Saturday, January 31

Level 2

What am i doing tonite?

Theme party

Next weekend I have a 1950's/ rock and roll theme party to attend.

So wish I would have known this when i was in Germany attending a HUGE carneval storer with awsome costumes.

If so I could have gotten a great outfit instead of having to dig though my closet for ideas in what to wear....

have a feeling that I'll look something like momwill be my hairdresser for the day (as always). Or can you give me sometips of what I should ty to get hold of for this (limited budget)

If I had timeI would have gotten hold of a dress like this...

In the reading pile

I found some pics of the books that I have gained in the last 6 months (2 are missing) and decided to mark which books i have read and reviewed crossed over) and books reading at the moment (half cross, one missig).

The rest is in the reading pile. The question is when will I have time to finish them???

At the moment I'mstuding fulltime at uni ie: 100%
I work 90% (for 4 more weeks)
spend 20% of my spare time in the stable and am at around 6 hrs sleep a night.

Don't ask me where I found the spare 24 hrs a day, but my guess is 5 years of uni expirience, single (boring) non-social life and alot of will power.....

Friday, January 30

Elaphant bottle opener

I need a bottle opener!

Everytime I'm gonna open a bottle of beer its the same problem, how to get it open.

This elephant would be just adorable to have at home in my kitchen......

Nail of the week

Just like 5 days late. But this polish have bin on my nails since sunday. Dior prune declic trigger plum 880 and china glaze ghoulish glow.

Hard at work

2 laptops in one go + tv with simpsons on. But i'm 3000 words into my essay and nearing the end. So it Has some positive effect with lots of stuff on the go at ones.

When in need of hairclip

Use a large paperclip. Works like a charm.

A day with my nose in my books

I'm off to work today, Not to work, but to write on my essay. The thing is at work I only have other workstff to distract me that also needs to be done. At home there is the never ending cleaning duties, tearing down wallpaper (yet still there), cooking, folding clothes and all other lame ecxuses that you can come up with.

SO instead I'll be doing an eight hour day at work only typing and whenn I'm done I can start on number 2, 3 or 4 while I'm at it......

Thursday, January 29

The colour diet

A colleague challenged me and told me that she and another girl was doing it (I'mhoping for some proof on her blog) .and it sounded so fun that I have to try it. Not that I need to loose weight, but can you eat food from one colour a day for 5 days?

The original plan is to start on monday with the colour yellow.

But I'm going away for 2 days on course with work so I'll join them wednesday until friday.

The colour scheme is:

Monday- yellow
Tuesday- red
Wednesday- Green
Thusday- brown
Friday- white

So i'll be doig the green, brown and white days. The other thing is that I'm gong to a friends house on dinner and not sure they want all white food. So I'll do it from wednesday morning until friday evening.

And I'll give you photo proof and recepie examples from each main meal.

Now I need some tips for a brown meal as a vegetarian and not brown beans....

I see a pattern

Hehe I'm back to old study life.
That is eating junkfood and waiting until the last minute to start and finish my assignment .....

Ok ok a little bit bette than old days. Plan is to hand it in tomorrow and now the evening before I start to sit down and try to organise the five lines I have written previously into a 4 page PM (Woops)

Wednesday, January 28


This is going to be interesting. Have never done that before and not sure how this will go.

Tuesday, January 27

I still call Australia home

Many get quite surprised when they hear that I don't watch Aussie shows that much here in Sweden. The simple solution is that as soon as I hear the accent and see the scenery I get so home sick that I can desrtoy my mood for an entire week.

Today being sick and all I have bin watching crappy soaps on telly and Australias next top model. Let me tell you if I could I would be on the next flight down there....

Plastic pizza?!

Lets see trial 5 can my tummy handle more food today? Everything else have stayed down.

Analyse this

For my next assignment i need to analyse a textbook used at work. I decided upon the english C book. Looks like i did a good choice even though i'm struggeling with translating stuff into swedish.


Yes I know that I have a HUGE loan that is supposed to be repaid within 25 years of studies finished. I have now paid for 2 years and according to their webpage the first 5 years my yearly repayment will decrease each year.

They just forgot to mention that if you swith work and hence get a higher salary the repayment will increase. Geez thanks for adding another €400 to my yearly repayment. I just wonder how much I'll repay the year that I actually work fulltime with all my studies completed. Since when my last degree is done that I'm doing right now, I will get a quite nice salary increase in the end.

But considering the loan repayments I think I want a decrease in my salary (just to decrease that yearly repayment).

SO it looks like I'll have 23 years of misey infront of me until its fully paid.

And I was thinking of going back to do a masters at uni (crap).

Not know!!

That was my thought last night when I realized that I was gonna get sick and there was no turning back. I don't have time to be sick with 7 co-workers away and I have promised to take some of their classes + i have classes all day today that I had planned to perfection.

And now I have to wait another year until I can use my great power point presentation that I had made.

But thanks to a great colleague she saved my day and did my presentation into a writing assignment not sure the students were happy about that, but when your teache is home sick in stomach flu there isn't that many options left.

Breafast trial

I'm home sick today. Have bin throwing up all night. Tummy is now calm and empty so going to try and see if i can get this bowl in me without loosing it.

Sunday, January 25

Tatoo cravings

Every sunday its the same. Miami ink is on channel 6 and I have to watch and each time I just wanna get another Tatoo. I guess my luck is that there are no tatooplace close to my place otherways I have a feeling that my whole body would be a massive work of art.

I have decided that I will get 2-3 more tatoos in my life and now what I want were I want them and the only thing I really need is to find someone to draw them for me.

