Sunday, January 31


net-a-porter has some nice things!
Fell in love with these the other week when I was cruising the sit. I have the perfect outfit for both these in my closet. Now I just need to find some extra cash hiding to be able to buy them. Until that day I'll just wear them in my imagination!

The philosopher's apprentice

The philosopher's apprentic
By: James Morrow

What to say! It started so good and felt like this was going to be an amazing story with the washed up academic who didn't get his Phd helping the seventeen year old who has amnesia & can't remember anything from her past & has no moral in her body what so ever.

I'm sad to say that was about the only good part in the book. With the aborted fetuses creating a fully grown army against their parents and so on. It was just to much for me. I like fantasy & books that play with your imagination, but this wqas just ridiculus and for me a waste of time to read. The entire time I was praying that there should be some amazing twist in the story that would make it better, but I never found it.

I give this one a zero.

page count: 422 + (354 -222) = 554

Saturday, January 30

Knee high

I like these!

A shame they are not even close to being included in my budget. Knee high without heels and simple, that is me.

Friday, January 29


three words to describe me as a person!

I can't come up with more than two....


by: Herta Müller

In the book circle I always try to keep an open mind & accept that there might be good books outside the bookworld that I live in. Rarely this happens & when it was decided that we were reading something from the nobelprize winner in litterature 2009 I thought now is the time when I'll be swept of my feet & see the wonder of litterature greatness. Did I find that greatness?!

NO! I need to keep on looking.

she is writing more of a feeling than a proper story that goes from page to page. I realized that I'm the kind of person that need chapters and some sort of order to be able to paint my story in my head. So when reading I paint the world I'm in with all the caracters etc & play the story as it moves along. I can deal with jumps in the story, but not when they jumps occur within five sentences & then jump somewhere else in the next five. And my huge horror, there are NO chapters! How can you then keep track of how far you got to read until next break?

I give this one two bambies.

page count: 211 + 211 = 422


Why is it so boring writing the cover letter for your CV?

Wednesday, January 20

Winter + bambiescar= error

Its not my season when it comes to owning a car.

First: It started with all doors freezing solid and I was unable to open them, then when I finally got one open I was unable to close it. So I had to drive to the mecaninc with my door not fully closed a cold day in november 2009

Second: Someone reversed into the front of my car so that dad had to clue & popnit my numberplate into place. This happened 2 days before christmas when there was snow on the ground and no way to prove that there were plastic bits from my car on the ground (maybe I'll find them on the lawn in spring when all the snow has melted)

Third: I was 10 min late for work (I'm usually 30 min early) because it took med 15 min to crack the ice that were in the windows with the icescraper & when I finally got in the car the road was a tad bit icy.

Fourth: I had to call my favorite car driver to come and pickme up after my car got stuck in the snow & wouldn't move an inch. I have now learned that never park to close to a sidewalk after they have removed the snowpile, because the snow is not hard packed there. The result is that that side of the car that stand in the loose snow will sink & as in my case sink down 7 cm so that the car is unable to move. We had to push it free using our own muscle strength. That resulted in my spraining my right toes (not sure how that is possible when wearing shoes, but they are blueish pruple in colour right now).

Not sure what is left for me to do this winter with my car since I already have crashed a car into a tree ones due to icyroads.

Tuesday, January 12

Beach 2010

I have now started my Beach 2010 routine!

After last weeks athletic pass were I had a sore body for four days I didn't think I would survive the warmup at Bodyjam, but I did really well, only downside was the boring routine we did. Hate repetetive routines where its not really a challenge more than going ridiculously fast in the end.

Monday, January 11


I did manage to find my external harddriv & a bracelet that I didn't even know was missing.

It was in the most logical place in the world: My stable backpack!

Sunday, January 10

Black hole pt 2

My black hole seem to be growing,

Now my portable external harddrive is missing inside the flat

Winter wonderland

I have finally got my phone and computer to connect (sort of) and here are some photos I have taken the last weeks of the snow.

Taken mid december when we first got snow:

Taken a couple of days before christmas:

Taken january 2nd from my kitchen window:

Taken januay 8th at work overlooking the duckpond (thats the clear area behind the snowpiles and trees):

Anxiously waiting

Right now I'm just sitting in the couch waiting for the new seasons of The Hills

AND The city to start.

Saturday, January 9

Panner Jalfraizee

Yes its Indian on the menu tonight.

Can't wait! Ashame that I had a HUGE lunch today though. How am I going to squeeeze all that yummy food into my body?

Friday, January 8

Preatty please Accept

If I tell you that I'm not interested in you more than a friend please accept that!

I understand that its hard & that you have gotten feelings for me that are deeper than my feelings are for you. I have told you that I will still be your friend, but nothing more.

So why make it harder for you all the time?!


Winter has arrived & there is no end to it.

This morning the outside thermometer showed -29 C
It was a beautiful day so me and a colleague decide to quite early and go for a walk in the sunshine. With full thermal covering we took a 45 min walk in the sun. It was refreshing to say the least. Was around -15 C & when we came back to the car even the eyelashes & hair starnds that peaked out under the beanie were all frozen & white from our condensation.

