Wednesday, April 29

Stonefloors suck

Rome packing

Trying to pack light with alot of things to choose between.

My job

Monday, April 27

Tonights outfit

Graduation dinner for our students

Sunday, April 26

Saturday, April 25


On the balcony

This is life!


Did not think people actually need to stuff their undies for a larger butt.

bring out the mixer and cocktailbook

This weekend there will be alot of cockctail mixing and sampling.

My first Party Twin is visiting me, and as usual with ALL my party twins the alcohol will flow, the dancefloor is in danger and the flirting is on HIGH!

(yes there is more than one party twin in my lifetime)


Me like over 10C and its not even ten am yet. Oh and its in the shade. 20 on sunny side

Friday, April 24


Test 8


Trial 6


A glass of white wine on the balcony in sunset, could it be any better??


I'm trying to get my mms/mobile blogging to work.

But it all ends up in the vast space somewhere, but clearly not here

I need this for Rome next weekend!!

2) Skymningsbarn

by; Tory Hayden

Interesting, but a little dull listening to. Occasionally I had to rewind because my thoughts had drifted away for to long. This is the kind of book that is better to read, than listen to. A drama where the storyline is good, but it doesn't pull you in and hold you there in an iron grip.

Instead its afterwards when the last CD is complete that the thoughts starts and everything that happens around you is suddenly analyzed.

my pin up: The SEXY lady

you have charm..always so fashonist and elegant that everybody admires you!

sometimes u are way too much friendly especially with guys, but you always do everything honestly..

you are trustable also if it doesn't look like!

from facebook Pinup test.

Thursday, April 23


Hmm at the gym today with the H O T instructer and he had almost no clothes on.

lets just say that my focus was not on the JAM in BODYJAM

And afterwards I ran into a new hottie that was liftning weights.....

Slow down you are moving to fast!

Why am I not surprised that my students think that I set to high speed on lectures occasionally...

I guess as with manythings I want so much done and sometimes it goes a little to fast when teaching.

I should be taking pictures of clothes I'm planning to sell, but instead I'm drowling over clothes that are W A Y to expensive for me (and they are reduced by 50% or more)at theOutnet

Imagine being short andwalking around in these shoes at all the graduation activities I'm supposed to attend soon... Loubutin of course

a maxidress by Mattew Williams, unfortunately a lot more expensive than the H&M version....

Alexander wang dress.... A summer days in town at a café....

plus many more, but to be able to afford any of this, my boss needs to atleast tripple my salary

photos: theOutnet

For those days

A paper woododoll....

Ia why did I think about you when I saw this?!

photo: knocknok

Wednesday, April 22

the flower is gone

When the flowering is over you are apperently supposed to cut that part of put it in some soil and

Viola you have a new plant.

1) Nobels testamente

Nobels testamente
by: Liza Marklund

I really liked it, I had me from go and I almost drove extra trips just to be able to listen a while longer.

Before I listened on this one I had only read one book by Liza Marklund that was good, but did't make me run to the bookshop for the rest. Since Nobels testament I have listend on ALL the CD books we have at work and now I have to go to the town libray to pick up the rest. If you like a nerve wrecking book that grabs your attetion from Go, this is it.
Its the perfect car book, it has your attention, I have no urge to turn it of when the phonecalls or make phonealls btw (my phonebill was so low during these 11 Cd's were in my car)

Not in the mood

To teach some special edstudents that is here on placement....

earthquake, roadblock, channelbridge collapse

or anything else that do no harm but keeps me from work!

Oh thats right I'm already at work.


Tuesday, April 21

Reason no 50

I had to wear longjohns and knitted scarf mid April!

I should be wearing skirt and a thin jumper

In the mood for

a cup of Bayleys coffe.....

Bambies bloppis

My bloppis is up and running!

This is where I will try and sell some of my items that just take up closet space. I think they deserve a loving caring home instead of the darkness of my closet....

Please visit me on: (written in Swedish)

You must be kidding me

its end of April and I had to pull out my longjohns from hiding today!

