Thursday, January 31


top- c&c
top- junk food tee
jeans- lee
belt- mng
cat- silvra (she refused to leave shoulder)

Wednesday, January 30

Work out week

I'm stuck in a workout pattern,

there is so much in my head at the moment that the only thing that clears it up for a while is working out, hence this has bin my week this far:

pilates 1 hr
body jam 1 hr
yoga 45 min
horseback riding 1 hr
dancing classs planned

Hmm wonder shy my head is crammed ;)
Atleast i'll have a hot bod by summer (easter) if i keep this up :P

Student loan


Only 96% left

will it ever be over??

phot: CSN

Lunch date

Got a great surprise at lunch today (second week in a row) the guy i have met came and had lunch with me at work today.

a shme that my shcedule sucks and my brain being full of work related items by the time he showed up.

But it did make my day as u might understand!

Know I just want another more private date, but I guess that will have to wait a couple of more weeks until that will happend again.
was it me talking about taking it slow and not rushing into anything??? how come my patience seem to be zero with something realting to guys.....


tunic- lindex
belt- vintage
jeans- diesel
shoes- timberland



dress- alexander wang
dress- karanina
tights- cehap monday
boots. timberland


My parcel I ordered last week seem to have gone for a walkaout

want it knowk, usually it doesn't take that long,
oh well lets pray it shows up soon


top- gekås
jeans- lee
boots- timberland

Sunday, January 27



top- alexander wang
cardigan- portmans
tights- gina tricot

Saturday, January 26



top- gekås
cardigan- secondhand
cardigan- lutz & pamos
jeans- topshop
shoes- timberland

A cup of coffe

An afternoon date is always nice over a cup of coffe and a nice pice of cake with that :D


singlet- filippa K
dress- filippa k
tights- 2 x lindex
boots. timberland



shirt- bebe
tunic- mq
jeans- lee
boots- timberland

Wednesday, January 23



top- crocker KRAV
skirt- french connection
tights- 2 x lindex
legwarmers- coola anna

Tuesday, January 22



dress: numph
tights- coola anna
boots- timberland
cardigan- j.lindeberg
belts- secondhand

Monday, January 21

The itch had to be dealt with

have bin so good no shopping for ages, not even looking on stuff just not to get tempted.
Until now that is 70% sale and that top i have bin looking at for a while still in my size, do u think I could managed not to??

of course not and also that cute passport cover from jCDC was less then €10 so that had to follow to,

I know I'm a hopeless shopaholic, but atleast i get the good stuff of sale. Now no more peeking about in sales or non-sales sections for at least 2 months. If I do well I have to come up w some punishment if I do break that bargain with me.

if you have any ideas please let me know!!!

photo: shopaholic



top- fornarina
knitted- gekås
jeans- lee
belt- vintage
boots- timberland

Sunday, January 20



sweat pants- roxy

The Swarn by Schätzing, Frank

When I was in germany and looking for a book to read on my flight home, my friend told me that I had to read The swarm,by Schätzing, Frank its originally a german book by have luckily been translated to english so that me and so many other people can get to read this wonderful scifi book.

Its about marine ecology and the environment that we know so little about in the deep seas, exactly was is hiding below the surface and maybe the inteligent life we are looking for in outer space is just under that surface.

When the marine life starts behaving obsurd some marine scientist get involved in solving the problem with the help of the Us marines (of course) and well the only thing I can say is that when you pick up the book and start reading it you won't be able to stop until you are on the final page.

if you don't have any interest in marine biology or ecology some bits might be a bit boring, but I think that you will enjoy it for the story and not the research that have bin put into this book.
I'm amazed on how many facts are correct and well researched.

give it a 4 bambies, would have bin 5 but there are some parts in the end that well...... lets just say nog in my liking really.

photo: cdon

Saturday, January 19



top- jc
jeans. topshop


singlet- supre
tischa- sportsgirl
cardigan- filippa K
jeans- lee
boots- timberland



dress-bad religion
tights- cheap monday

Friday, January 18

diff types of hangovers

catya just posted the best list of hangover types (will translate it all one day)

this was me last week though:

bambi: Your legs refuse to follow your lead and your head feels like a huge bathball.

Wednesday, January 16



top-crocker krav
pants- sisters
tights- twilft
boots- timberland

Tuesday, January 15

He called!


the handsome nice goodlucking man from this weekend called.
Looks like i'll have a date this week anyhow....

scary thought its bin over 2 years since I last went on a date where I was excited and didn't really know the person before!!

Will keep you as posted as I feel ;)



shirt- vila
skirt- j.lindeberg
tights- 2x lindex
leg warmers- urban outfitters
boots- timberland

Monday, January 14



top- petit betau
dress- modström
tights- 2 x lindex
boots- timberland

Sunday, January 13

After work friday night

Well lets just start with saying the night stated horrible with me having NOTHING to wear( tired at least 10 diff outfits), didn't have enough change to the bus (he let me on anyhow) and finaly days of my period so feeling like an ugly hag!!

