Monday, March 28

Your worst nightmare

Occasionally you hear on the radio the traffic controller announcing a warning that an ambulance is in a rush from A to B usually two different hospitals or cities. Last thursday I heard that announcement on the radio that there was an emergent ambulance transport in city X between hospital A and B. A couple of minutes later I find out that my dad has just been rushed between Hospital A and B. Inside that ambulance was my dad! He is alive thanks to the guardian angel that watched over him on St Patrics day. If he hadn't been were he were they would not have been able to save him. Thankfully he was in the right city at the right time.

Friday, March 25

Klara 2½

I was informed the other night that:
  • Since I fall asleep forst in this household I have to sleep with the soft doll.
  • I can not go to bed and sleep without wearing my PJ's.
  • I am not allowed to sleep with a braid in my hair
  • I am not allowed to sleep wearing jewellery

After she was finished lecturing me she was happy walked downstairs and sat down to watch TV.

It is good that somebody is looking after me at this point of time.

Thursday, March 17

Aorta replecement

That is my research this thursday evening


Today is not a good day,

started good,

but a series of events has me on a train going east

Friday, March 11

An open letter to my brain

Dear brain,

Since friday/ saturday morning you have been bouncing around on your pink clouds and not been of much help regarding my university studies. I know last night was tough on you, but pretty please could you pull yourself together?

I am in desperate need of your knowledge during this home exam in Conservation Biology that I'm currently writing. I'm only asking for you attention until 7 pm tonight and then a couple of hours tommorow. After that you are free again.....

Sunday, March 6


We are not quite sure what Silvra was in her earlier life but Mole, Squirrel or any climbing crawling curious species is on top of the list.

Any small crevices that she can climb into is a favorite. I try to catpure her on camera, but usually she has disaperaed by the time the camera is out.

Over christmas I did find her in my sock draver though:

Saturday, March 5

Super sale bargain

I have been a little lucky lately. All this winter sale I have been chasing a nice looking, simple black longsleeved top that I can wear unerneath a short sleeved suitjacket that I have haning in my closet.

When I Jönköping a couple of weeks ago I found this one for €5.

and then last week when I went to the booksale with a friend we eneter MQ for me to have a look at the end of the sale rack. There was a top I fell in love with this fall, but the pricetag and me were nott good friends then. So when it hung there last one in M for €10 I could not pass on that opportunity. Its already a favorite in my closet let me tell you. SO much that I'm afraid that it will be all worn out when I come home from Mexico this fall (end of summer).

Thursday, March 3


The yearly booksale in Swede started last week.

The nly thing I got this far was a swedish-spanish travel dictionary.

Excursion- Oaks

I do some stuyding in between my tv watching.

Last friday we headed out in the snow to do an inventory of oaks in a natura 2000 site.

Here are some photos from that day:

An half old oak

My eminent team

Study vs watch Tv-shows

This is how much I have to do in uni at the moment.

Since New Years I have:


The complete series of:
  • Dexter
  • The Vampire Diaries (again)
  • 30 Rock
Working on:
  • Glee
  • Grey's Anatomy
Follow weekly:
  • 902 10
  • Gossip Girl
  • Face Off
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • 30 Rock
  • Hellcats
  • White Collar
  • Bones
  • Secret Diary of a call girl

I am quite sure I Have forgotten some to


My favorite snack food of all time must be quesdaillas and I dare to say that my friends love them when I make them.

Lately I have played a little with my super reciept after this blog post. Let me tell you those are AWSOME!!!

This is how they have looked lately:

cheddar chees (aka plastic cheese), ruccola and then the salsa of your choice with that.