Saturday, October 31

Sleepy cat

back in a bit

Busy reading : Vi måste prata om Kevin
And visiting my parents over the weekend. Only computer action is my addiction Farmville and rest of time is spent curled up reading, shopping with mum and recharging my batteries (that are starting to run out).

The blog will not kick into full action quite yet even thnough I'm working on my batteries, my soul and other things need to get back into something called a onepiece until I can put enegery back here.

Issues at work have killed my spirit & instead of making this my whinging place I'm quite & let my dear colleagues that I can speak to be my resource in finding my never ending fullthrottle energy & spirit that I usually have.

Happy halloween!

Going for nailart this year.

Thursday, October 29

Ladies night at the mall

I'm attending ladies night at the local mall tonight. Straight after that I have o drive home to my parents place (2½h) since my car is having an oilchange etc tomorrow morning at 7 am.

Im hoping that I'll find some longsleved t-shirts, a plain scarf & some nice black tights (mine are dying in express rate)

The Mao case

The Mao case
by: Qiu Xialong

Is it really necessary to have font 8-9 in a book?
The story is about a girl whose grandmother had an affair with Mao and Mao gave something to this woman that has followed through the generations of tragedy that followed. Its interesting to read and that its not a western criminal story is just a plus. While reading there are a lot of poems appearing that eiher Mao of someone else in China has written.

This makes me wanna read more about Mao. I know nothing about him really & this book kind of tickled me senses in wanting to now if it all is fiction or if some parts actually are true.

The book never really captured me in its claws as I thought it should from reading the back while standing in an airport tryingn to choose.

I therefor only give it a two. To many missing elements and the intriguing murder story is still missing for me (sad to say).

page count: 8659 + 289 =8948

Wednesday, October 28


A parcel arrived yesterday with some books. Inside of a dog is a friends. But the other ones are mine. When i'm going to have time to read i don't know. My reading pile is getting out of hand. Books that i started reading is almost bigger than books waiting to be read. Hoping to find time this weekend to finish my bookclub books atleast.

Tuesday, October 27

Sunday, October 25

November rain

Feels like november but it is only october.


Could not find any suitable halloween nailpolish in my collection. So its green for envy instead. Maybe i find some better when i go home this weekend. Want orange nails.

There is a tiger in my home!

I'm babysitting a kitten this weekend. There are no doubts that she is a painted tiger. Purrs like a sawmill, eating fingers with razor sharp theet and the most adorable creature you can imagine!

Saturday, October 24


I'm trying to decide colours on my nails. Halloween and all.

Thursday, October 22

The vest

It looks great whhuh jeans and a plain top. Its so warm that longsleeved is a bit much.

Wednesday, October 21

Furry vest

When we were in Berlin I saw so many people wearing wests and specially the furry kind. This made me crave one.

Just days after I got home I had to go to Skövde to exchange a book that I got in birthday present but already had. One of the stores in the mall had a HUGE sale 50% or buy 3 pay for 2.

Of course I found a vest, but for some reason didn't buy it.

The next week I went back, didn't buy it that time either. But did get a dress from filippa K and tunic/top from Tiger that I just love. Yes that was the day when I got a parking ticket to.

Two weeks ago I decided that if the vest was still there on sale it would be mine. And by luck it was still there. I just love it and want to wear it everyday if I had the possibility. And while there I found a cute top from Hope to. They have so many nie items on sale, but my bankaccount do not approve with more shopping.

Sunday, October 18


Bin with my students on greyhoundracing today. I gambled 25 sek and won 8 sek not a good day with other words.

Home morning

Love days like this when i get to be in doors or fully dressed enjoying the fresh crisp air.

Saturday, October 17

Photos on the wall

All my albums from australia is now on display on my wall.

Wednesday, October 14

Sunday, October 11

Tiger top/dress

Got this awsome top from tiger at half price last week. Will show the rest this week when i get home.


Will show in a while what was in that parcel I picked up the otherday


Nails are done for the week

Now its time to dehair my legs (lets just say I'm waiting for the animals to move into the forest)

after that I think I'll slip into a hot bath and recharge my batteries for next week.


Friday, October 9

If I ....

Won a million dollars now...

I would book a ticket to Dubai to go party for a week with my friend and then I would move on down under.

Would come back in january to finish my unidegree and then say bye bye to Sweden for a while.

But I haven't won a million dollars so instead I'm turning every penny at the moment to put as much as possible into my savngs accounts for the future.

Sibling love

Thursday, October 8


Went straight to the groceey store when I got home from work to get some items for dinner. When I got home and checked my mail I had a parcel at the store to pick up.

Now I'm just gathering energy to go and pick it up and deide if I want cheezels for dessert.

Good day

I felt like a really really good student yesterday.

I handen in two assignments and wrote quite a bit on a third + we worked for 2½ hours on our thesis after work.

Only three more assigments and a thesis to go!

Wednesday, October 7

Back in the saddle

I have in riding at the local ridingschool for a while, due to some events I decided to quit until they fixed a class where there actually is a challenge and ot just a sunday cruise in the saddle that I have to pay good $ for.

Today a friend and her daughter stopped y and almost forced me backc into the stable to ride and have private lessons on some really really nice horses. Last time I hada lesson there I almost passed out after 15 min due to the hard work load.

Tuesday, October 6

Surfing the web

I have bin looking around webshops and desigers webpages for inspiration. I managed to find stuff that I want:

from Acne I soo want this dress:

At Whyred I found this in the outletshop (in size 34):

At Cornelia I found this necklace... Earlier today I found the most amazing piece of jewellery from Ccrnelia that I want (but its way to expensive for me (€300)).

Monday, October 5

JC closig down sale

JC had to file for bankrupcy where I live.

So they had a sellout of all the clothes they had left. Since it was a little before payday I didn't have that much on my account. But I got:

A lee top, scarf & lace tights

Sunday, October 4

Kanelbullens dag

Today sweden is celebrating cinnamonbun day. Ofcourse i have to have one.

Sunday to do list

  1. replant flowers [x]

  2. Iron[x]
  3. clean flat[x]

  4. study[]

  5. go to gym[]

  6. finish reading a book for tommorow []

When will we start having 48hrs a day instead of only 24?

Daylight saving

When how what!

Thank god that we gained an hour today because othweways I'm not sure how i could have managed it all.

ica + Dagmar= shoppingbag

A couple of years ago (I think two) Ica and whyred made a shopping bag together. I bought one and have used it so much. For shopping, recycling runs, beach bag, booze bag etc etc.
This summer at the beach noticed that it is starting to show signs of wear & I said I want a new one to come out.

Then you can imagine how happy I was whenI found this beauty in the grocerystore a couple of weeks ago. Of course I had to have one...

Birthday gifts

Two weeks ago I celebrated my birthday.

This is what I got from my dear friends:

A set of candle holders,

A beautful box full of stuff,

A ring and bracelet that I have worn non stop since I got it.

Saturday, October 3

Acne outlet shopping

Last saturday I ended up by accident at ACNE outlet sale. Since I have bin craving new jeans for a while this was an opportunity that I couldn't resist

I got a pair of needle in real blue and hex n royal black + a beautiful pink top that is so light that you feel naked wearing it.

Friday, October 2

Vouge Germany 30 years

When in Berlin I just had to get their Vouge that is currently celebrating 30 years.

At KaDeWa we stumbled upon a special exhibit with clothes from a photoshoot and other items on sale...