Sunday, July 7

Is it over?

The pain is gone the anxiety is not hovering just behind the next corner. 
I know it's not completely over I will fall and I will survive! I can make it I'm strong I survived 2011.
How I did that I do not know mending my heart, my soul, finding my life, finding me, surviving university and accepting life. 

That is what I have done done the 16th of march , 2011. 

I'm not out if the woods yet but right here right know future is looking optimistic. 

I sold my flat, bought a beautiful new one, have a job interview Monday, found out a second job might be available soon. 
Yes this means I'm not to far of leaving nowhere!!! 

I have found new routes met people that se happy with themselves learned what real poverty really is and seen that even in horrible conditions people are content and happy.

I'm to spoilt for my own well being!!