Sunday, November 22


the question in my life at the moment is:

When will I start livig my life again?!

How long can you keep your life on hold before you lose it and yourself....

photo: jonaspeterson

Sunday, November 15


I just got flowers from a friend.

Can't pick them up until tomorrow unfortunately since the store is closed.

Thursday, November 12

Gekås shopping

Last friday on my fall break (the only day I had of out of that week) me and my mom decided to go to Gekås to by all the basics that we stock up on when we go there.
It turns out this was the day when they broke some records:
  • Best day sales record (22,2 miljon sek (approx 2.2 milj EUR)
  • Best month sales 500 miljon SEK (approx 50 milj EUR)
  • Best week sales 120 miljon SEK
  • outof the 12 miljon socks they sell early I bought 10 pairs (this is the only place I buy socks at)

And ofcourse I just didn't get all the basics like socks, deodorant, leansing stuff for my home etc I also found some clothes.

I foud these really gorgeous pantyhoses in black and grey, but it turned out they were to small so I gave them to a friend. (The sizing at this place can be a bit funny and this is the first time evr that I have tried on a pair of S and they are to short & a bit tight (Didn't think that possible (the thight bit))):

I got a green tunic for mere €3

A new cardigan that I can use to and from the gym and when bludging around at home:

A pair of goldshinytights to wear to the nightclub:

Wednesday, November 11

Phone update

I finally had enough left over on my salary to be able to go and pick up my new phone after my otherone got stolen this summer.

Turns out I was in luck. The phone has bin updated and I got the new version that has facebook, myspace you tube etc as quick menus. They only thing that I still have issues with are the mobile blog update. Can't get my email to work and that means that I don't seem to be able to post any mobile posts.

But any day now I might solve it. It never seems to be painless with switching phones and all the updates/ settings that need to be done.

Monday, November 9

Kolmården Ethology course

A couple of weeks ago I headed east with my students to Kolmården for them to take an Ethology course in zoo animals and for me to take care of the students and look on all the pretty animals.

They favourite is always hands down when you get to walk in to the wolves to say hi to them & if you are lucky you might get a HUGE welcome from them (that means get your face cleaned thouroughly by them).

One thing I have discovered is that Kolmården seem to kill my favorite pair of jeans. Last year I ripped two pairs when I was getting food out of our car in the nightmare hill.
2008 batch

This year I ripped one pair & this time in front of the students the first night we were there. They ame to the conclusion no acrobatics in pants that are abit loose in the waist.2009 batch

Sunday, November 8

Tjejkväll shopping

Last week I went to girlsnight at a mall in Skövde (a town close to where I live). We were mainly going for the fashionshow, food and the company of eachother.

The first we managed were to be among the 50 first to arrive so we got a goodiebag each. In it there were some hotspots and some ehm diet soups (hmm do I really need to diet that bad?)

We got an amazingly good dinner and after that I discovered that my favorite shop had an awsome sale on. So I ended up walking out of the store 5 items richer. Then I have bin looking for some nice longsleved t-shirts & managed to find that plus a really nice plain grey tightish sweatshit (were in laundry already when I was taking pictures of them all).

Here is what I got:

Hugo boss top:

Moongoose dress:

Tiger suit jacket:

Shirt (not sure of brand):

Hugo Boss cardigan:

Japansese label top:

The favorite items in goodiebag 2 scarfs:

Sunday, November 1

Tip of the day

If you are using hair removal cream on your legs make sure you close the bathroomdoor proprely so that the cat can't get in and walk along your legs.

HAve a qute upset cat in the couch after we had to clean his tail before the hairremoval started working its magic or he started cleaning it.