Thursday, May 31

Where did tthe sun go?

4th day its chillly and no fun at all.
Today at least i dared the skirtand stockings again.

top (bought in kbhvn yrs ago)
dungaree dress (Niig)
blue/black tights (lindex)
cardigan J.lindeberg (black)
esprit bag

Wednesday, May 30


Jeeze I actually think I have become addicted. Can't seem to be able to stop loggin in and c whos doing what & who else i might find that I now from earlier travels and events.

belive me there are sooo many ppl I never though I would hear from again.


Lillte Saturday

I'm weariing
shirt: ACNE
jeans: MOTO/topshop (antient)
axcent wath, silver braceltes
sneaker (my feet hurt, lot of walking planned today)
see by chloe parkas (rain jaket dirty :( )

Tuesday, May 29

The cure of the shopping itch

It just happened not sure how, but the thrill to have found the save the future from katherine Hamnett singlet and I just had to have it couldn't wait any longer.

Do now its just the wait for it to arrive and oh yhea this adorable care bear t-shirt founda new home to at the same time.
And I found them both available at Urban outfitters ( I promise half the store could have followed)
photo: Urban outfitters

Add a splash oy yellow

Today we have an environmental day at work and well wearing some clothes that are both comfyand moveable, Gonna be moving all about today.

top: gift fromlativa
Skinny leg lee
black low boots
see by chloé 'esprit bag
same old same old silver bracelets
belt: Bargain $1.50 redcross sale

Monday, May 28

The model of dress

This is the model of dress that I want, but not in that colour.

I want it more blue, but otherways It would be great for the wedding I'm attdening end of summer.

photo: Wardrobe

3.1 phillip Lim

Grey weather calls for a grey cardigan. Ok not only grey weather. This would be perfekt for those chilly summer nights.Ohh please come to mamma .....

photo: NAP

Australian English

Bloody **** I have english class on wednesday & have no clue what to teach my poor poor kids. So I have decided that they r gonna learn some aussie slang. because that is the most important vocabulary (right?)

The problem now is that my brain has shut down the aussie english mood, it only works on proper pomm english ofxourse. WHY NOW??????

If any of you have any good aussie slang please give it hither...

I will love you forever (but u new that one already)

Monday bloody monday

Its just past 7 am and I have already binproductive. Just made a crossword pussel for class this avo. And I tell you that I think I'll stick to my career as a teacher & leave the crossword job for some one else from now on. I think it is the worst pussel ever made.

dark & grey outside so I'm wearing

lee skinny jeans
white singlet (vintage)
long shirt w decrative stiching (gekås)
slender belt (lindex)
black ballerinas
rain jacket
esprit bag (ok ok I think its time to change bag soon)

Sunday, May 27


After many hassels on email to join and friends getting more persistent I finally gave in,

SO my dear freinds yes I am a member of facebook

and I guees that shortly I will also get my space to to keep everybody happy

(no promise I'm not procasternating)


SO this eyeko fatbalm som many rave about, well I just had to try if (finally) in strawberry and well while I'm klicking one item home, why stop there???

SO I ended up getting Urban decay liner in gunmetal and 2 yes 2 essie nailpolishes hotpot and red-y s ex

frm BLUSH of course

photo: Blush

Loubutin heels vs car exhaust

A new pair of Loubutin wedge heels or new exhaust sytem for car that is the question?
They are worth the same and unfortunately the exhaust sytem wins, but I wish I could have gone the otherway in favor for the shoes.

Look how gorgeous they are and imagine all the milage I would get out of them...

My car has that perfect lipstick/nailpolish red & yes I have matching nailpolish (by accident) this gorgeous colour is called colorado red (I would have preffered chanel red instead :p)

photo: ford, my theresa

Saturday, May 26


Going out for a beer or two.....

I'm wearing
lee skinny jeans
grey singlet (sisters)
Pink top (asos )
KJL bracelet
beige leather jacket
JAG bag


I was just gonna go insde to buy a pair of black tights and well came out with this little pile instead.

Cute dress (on sale)
2 pairs of tights a grey and a bright blue pair
2 skinny belts i bright colours: green & turquise

( hehe I'm doing this post a dual language)

All purchased at Lindex


b) look for a pretty dress
c) new long tights
d) i'm sure there will be anything but menioned above Managed to find 2 skinny belts at lindex
Will show what i got later

2) grocery shopping
a) food is good
b) bloody cleaning items, why can't cleaning be included in rent?!
finally done with that

before I start to do some work I'm gonna go for a walk in the beautiful weather
3) Catch up on some work
a) write clas for monday
b) write english lesson for wednesday
c) start reading book about dairy and meat cattle (o boy)

4) good question
any ideas anybody?
Its saturday after all


The plans for today are:

1) Shopping
b) look for a pretty dress
c) new long tights
d) i'm sure there will be anything but menioned above

2) grocery shopping
a) food is good
b) bloody cleaning items, why can't cleaning be included in rent?!

