Friday, January 17

Sometimes the doctors are actually correct about the cottontop and ear thing.

Yesterday morning (thursday) my ear were really itchy after my latest allergy burst out. I get itchy in my face around my ears and inside my ears. I did as I normally do (as you recommended not to do) took a cottontop and put it in my ear, not far in or anything like that.

Pulled it out and only held a purple stick. The cottontop part was stuck inside my ear. Let me tell you these are the times you actually realize how lonely it is to live all alone. I had to wait until I get to work and found someone that I feel comfortable with to ask if they could get a pair of tweezers and pull it out. They could not, it was harder than I anticipated.

I actually had to call the doctors to get an ampointment for today.

Today it also started to hurt a little, but headed to the doctors place and was taken care of by a nurse, that had to get the doctor, because it was harder than she anticipated.

Its now out..

my ear is still itchy.....