoli in Copenhagen

What is it with the crowd at the entrance?

Sunday, December 21

Mmm white wine

Dinner finished now we are sharing a bottle of white wine...

The man who wasn't darwin

Well i'm currently reading darwin's travel diary from his time on the beagle. And stumbled on this article in dad's national geographic. Guess what i'm doing tonight.

21st of december

Saturday, December 20

Static electricity

Sex toys can turn funny when playing with them to much

1st christmas gift of the year

Band aids and bottle opener what more can you ask for?

20th of december

Skinny guinea pig

Yep its a guinea pig without any fur production.

Guinea pig show

I have the best job. Get to watch my students run a guinea pig show... They are so creative and organised.

Friday, December 19

Black and white = great camouflage

Silvra is working on her matching the environment pose. Better keep the white paws separated for best result.

Gluwein sampling

Starting w the 03 bottle...

Dried raisins

Is the bomb in gluwein.

19th of december

Ahh the joy of christmas.

Fun and games revenge is sweet...

Christmas gift

Have just had lunch with work and we got our yearly gift (a cheese)

Playing moose

Other tacky christmas 'decorations' from my year in the states.

Thursday, December 18

Never again!

Not sure what happened, but it got stuck and now its all a pile somehow.


I'll stick to this one instead.