Friday, October 31

Party... X 2

Me wearing: top ahlens, tights gina, shoes wedins, jewllery vintage M wearing: tunic monki, tights hm shoes sko punkten. Ascessories borrowed from friend

Found part two

One baby sock, found in couch. (You can almost think i have a kid)

Halloween flower.

New scrubs

Top at monki. Nice but it look like a nurse uniform.

update: do they have scrub pants to? In that case I want to wear them at work when in animalhouse

Tonights outfit?

Not sure... Do i like? Or not...

update: decided it felt to summery and was to expensive


As usual the heels are super high on shoes i fall in love with. G- star raw


Just found the babys beanie in my pocket.

Lunch of the day.

Todays lunch: a-fil, apple cinnamon yoghurt and quina sunflower seed musli.


For the antisocial student?

Thursday, October 30


Wearing: shoes esprit, tights lindex, skirt home made, shirt acne, watch axcent.


Interesting breakfast this morning. They were shooting an ad while they were serving breakfast. At least i had someting nice to look at.

Wednesday, October 29


In my bath bomb, there are bells to. Not sure i like that going out in the environment.


Bath time. Like the lush bath bomb?

Lilla my

My new hair do. You like?

An owl

View from my hotel room. Now sleepy time.

Be creative

Listening on a seminar with fredrik Hären. So far so good.


So glad that i didn't need to drive today.

Tuesday, October 28


An evening that is great...


Fell in love that means they are mine


Three course dinner lovely!

Do i need to say more?

And this

On my book wishlist...

The science geek inside me got greedy. I want them all

Just Remember

Yes there is a pink theme today.

Monday, October 27

Sleeping quarters for the week

Wonder if we will get a face imprint from this, since it is sewn on the pillow.

What am i dreaming of this avo?

I hate passed boredom and gone into dreaming.

My coming days.

Yes i'm back in the mega lecture hall for a couple of days. (Sorry for crappy pictures.)

Am I a Coke addict?

Only 8 days?

My stuff for this week total 4 bags. Over the top?!

Australia I miss you

He has done it again

captured an image that just makes me long for Australia

Yes its Jonas Peterson I'm speaking about yet again,

his photograohs just speaks to my heart most of the time

photo: jonaspeterson

Handed in the keys

Finally, last night I walked down and handed in the keys to my old place. Do now I only have my new one to focus on (thank god)

My morning

Going away for 7 days and only have 8 outfits that might work.

Need about 3 night outfits to, might just chuck in a jumper and some tees extra (just in case)

Sunday, October 26

I'm hooked

A couple of weeks ago I found this blog and tonight I have bin reading it fdrom the first entry until the last and I'm hooked

I'm amazed that a 16 year old girl can have a such an amazing wardrobe and sense of style. There are so many items I wish were mine and the shoes omg f I get to see a collection like that in real life will be like a dream come true.

If you are a shoe addict you just have to look into sea of shoes

Clear round- blueberry show jumping

Rode my first clear round in 10 years. On: Corint at 60 cm

Saturday, October 25

Mr fix it

is in the house.....

Scratch pole

The new pole might be alright after some careful testing.


The longing is over...

Fall at Kolmården

Well I spent 3 days at Kolmorden with students on a course and as always I just love to walk around in a zoo at fall when the visitors are gone.

My morning

Sometimes i hate my pets!

Apartments fixing 1

My kitchen cupboards:

My kitchen is original from the 50's and well I don't wanna destroy the wood in the cupboards. So I decided to use a vaxtablecloth as protective material (waxedpaper is apperently a thing of the past)




The pillows will do. Only want a big bambi bathtowel now to.

To be mine

Decorative pillows for my bed...

Come to mama

Since I have bin without internet for a while I have spent this morning in trying to catch up what I have missed.

When I finall logged into Modette and started to read Eleonore's blogg she shows this awsome Bambi top at the bottom that just screams my name.....

So I just had to steal her photo ans show it to you....
Imagine a black skirt and laceup boots. Bur I would probably wear it with skinny jeans and boots 8have no fitting skirt :( )

photo: stolen from Modette/Eleonore


I finally got mms blogging to work. This means that I will be able to update even when I'm away doing stuff were internet is far away.

Mabe we wills tart and se some action here again ....

Fall outfit

Even the statues might freeze now when sun is disapearing.