3) Catch up on some work
a) write clas for monday
b) write english lesson for wednesday
c) start reading book about dairy and meat cattle (o boy)

4) good question
any ideas anybody? Its saturday after all

I'm wearing
tunic ( Twist and tango)
tights (Morrisey)
nails (calypso Essie)
black ballerinas

Dress obessions

Ohh I have fallen in love with two dresses one from acne and the See by chloé.
I can see so much wear out of both of these two beautuful objects both at work and in my spare time.

All seasons it all depends on how you wear them, almost have identical bootslike this ohhhh.....
why now this month when my account is almost empty (already i now) because of that bloody student loan and my new echaust on my car :(

photo: Acne, My theresa

I won...

I'm getting a mystery pack in the mail from commenting in a blog :)

I'm curious what it is (hate waiting)

One night in luxury

Luxury might be a little over the top, but hey a free night at a hotel in a queen size room, with a MASSVE bed. I'n not complaining at all......

The reason for this huge luxury is that I'm going on After work w my dear colleagues and its in the wrong town. `With my dear contacts (read parents) I managed to score a free nig´ht at scandic hotel (Doesn't it look pretty).
I was planning on maybe go there but be sober or try to find a dump of a backpacker type of place, but no I'm staying in a hotel with Free breakfast :)

photo: Skandic

Friday, May 25

Snowed in on peep toe & wedge heels

I'm in love, obsessed, stuck in a rut..... call it what ever U want but the peeptoe shoes with wedge heels r my absolute favourites at the moment.

These three pairs in completely differemnt price ranges I wouldn't mind i my closet at all.

The loubutins would be great for the wedding I'm attending in the end of summer,
while the yellow from topshop ohh everyday wear, night out u name it I'd wear them,
same is for the purple ones from dinsko ( honestly 280 kr, is there any excuse?!)

photo: my theresa, topshop dinsko

The beauty buyble

This is how it looked like when I opened the pink case.

Top favorite insde: Freeze 24/7 lipplumper & the milllion lipbalms and black eyliners that I also got.
Could have bin withoout; many of the facial creams & cleansers


My package finally arrived (took its bloody time)

this is what was inside......

Marion keys latest, Dita von Teese Burlesque (gorgeous pictures) and the Beauty Buyble

ps: Marion Keys is looking good, hoping that I will get something else done this weekend exceot read it. Got me hooked by page 15....

Finally Friday

Yes weekend is just a couple of hours away,I'm wearing:

Yes the skirt (J. Lindeberg)
T-shirt (Filippa K)
stockings (ICA)
shoeletts (Bianco)
cardigan (Yes J.Lindeberg again)
jacket (see by chloe parkas)
Necklace (Latrobe Market Bargain)

Thursday, May 24

Glamour in a bottle

Ohh I looked at this when I stopped at the Agent Provacetour butique on Heathrow airport in October, but didn't buy it (there was so much that I wanted) and I'm stilled pissed of at that.
Yes I now that Accessora has it, but its not the same. Especially the price tag is not the same :(

Oh well it will one day not far away follow med home, but until then I'll settle for my Lancome Tropiques while I wait and see (this could take time)

photo: Accessora

This old rag...

Apperently I'm keeping up the style at work, or that was the comment in the end of the day, that I won't let the staff become to comfortable in their scungy old clothes. NOPE not me
scungy only works when I'm work with the animals in the barn, otherways I try to look alright,
not sure I can say that about today's outfit, but apperently I looked nice in other peoples eyes which is nice to now.


The week is almost over & I still can't eemto find anything to wear, bin agonising that I have NOTHING in my closet to wear & if I do i have worn it tomuch latelty (can't seem to win)

Black Dungaree dress (tara)
Striped T-shirt (ACCNE)
stockings (some thing old)
KJL bracelet
shoeletts (Bianco)
See by chle parkas

Wednesday, May 23

Wannabe + rich = Skinny

This is so .........

right, wrong everything at ones Just check out the whole series AT: RADAR ONLINE

photo: Radar Online

The perfect silver heels

I think I may have found them

and of course they are LOUBUTIN's ;D

photo: My theresa

Why now?!