After a lovely taco buffe and some beers, we got into tequila & belive this ONE shot I'm still paying for today 2 days later :(
My dear colleague decided that we were supposed to have a 6cl shot and well i was a happy champ all night.
Managed to meet a handsome nice man who made the start of the evening seem to much better so at least it ended in a big smile and I woke all happy with a hangover from hell.
Was ok a little headache until i tried to eat something, then hell broke loose, nothing until 8 at night managed to stay down except water. & because of that i stil today feel a bitt seedy unfortuntaley.

now i'm gonna........

111 & 112

2 day recovery phase

pj- pants- playboy
top. old work top



top- vintage
top- vintage
jeans- lee
boots- ecco

Party in the Stomach

This might explain how I was feeling yesterday after my kamiakazee tequila.

Thanks hon for reminding me!


Loading mine and my camera batteries then I will give u a run down of my weekend.

Okok its more a rundown of friday night that I'm still recovering from !

Friday, January 11



boots-din sko

Thursday, January 10



tuninc- vintage
tights- 2x lindex
leg warmers- urban outfitters

Wednesday, January 9



singlet. sportsgirl
dress- filippa K
tights- 2 x lindex
boots- timberland
cardigan- esprit

Tuesday, January 8


I'm going to the movies see:

ARN- tempelriddaren.

its a swedish movie that is the most expensive in swedish film making history, but also filmed in the vicinity where I live know adays.

Have heard some good reviews about it so we will see what my verdict is in the end (because that is what counts).

photo: movizine

The year of 2007

What did 2007 bring to me?

A lot happened last year. I know was planning to move to Australia in March, then June, then october- decmber, but guess what I'm still in Sweden

In the beginning it was because I was waiting for my friend to give birth to her baby.

No its not love for the country or a guy keeping me here, its actually so that I managed to get my hands on an awesome job that has offered to pay for my education degree and well who can say no to that? Even though i did the second interwiev all drugged up after my foot surgery 2 days previous

So I’m at the moment working at an agricultural high school teaching zoo keeping, pets care, horse management to High school kids. I'm also teaching a subject called animals to disabled kids (mental disorders) anything I think that might be useful for their future. - Yes basically its like being back to uni, but I’m on the other side of the cateder and I actually have to use over 50% of my knowledge I learned at uni almost everyday (that is quite scary bc I seem to actually have learned quite a bit).

Other than that I have managed to move (yet again) twice last year, at the moment looking for a bigger flat, but honestly not sure if I can put up the nrj moving this year to (well c).

Have started riding horses again, joined a gym, met some new friends and yes last year I actually did something positive with my life and tried to do the best of the situation (have not yet given up on Australia its just on hold).

Attended a wedding in august and that meant that the non existing summer were spend hunting for a dress to wear since the dress code was formal.

Still single, Sweden seems to have a curse on me and finding men any men!

I got two little kittens at the moment because I got so sick of the loneliness in the evenings and to keep me company (and awake at night).

Had a bit of downfall in social life and parties since I left Australia, but we are moving in a positive direction, have managed last year to get drunk on an average once a month (yep average decreased a bit since arriving to OZ (three times a week)). Have also managed with the displeasure of getting absolutely shitfaced (never bin that drunk in my life,) had to be dragged, carried home to my cousins place while leaving titbits of the night after me as a trail. Spent a couple of weeks in Germany at random occasions catching up with Ina and somehow not getting to shitfaced, there were some hard hangovers though. Went to London with work causing some drinking drama.

I managed to end year with getting a new car since I fell victim to a road of pure ice and slid of the road and hit a tree. I'm fine having a collarbone that has seen better days, but nothing major. Car though was not good at all.



top- litavia
singlet- supre
jeans- topshop

Monday, January 7



singlet- supre
jumper- sportsgirl
jeans- lee

At home

we are finally home and safe. There is like 10 cm snow here and really gorgeous (ok was last night now its +4 C and everything is melting)

The sctahy pole is up and everything has to be investigated,

especially as soon as I put my hand into a new box/bag etc etc while unpacking all the stuff that I brought with me home!


singlet- supre
tischa- the cat empire
jeans- topshop


Did some house hold shopping on saturday with mom and dad.We drove to the exclusive store of Gekås and purchased yhea well loads of stuff, Like booring shit like washing detergent, new kat littler box (closed in) socks, shampoo etc etc etc

I also managed to get:
a cute top for a mere 4 € and then a summer dress and singlet from Paukl frank for a mere 10 € each.

