Saturday, July 30


Ok its the perfect weather. I was going to look at a new bikini today. But the weather is keeping me hostage at La casa de los Tersos.

I can't really comlpain tough. I have internet, rain cover, a selection of wine and food to choose between. Oh yhea and internet did I mention that?

Why did I wear a white dress today?


By: Michael Crichton

Science fiction is not really my cup of tea, but when I found this one in the bookshelf at La casa de los Tersos where I trade my books I felt that it was something that a science geek like me should read.

It was good, but to be honest I would love to see this one made into a well made Hollywood motion picture. I think I would do even better.

What I really really like is that you don't really know what parts are true and what is fiction (except the genemodified animals). But when it came to all the lawsuits at one point I started getting bored.

Do you like genes, genemodification, hybrid species, multibillion dollar industries and law suits then this is the book for you. And yhea ofcourse high tech equipment. But you have to be somewhat of a science nerd I think to really really appreciate what it is the author writes about.

I give it a four.

Page count: 2097 + 528 = 2615

Thursday, July 28

Last dance of the viper

Last dance of the viper
By: Brian Lysaght

Easy read, easy story. Maffia, serial killers, Innocent gets killed, stepbrothers, beautiful women, sex, money, drugs, weapon trade.

Yhea well I guess that sums it all up. Oh and of course alot of killing, trying to kill, guns fired, fists and lets not forget the LOVE!!

But do you know what I actually sort of liked the book. SO I will give it a four.

Page count: 1650 + 447 = 2097

Tuesday, July 26


I'm sorry but I feel really disturbed by this ad.

What does an online clothes and shoe shop has to do with a pregnanytest?


By: Kate Mosse

I love these kind of books that remind me about "The Davinci code" where you are trying to solve an ancient mystery. Unfortunately I think I solved this one a little to early. As I guess most readers do as soon as all the main caracters have been introduced in the book (or its just me that is paying attention to the right things).

Other than that I like it that the books starts with a high intensity speed and then continues on the same level. But as always there is the slower part and I feel that this was in the end. I don't know why but the last few chapters the book just died for me. This in where I usually sit glued and uncontactable from the surroundings. Here I put the book down several times and felt no real rush to finish it of at all.

I give it a mere 3.

page count: 1030 + 620 = 1650

Veracruz Shopping

Hitting a big down and a big mall there everything is almost free is dangerous of you ask me. I think I did fairly good though. "only" bought:

The perfect LBD (will show on later on)

New bra - since my black one decided to split into two seperate pieces the other day
A black singlet (can never have to many I guess)

A relaxing beachdress aka Pj's

Whiet lace shorts - Yes I finally found a pair that looks good on me

Monday, July 25

San Andres shopping pt 2

Last week I heade to San Andreas with my friend who needed to go to the bank (yes again). This time I was in need to some basic singlets and tights, I found it all even this time...

In memory of the terror attacks in Oslo 22th july 2011 "Til ungdommen"

Sunday, July 24


My heart goes out to you,
I am currently trying to figure out what has happened the last couple of days.

To say that I am in chock right now is no exageration!

Saturday, July 23

FB chat

I just have to say it.

Facebook chat sometimes I do LOVE you, But most of the time you are an absolute pain in the next.

WTF is up with the latest updates:
Sending through the inbox
My friends in the sidebar (Hey I think they are online and start to harress them from time to time)

Friday, July 22

Catemaco shopping pt 2

Yes I have managed to do some more shopping in Catemaco.

A gorgeous top from La casa de los Tersos

and a maxidress from Catemaco tours down on the Malecon

Thursday, July 21

San Andres shopping pt 1

About a month ago I followed a friend to San Andres. She had to go to the bank. I still needed to get hold of a black singlet, denim shorts and a belt.

I found it all + a pair of sandals (that unfortunately died in Veracruz)


a keyword to fins this blog.......


I am not sure if I fit into that category...



....are important to wear in freezing cold buses!

How do you like my new pair?
Gorgeous aren't they (only pair in my size in ALL of Pepantla)?!

Thursday, July 14

Face punch

Last year I took the desion to go back to university to get my life back. Did I get my life back?


I had also told my self I am only staying at my current job until I have my masters degree. This I am sticking to and after fndingout today that only 1 ONE of my work friends still being around when I get back it feels even more urgent.
For some reason it feels like I have not moved on while everyone else has, but I think I am the one that started it all with going back to uni and following a dream (still trying to fins that dream though)

Nailart by Cyntia

Wednesday, July 13


I think my body has given up on putting my bruises where they actually should be.

On friday I did a terrible fall out of a boat landing on the rocks below. From picture and wetness you can clearly see that it was my leftside that took the beating.

So how can it be than that my right tight is completely bruise AND the inside of my left tigh? I do not remember hitting those areas....

Tuesday, July 12

Animal therapy

as you can see no respect for bodyparts...
But when feeling sad what is better than meeting some orphaned babymonkeys that have been confiscated from the pettrade? And loves bodycontact