Monday, March 31

This to shall pass

heartbreak pass, anciety pass and you come out on the otherside stronger and hopefully a better you.

But the emptienss from a friend, that takes a while. Breaking up with the love of your life is hard and leave an empty space, but loosing your friend that hole is wrong.

Yes you can breathe, you can, live, laugh and love. But there is a part of you missing!

Wednesday, March 19

To do before you die Speak infront of 150+ people

A couple of weeks ago I got asked by a colleague if I could hold a 15 min speach about something during our theme day at work. The theme was the environment, pollution, food made in Sweden.

It was decided that I would talk about something from my trips & I decided on illegal tree logging on Madagascar & my experience from the country.

I made a pretty powerpoint presentation with lots of pictures, stod up and spoke for 15-18 minutes and hardly got nervous. The nerves were undercontrol the entire time, but when the equipment didn't do as I wanted they made an appearance for me (don't think anybody else noticed).

And you know what. I actually liked this and would love to do it professionally.

Sunday, March 16

Life mystery

Why is it always that when you do your laundry you either find an items of clothing you love floating around in the apartment dirty afterwards, or you spill on your brand spanking clean top?

Saturday, March 15

Reference point

Sitting in a meeting and there is talk about bad roads, long drives, primitive conditions, only one lightbulb/ school etc.

My question: do you have to travel by 4WD? 

Anvers: no, but it's bumpy and primitive.

Me: well,that's manageble. The roads aren't that bad then. I clearly have a new point of refence when it comes to roads in bad condition.

Tuesday, March 11

Look look

I'm in my skinny jeans and can breathe wearing them. 

Getting into them I have bin able to, but moving and breathing has been impossible since December.