The rest I wont bore you with, outside in the shoe shop I found THE perfect platform pumps (for my height), but didn't have enough cash at the moment, so my friend who might be going there this week have got them on order from me :D (keep fingers crossed)

Saturday, January 5

Beauty Favorites 2007

Lipgloss bitch started it & well I just tagged on, not exactly the same list that she used (updated my old one)


So well my lovely chestnut hair gets the lovely treatment of:
Shampo: St Ives Purification Green Tea
Conditioner: St Ives Purification Green tea
Hair treatment: REF 541
Anti frizz: Schwartzkopf taft anti-frizz serum (classic can't live without)
Styling 1: L'oreal Studio Hot straight
Styling 2: John Frieda Sheer blonde Funky chunky
Hair spray: Schwartzkopf Taft
Yes is budget treatment almost all the way

So not as budget but have my classics I just can't live without
Shower gel: Lactasyd (classic and budget)
Body scrub: Clinique sparkle skin exfoliator
Body lotion : Winter cozy
Body Butter: The body shop Papaya (Classic)
Deodorant: Rexona sensitive skin deostick
Perfume 1: Dior J'adore shimmer
Perfume 2: Escada Into the Blue
Perfume 3: Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise summer edition
Perfume 4: Lancôme Tropiques
Perfume 5: Dior Addict
Yes I am a bit of an perfume addict, can't just have one need one depending on situation and

Basecoat: chanel
Nail Polish: China Glaze
Top coat: OPI top coat
Essie Kiwi/Lime

Am a bit of an Clinique addict yes, but am channging to other brands as we speak
Facial wash: Clinique liquid facial soap (step 1)
Facial toner: Clinique clarifying lotion 3 (step 2)
Day creme: Clinique dramatically moisturisng gel (step 3 (winter night))
Night creme: Clinique dramatically moisturising lotion (summer night)
Eye creme: Clinique all about eyes
Facial scrub: Suki Lemongrass cleanser
Facial mask: Clinique deep cleansing emergency mask
Make up remover: Clinique Rinse of foaming cleanser
Eye make up remover: Lancome

Primer: Clarins Lisse Minute
Eye Primer: Lumene
Powder: Chanel
Concealer: YSL gold pen
Foundation: Dior fluide
Bronzer: The body shop bronzing powder
Eyeliner: Lancôme Kohl black
Loose Eye shadow: MAC pigments
Eye shadow:
Mascara: Dior show unlimted
Blush: Susan posnick
Lip gloss 1: Estee Lauder pure pops
Lip stick: -
Lip balm 1: Elisabet Arden Eight hour cream
Lip balm 2: Lucas' papaw Ointment (only available in Australia)

Thats all ....Not much have changed since last year,am right now in a period where many things seem to finish of and I try new items



tischca. acne
jeans- topshop

101 & 102


tischa- acne
singlet- supre
jeans. topshop

Thursday, January 3

Steig Larsson- the millenium triology

This Christmas break I seem to be catching up on my lack of reading this fall.

The first 2 books that I finished were book 1 & 2 in the Milleniumtriology. Have not got around reading the last one yet (waiting for the paperback edition or to brow it from a friend)

But Oh my god did I finish these books in a flurry as my friends who had read them told me I would, Book two I finished while in germany and am know trying to find out if they will be translated into english soon so that I can pester some of my friends with them.

In rough translation they would be called:

book 1: men who hates women
(think the english translation is: grl with the dragon tatoo, but not sure its the same book :( )

book 2: the girl who played with fire

Book 3: Blowing up the aircastle

As I said this is a rough tanslation nont sure at all what they will call them, but Girl with the dragon tatto is released in a couple of days, but can't find any more information about it than title, author & release date (unfortunately).

In quick words the story is about the Journalist Mikael Bergqvist and computer hacker Lisbet Salander whose roads cross in solving a 40 old missinng person mystery in book one that has some unexpected turns.
In book 2 their roads cross again when Lisbet becomes the mainsuspect in a tripel murder case. Two of the murdered people were investigating the human trafficking from the east.
Both are well written, but it does take you a while to get ccaught up in the first book, but when it finally does you are hooked and wont let go of the book until you are on the final page. After that you just wanna get your hands on the second book (luckily my mom had the book at home) and now I just wanna get my hands on the third book, but I refuse to buy a hardback copy so will have to wait until I get into a friends bookshelf at home.

My words are read them if you haven't and dtry to get your hands on a copy ASAP. Will keep you updated on the english versions when I fifnd out more about them.

photo: adlibris

Toy of he week

A new category here:

Toy of the week decided by Sotis & silvra

This week it the wrapping papers from a Twister candy bag. Especcially the red ones are the best, but the toffe is good crackling to.

Apperently they have bin playing with them nonstop since new years eve.

Its really amusing watching them play with them!

Wednesday, January 2

Beauty product from hell part 2

Wrote part 1 in feb last year, but thank god I have not found tot many suitable obejcts during the year

Until now.......

in octobe I got a mascara for free with a magazine & well you can't expect to muchc from it more than colour that it actually looks like you have mascara on your eyelashes.

This morning I asked my friend how many coats of mascara she thought I had- her aswer was none. My reply was 2.

so the Mascara from FACE stockhom ended in the bin (have worked with it a week or two but gave up now)

New years Resolutions

Yes I do give new years resolutions and this year was no exception:

1) No more random guys (3 rd yr running)
2)---- You wish----
3) okok only gave 2 resolutions



top-crocker krrav


New years day


tunic-twist & tango