Looks like there might be another one made this summer while in Australia, but we'll see.....

1/3 done

Yes I have finished my first semester and passed all my courses at uni.

So now I'm on the go for semester two. Have already handed in a part of an assignment and realized that I forgot the goals in it. Will have to hand in a second paper.

Oh well only a year to go then I'm done.

I have proof

I just needed to turn around while vaccuming and they were back. Yes the dust rats had already over taken the areas were I had I vacuumed.

Then 5 min after I was done and had put it away I decided to tear down some more of my wallpaper. So one room is already in need of the vaccum again.....

oh well I'll wait a couple of days until I bring it out again.

1 down 50 to go

I have started putting stuff up on my walls slowly. many items I can't make up my mind where to put them but finally decided to put my Aboriginal paintig from Alices Springs, Australia on this wall...

this is the result....

And a close up....

I have also started tearing down the wallpaper in one room will try and get a photo in daylight as how it is now and then I'll show you the end results (in a couple of months)

Saturday, January 24

Gifts and shopping

Some of the stuff that I got while home over the christmas break

2 new zara cardigans (on sale now I have three awsome cardigans) and the cutest singlet in the world (Thanks hon)

haircare kit (From mom) and a scrub soap (From friend abought in Australia and smell awsome)

I thik I see a trend

Have bin looking though the photos from new years.

two things strike me 1) from avoiding the camera sober, I seem to love love love it when off my head 2) There is no question anymore how you can feel sick the following afternoon while lying down.........

30th dec (xxxx we meet again)

around 5 pm (Bundaberg red)

at 8.30 pm (Caskbeer)

around midnight (Erdbeerlime)

at 3 am (Tequila)

and the scary part is that there is more of these. ot quite sure what my fondness of the bottles were.....
anybody willing to explain?

new years eve outfit

yhea a bit late I know, just have bin to lazy cutting the photos (lame excuse I know)

dress- stockhoLM
shoes- Wedins
bracelets- keneth jay lane, Acessorize

Topshop cravings

I have no spare cash at the moment so ofcourse I fid items that I really really want. Yes have talked about the blazer before I think. but am realizing more and more that I would get alot of use out of it this spring. Work great with jeans and half my wardrobe. The shirt would be great to many of my skirts and pants and its the kind of thing that I do tend to use alot. I u´just wish my account would allow it, but with plans to spend 9 weeks in Australia this year I need to save every penny until then. Much better to do shopping dow there then.


photo: topshop


January is almost to end, and thank god for that.
As always its the longest month you have to go though with hardly any cash. Since you get it so early i december it kind of torture you in the end of the month. Okok I admit almost everymonth before payday is a torture but lately it has bin worse than usual. I'mhoping that my increased hours at work will solve that problem for me.

But as always when the peycheck arrives all those monthly bills have to be paid to. Thank god this far there have't bi ay surprises on that bit (yet).

Sleepig beatuy ...haha what a joke

One of the few mornings that I actually have when I get to sleep in. What happens? at 6.30 I wake up fresh as a daisy.

The wind is howling outside so I lit tons of candles and made a cup of tea and sat down infront of computer (plan was telly, but only crap on).
And will just enjoy of the peaseful quiteness of the buildning. Might put on a movie

Friday, January 23

Nussbaisers mit schoko-kastanien-ganache

How doesn't these look? Think its time to pull out my german dictionary and translate the recepie. So wanna make them. German vouge beauty seem to have a great cooking(cake) section. Me like that idea.

Sometimes the fasade crackle

Its quite amazing. So often I get to hear how strong i am that I can handle being single without panicking and stressing in findig mr right.

Yhea I know for a while I had fun with many mr not right or ok ok mr you are never gonna be mr right I'm just using you for the moment.

But sometimes I crack and feel so lonely and depressed that I'll never going to meet anybody. My worst fear is that I'll be one of those desperate single women at 40 that no one wanna know of.
I also know that until the day I'm prepared to settle down I'm not likely to meet anybody. But settle down where I am at the moment that is imposible. I would go insane quiet fast and most likely be even more depressed than what I am at the moment.

I also now that this phase will go over, the only thing i need is to go out at catch up with friends in areas where there are lots of other people. Maybe I'll be lucky and have a guy flirt with me. That gets me through the rough pathches and I'll be back to happy single me that has the best friends in the world and colleagues (even though they are busy with their family and partners alot days of the year) I don't know how I would survive without you guys.

Most days at work I can just forget my single self and just be me as a teacher and colleague, same in stable. But occasionally I want someone to share my life with both ups and downs.

Marc jacobs solid perfume daisy ring.

At first i just thought it was tacky. Now i'm wondering how i'll be able to get my hands on it. Would wear it in a chain around neck as a long necklace i think.

Old style ads

I love this style of ads. Am reading/looking through the german vogue beauty and found this article. Would love to have these on my wall as decoration.

Why oh Why?

I really like blogger with their set up ad easy to use most of the functions in the blog.

But I really really really miss being able to time when to publish my posts.Since I usually get through writing frenzies occasionally my posts get really uneven published.
Imagine if I could decide when to post within a 48 hour time period how much more even it would be.

Or is there anyway that I can do this, but just have missed how it works?
Same is with password protected postings would also be a life saver.

Update: foud the time setting when to publish posts at a later time under post options when typing a post.

Qoute of the day

Todays qoute:

This is Adam's shell that he has shed. (Person in question is holdning in a snake skin)

Monday, January 19

My new best friends

Yes this cold Has me in its grips and to survive a day at work aloe vera tissues, strepsils and lip balm might help me throug the day. Honey tea during all my coffe breaks to.