It was freezing like hell and I was supposed to be outside working with fences on a field with students.
We are talking longjohns, gumboot fleecesocks, scarf, cap, thermal jacket and I was still cold. That bloody wind just went straight through. At one point I was wondering if I had slept through summer and fall had arrived.


Something need to happen!

So sick of everything, at the moment just wanna sell my flat, get rid of my cats and start all over again in a new place preferably another country.

Should I?!

A procastination kit

This is what I need....

or hang on I'm quite good at this anyway

photo: knocknock

Colourful heels

Ahh if I were three apples tall I would wear these shoes to work with jeans and a single coloured top. I love fun shoes and these are really out there and soo cool and they scream spring. This is so the time of year when you want to wear bright coloured shoes, everybody around you get so happy from it.

had them in a collage last week and just love her styling for them. But since I'm not three apples tall, have a job that is suitable for that high heels and a bank account that say NO. I'll just sit here and dream about them instead.

photo: net-a-porter

Bambies bloppis

I'm currently working on a bloppis.

its time to sell all those garments that just hang in the closet at takes up available space for my items I do wear.

Will give you more details soon...

Monday, April 20


To paint your nails BEFORE you have to take your sportsbra off....

New header

You like my new home made header??

Prom skirt

This cute adorable promskirt is on sale in topshops online shop. If it was in the tallmodel I would buy it without hesitation, but experince hass learned me that the normal range at topshop make some short short skirts. We are talking ass haningoutofskirt short.
I have tried on so many cute short skirts and dresses, but its only the ones in the tall range that covers my ass.

And yes I'm THAT old that I like my ass covered when I wear skirts and dresses....

photo: topshop

Marley & me

I friend dragged me to the movies the other night. First we went out eating Salmon plank and then we headed to the cinema to see Marley & me.

I really liked the movie, was a bit annoyed in how spoiled that dog was. But other than that it had a good storyline and in the end I was balling my eyes out. Did not expect that at all. Both owen Wilson and Jennfer Aniston were good, but I was anoyed the entire time at Owen Wilson, can't put my finger on what it was. Jennifer I thought was great. Maybe they were a little to understanding with eachother sometimes, but they had commuication in their relationship and that is worth so much.

I give it a 4

Sunday, April 19


at 11 AM tomorrow ALL the grades have to be set.
At the moment I'm holding out waiting for onemore assignment fromo a student. Then the grades for my seniors will be set.

This when you feel like GOD, but its so hard. To give them the right grade based on their work and commitment to the course. No personal judgement is allowed when setting the grades. Some are easy, others are so so hard.

An easy grades is a student that has handed in and done everything on the same level throughout the course.
A hard is were the grades from different tasks varies from Top to bottom, but also the students that have SOOO high ambitions, but their marks are not even close in being able to reach that grade (these rip my heart out occasionally).

Yes this is the bit where so much rest on my shoulders and you want to make sure you have made the right decision.

New favorites

Last week I tried a pai of jeans tights on that actually fit me well AND looked really really good on me.

So this week I went and bought them. Since they came home with me I have already worn them several times and I have a feeling that I'll live in them this summer and fall. I have so many ways I can wear them & so many people have already given me praise in how good they look on me.

Me like.

Its Crocker model 322 tights (zipper in side)

Door hangers

I think its time to put the clothes back into the closet again.....


At least there is one alive and flowering in my flat....

The interesting thing is that apperently this plant has given pinkish flowers until it moved to my flat...


I just hit my toe in the door frame!

Why does this ALWAYS hurt like hell?! Will I never learn to lift my feet?

Car addiction

This fall a collaegue gave me a tip in how to survive those tedious journey alone in the car:

CD- books.

Since then I have gone through almost all the good ones at work.

Will start giving a quick review of each book I have listened on.....


I think my ass is starting to grow roots!

and of course attatching themselves to my couch......

The down side

After that awsome workout I had on friday my muscles are now S O R E and what I really really want is a massage and some mucle rub.

Saying that I am planning to attend the pilates class tonight.

Saturday, April 18

According the Ikea test

I'm the frame Ribba

because I'm horny, happy and grateful!

Couldn't agree more