My theresa has a sale and these two gorgeous items are on the list. I want them both, love the colour and pattern of the coat from Thomas Burberry, the red colour, the huge white buttons. Oh I can just see myself wearing it o work, going out shopping, eating etc....
This dress from See by Chloé looks like the perfekt grey dress for this year and see so many differen ways to combine i with other clothes and SHOES in my closet, its discrete but still have that little bit of extra that I like, like the sleves the belt that u can chanag ein differet ways.

and this dress from marni is also on sale, Wow need I say more, it is Goreous, and check out the back

photo: my theresa

Take 2

Ok a morning with indecisions, but I decided for this outfit today (have tried on like 3 diff ones)

A little nervous having my foirst englishclass with the freshmen this morning & I have absolutely NO CLUE what they r up to in class :S

dress/tunik: this is Religion
singlet shite (gekås)
black 3/4 Kookai
white/pink ballerinas
dustypink jacket
Esprit bag

Tuesday, May 22

Why not in silver?

I have looked at these shoe sin both the green metallic and these purple ones, but would be really happy for a silver pair.

But then the price can't be argued maybe it will be the purple and I'll just keep on searching for the perfect silver peeptoes.

photo: dinsko

Phillip B truffle conditioner

This must really be a miracle product for 800 sek.
Yet still i*m curious why white truffel should be so good for the hair. Not sure if it is just me but it does feel a tad pricy for a hair conditioner or?

photo. Acessora

Voulspa spring collection

Limoni Frosted Biscott how wonderful doesn't that sound like?

Well it is the new scent from voulspa that has arrived at Acesssora.

I think I would like to have this in my flat. Love fresh scents and this sounds just perfekt right now.

photo: Acessora

22 of MAY

Exam day for my dear students...

Me I'll just sit and relax (HAHA) while they write until their pens are on fire

I'm wearing:
Skirt: J. Lindeberg
top: Fair trade oganic cottoon
necklace: Peacock from prague (1992)
stockings: Woolford
shoes: black ballerinas
cardigan: j.Lindeberg (as usual need to get another one)
bag: Esprit
jacket: See by chloé

Monday, May 21


These were the days diving all day and relaxing in the sun and in the evening relaxing by the bonfire with some lovely dinner and beverage.

If I just could go back for a couple of days right now and stop worrying about what to do with my students in class tommorow.

photo: Ina


Lee Angel have made this gorgeous but still simple bracelet that would work great as an everyday wear bareclet fro me.
To have it together with my other silverbracelts that I noramally wear would just be the top of the icing.
It is available from my theresa

photo: my theresa

Burfitt vs. Katherine J Hamnett

................ VS....
BURFITT........... Katherine J Hamnett

I just ca't seem to choose, but these gorgeous white tops want to move into my closet and satisfy my need.
But how do I choose but are ecoligally made so can't take one out for that.
Bamboo vs Cotton (hmm nit sure here)

It would probably be the pricetag then.
Burfitt almost 1000 sek, but Kathrine J hamnett isn't that much better with £55 inc postage.

And my bloody student loan is due this month so its noodles for me even before it has started :(

photo: tresbienshop, katherine hamnett

Add a splash of colour to your day

This is what I would need today to add a bit of colour.

Any of these three colours would do. Actually can't make up my mind which one I like the best.

We have the absolutely lovely colour HOTSPOT,, followed by DISCO PINK and IT'S A CHINC
all from Essie of course...

All these lovely colours and way to many more you can order from Blush

photo: Blush


The Long weekend is over and I'm starting it with sleep like a dead through my alarmclock.

I'm wearing to honour the weather blck and grey ;)

Dress: J. Lindeberg
cardigan: Purple (Miss shop not on pic)
shoes: shoelettes (Din Sko)
jacket: Looks like I'll have to bring out my sailor jacket
Bag: Same old Esprit

Sunday, May 20

Basement inventory

Having a mom that used to make all her own clothes is a BIG plus when it comes to vintage bargains. My best bargains have bin in our basement.

Today I managed to find this gorgeous batik bag that she made for grandma years ago.

Well now Its iin my possesion and I havea feeling that I will travel miles with me since it is the perfect bag for work.

Summer = white pants

So white jeans are not really my thing, just can't seem to keep them clean long enough for me to get enough wear out of them. Usually they end up int the laundry even before I have time to leave the flat in the morning. But these Acne Hug in white are just gorgeous,

But I could also settle for hep pollution, not as white so maybe i get a little longer wear of them a session.

Ultimately though I think that I should settle for these tube in Cold, I actually like the colour alot more than LENA although it is a close match. These just scream me a little bit more. And if I should by all means go for apiar of high waist pants these are the ones I would put my money on.

photo: ACNE