Saturday, November 16


2.5 years and I can sleep. 
Correction wake up and feel relaxed. I don't have to jump out if bed straightaway and I feel calm. 

Sunday, November 10

The verdict at the doctors

I have just met the nicest and sweetest doctor at the local emergency centre. He was nice, polite, listened and even cracked some jokes.
I felt that he cared and took me serious. Ok ok my condition might have been quite serious to, but still I felt cared for.

The diagnosis is eyeflimmer migraine (think its called this in english), but they can't be sure. I have now been given som medication and ordered rest for the rest of the day. Should there be any change in how I feel I have to go to the ER straight away without hesitation.

Stroke test

its a wierd day today. During Yoga class i sort of felt loopsided, like my left side wasn't fully with me.

I can home from the gym after Yoga and running with the same feeling, had a shower, made lunch and was going to sit by the computer.

Suddenly I can't see all the keys on the keyboard, my right arm appears from the middle of now where when I'm picking up my teacup and I'm struggeling in reading whats on the computer screen.

I called 1177 & they did a stroketest over the phone where I had to look into a mirror and answer some questions.

I got an emergency appointment this afternoon just to check up that there is noting serious going on.

Right now I can see all the keys on the keyboard and I can read and watch telly at the same time without flimmering in the perfori of my right eye.

Feeling a little shaky to say the least right now. Many thoughts have speed through my head since I realized I couldn't see the computerscrenn properly.

Saturday, November 9

Amazing friends

I have just realized that even though I sometimes feel that my friends have moved on. They have a life and that i'm stuck in the middle they are amazing.

How they stuck by my side as my world was trembling, I dont know if they are aware how much they mean to me!

Thursday, November 7

The story of my life

It turns out that the guy that I have been talking too when training both swimming and running. Well he has a girlfriend!!

How is this possible, I have lost count in the amount of guys that start talking to me I think they are interested and then the girlfriend word pops up!