Wednesday, January 6

Tip of the day

If you accidentally forget your lipbalm in the car when its freezing, don't count on it to have the same consistency as before when it defrosts.

Lets just say it gets a bit creamier than before

Tuesday, January 5

New year qoutes

There are some bits I remeber from New years & these are my favorite qoutes from that night & following day:

"I hate when people change in my cupboards" I on not finding her vegiestock

"I would suggest for next time mix Aspirin into the dessert straight away" J's comment on the frozen solid berries in the dessert (they were supposed to be cold, but de frosted)

"I suspect that I think my brain tells me that I might have have fallen last night" I trying to get her brain around why her ass hurts

"Yep I'm quite sure that I think that I might have fallen last night!" I about two hours later

"My last rest was wonderful" Me commenting my last rest

Home styling

I have decided to update my living room. Yesterday I went looking on wallpaper & I just fell in love with one of Boråstapeters London collection.

I'm going to put three strips of this midwall & then rearrange my furniture etc to completely change the look of the room.

While looking at wallpapers I found two nice ones that would be perfect for my entrance. I guess that will be my next mission before putting it on the market february/march.

Monday, January 4


I should get around to photograph my christmas gifts now when I'm home and all.

New years

Well new years didn't really go as we had planned, but we still had a fun night with good food, drinks, ehm excersie not sure that three adults (hrm) should be allowed close to anything looking like a weight after bin eating and drinking. Then we had some shoefitting with an apparent bad fall that no one seem to remember.

I freezing cold & shaky midnight stuck outside in the snow with all the lovely neighbours in the area.

Turns out it was a Blue moon that night & I tried to capture it, but it all looks like halfmoons (some shaking hands I guess).

We are not sure when we went to bed, but at that point we had decided that the kitchen floor was the safest place to sit and talk with a computer & a bottle of turkishpepper shots.

Next day was not as fun! Has bin a long time since I felt that sick after drinking.

Wardrobe 2009 - most worn items

There are always some items in the closet that you tend to wear more than others. This year it ended up being a couple of new stuff and

My top 5 items in closet (the ones I have almost already worn to death):
  1. Acne Needle (already stitched up ones)
  2. Denim Jumpsuit
  3. Black tricot skirt
  4. Filippa K 3/4 sleeved tunic

Wardrobe 2009 -worst buy

Some times you there are items that you fall in love with and just have to have. Some of these items turns out to be the best buy ever, while others tend to ehm well just hang in your closet and get worn more out of pity than anything else.

These are my worst buys:

  1. Monki top - worn with pity
  2. lace tights - never worn
  3. Zara Tunic- gave to mom
  4. Filippa K singlet (shrunk in the first wash)
  5. Whyred pants (never worn)

Sunday, January 3

Wardrobe 2009-best buy

This is the year when the labels started to gather space in my closet.
Jimmy Choo, Mattew Williamsson, Sonia Rykilel, Hugo Boss etc etc

My top 5:
  1. Fake fur west
  2. Mattew Williamsson by H&M tunic
  3. Crocker denim Tights
  4. Tiger top
  5. Zoul tights with knee enhancements

Saturday, January 2


As you know I have bin reading the first two books in the "His dark meterials" trioligy. An important aspect in this is Lyras search to find out what Dust is.

While reading these books I'm listening on Dan Browns latest book "The lost symbol" & here they are talking about some strange force that we humans can control that has bin known by some how to use it for ages.

I'm not sure what it is but I draw parallells all the time with Dust & Lyras search to find the answer as Professor Langdon does in his search to unravel the truth from these ancient mysteries & the unknown powers he activated when breaking a seal.

Friday, January 1

Books 2009

So the year is over and its time to sum of the year. My resolution and general year I have already told you about. Here is my book year.

The totale page count ended on : 12 192 + (42 + 22+ 202+ 222+ 35+ 3= 528 books not yet finished) = 12 220

My top five books read were:
  1. Twilight
  2. Princess
  3. Northern Light
  4. Eclipse
  5. The time travellers wife/ The dirt

The starting pile for next year looks as good as it did last year. But even this year I have a couple of dark clouds haning over me that I need to finish. Quite a big pile this time actually.
  • In a sunburned country (page:35 )- I don't know why, but I get so homesick and depressed when reading this book that I'm almost crying
  • Förflutenhetens landskap (Page: 202)- It shall be completed one day
  • The Philosophers apprentice (page:222 )- reading this at work when my students are working so moving slowly ahead
  • Pride and prejudice page: 3)- brought it with me home for christmas and hoping I'll be able to complete it before I go home (need to start it first)
  • Wuthering Heights (page: 22)- book two that I read at work
  • The zookeepers wife (page: 42)- currently reading and hoping it will be completed any day now

New year new life new

New years new life

I gave a reolution and lets just see if !

Having an awsome night with my friends and its belive it or not a good night.
I'm staring the new decade quiet. but I guess that means it will be a bang.

i ended what I needed in 2009 & pray that 2010 will be better!