Tuesday, July 31

Summer reading

I had this little pile of books that I was planning to read this summer....

Have not dented it as much as I wish this farr I have only read 2 (harry potter and well not sre what t was called now)

am currently working on 'the devil wears prada (forgot it at home) and instead I decided that maybe I should finally read the ninth cave by Jean M auel. So said and done

As you might have guesed by the end of summer my total no of books will be 2½ (maybe 3) since I onlyy have 7 days left and well let me tell you this is not a book that you finish in a day or two (hardcopy 750 pages it weighs a ton) and the weather have not bin fair for reading in sun either.

Have read a little bit here and there since midsummer (potter and this other book hd to go first though)

Its good though

White leather couch

AHHH in 7 weeks this baby will be standing in my living room.


SO only a couple of moe weeks w an empty floor (have only lived like this since may but...)


it is a convertible couch that turns into a double bed so I'll have some space for my dear friends to sleep :D

photo: ikea

THREE down

three is now gone and I have seven to go!


Today has bin a horrible day with its good moments.
Started when I woke up that my left eye was sore so had to take contacts out before breakfast and well thought it would be as usual that by the time I've had breakfast, got dressed etc it would be cleared up & thatt I could put contacts back in. That was not the case so I had to wear glasses all day. Problem you who know me also know how light sensitive I am and ofcourse today was a day when sun was out. So hade the choice between sunglasses= totally blind or glasses= blinded by sun. Did of the mixture of the two which would have bin ok if my eyes would have stopped tearing aytime soon. Had to go to pharmacy and by eye drops and try to fix it. Now 8.30 at night they are finally feeling ok.

Then good bit: found out my birthday present from mom & dad. Am on my way to order it now (will tell you when it arrives or on my birthday dependiing on what comes first)

Rest of day was spent with dad trying to find a nicelooking suit for the wedding. After bin in 4 stores we found not oe but TWO really nice looking ones and let me tell you he is worse than a kid when it comes to deciding. BUT thank god he is suited to for the wedding to and ofcourse I pcked ou the tie for him (Who else would dare?????)

Rest of day I have spent in bed not feeling good, think I have a horrible cold coming and thats why my eye is bothering me. So both allergies and sore eye at same time I feel so gorgeous at the moment I swear.

snglet-saint tropez
jeans- topshop
pink jacket, grey bag & pnk ballerinas
KJL bracelet

8 days

That is what is left until I go back to work..

Monday, July 30

Burritos vs Enchiladas

Here in sweden there seem to be a misunderstanding what a Burrito is.

here is a pic (googled) on my idea of a Burrito that u can have either meat or vegetarian as you wish. I thought I ordered a vegetarian burrito today (that is what it said i menu)


when meal arived it reminded me more of an enchilada with sauce and cheese ontop that had bin melted in oven ie it was cooked in oven before served (in my world that is an enchilada) and I was really disapointed over my meal tasted alright

BUT it was not a BURRITO as I had ordered and imagined.

Next time I will dicuss the swedish wiew of a Nacho plate

Halmstad shopping

As I old you earlier I went shoppin with mom & DID I make some bargains or what.

1) white shortsleved suit jacket (vila) 50% off

2) Congac coloured leather skirt from a secocnd hand shop

3) Well was looking for a black suitjacket when mom realised that she might have one at home after her unle that should fit me. Said and done we got home she looked it up & its a prfect boxy fit for a male sit jaket on me. So happy for that one & it didn't cost me a cent

(ok ok my VISA did not get raped today but moms did)

TWO down; eight to go

Today 4 days later the first TWO fell

only EIGHT to go

Monday shoping trip to Halmstad

Went with mom today to Halmstad in a final mission to find a dress before she settles down infront of she sewing machine.

But she was in luck managed o find a gorgeous dress in a shop none of us thought it was possible. A store tthat has more of my sizes and styles than hers.

Did some shopping to bt will show you that later on (need to get the pis of camera etc)

Oh yhea today my bloody nails started falling of so I have 2 fingers w midget nails now.

Recycling an old pic due to same out fit as that day

dress- lindex
tights. sexy fox
shoes- pink/white ballerinas
grey bag
pink jacket

Sunday, July 29

What should be in every womans closet y 30

I stole this list from Lipgloss bitch who stole it from someone who stole it from Glamour the magazine

Befoe you turn 30 you should own at least 7 out of these 10 key garments and aessories, which will make the ultimate closet. Classical investments that you may have for the rest of your life and may combine in eternity.

1. Black pumps.- NO, but have many colourful pairs instead, still looking for the perfect lack pair

2. White shirt. -YES, have a couple actually

3. LBD (little black dress). -NO, still looking at the moment I don't even own a black dress (except my ball gown)

4. Trenchcoat. - YES

5. Belled skirt, -YES, one pink, one black and one red in that length just above or below the knee

6. Designer bag. - NO, need to save up some money for that one AND find the perfect model for me

7. Cardigan. -YES, but always in need of more

8. Pinstriped suit - NO, a charcoal black would be nice with both pants and a proper skirt with the suit jacket

9. Designerjeans. - YES,( if sass & bide, lee diesel count as designer if not then NO)

10. Ridingboots - YES (inte the stable)

6 out of 10 and the rest is on my list (black suit not pinstriped) so I guess I'm pretty close to eachig the perfect closet by 30 AND I have another 3 years until then.....

Breaking the news

I never caught fire, lightning didn't struck and my friends son is now baptised

He talked all the way through ceremony and started flirtng with the priest and all.

Paparazzi award
goes to her aunt

Worst photographer
goes to her brother who managed to get an ear of kid & and ear of priest w the entre of photo blank.

Biggest surpirse
- another friends has a bun in the oven- due jan/feb

Most common gift
- money (ofcourse), ,closely followed by books

- happened twice: cuttlery from me & great grand ma (not same thank god) and the dinosaurland book from friend and sibling (really cool gift though)

Food and company was just amazing, t think my weight loss judgement should be over looked se I though mom to be had lost a lot of weight lateley (woops)

Off to church we go

Freinds so baptism, thats means me in a church. I'm praying that no lightning will strike or fire will erupt. But me in a church, will have atleast hot feet that is for sure.

Used to be active in chruch until I was aout 15 since then you almost have to force me to enter a church for an events. Not as bad as dad but almost (he only attends fnerals and weddings).

I'm wearing:
moms old dress
navy blue suit jacket
white pumps

Saturday, July 28

A day in town with mum

After a hard night last night drinking I had to drag my ass out of bed, into shower,poor some coffe into me get dressed

try to make myslef look like a human beeing (ie makeup) and go into town with mum.

By the time we got into town I actually felt like a person (kind of)
First stop- y paint for my mirror, spice rack & flowerstand. Ended up getting 2 spay cans 1 white & 1 silver.

Second stop- find a gift for friend, her son is gettig baptisted tomm.

After that I we did some walking around & I got a new pillow, mascara (masterpiece max), hair towel and then I bought this cute painting in a secondhand shop (yes shit qualty photo)

And rest of day have bin spent w laptop i knee feeling sorry for myself.

Grandmas pearls

I have the dress for the wedding, looking for shoes (have a backup pair) and now I foud the necklace. In moms jewellry table. hehe yes our family has just a teeny tiny bit of that. Having a grandma that loved jewllery and dad being only child mom got some good suff outof it ( so did I)

Found this gorgeous three strand peal necklace while looking for something that would work with the dress.

Its chryslas in it to, sits perfect around my neck. Now its just to find a bracelet and hopefully a new strap for my silver watch.Planning to burow moms pearl earings already.

Next week its time for hairdresser to get it cut & coloured ino something duable

The Berentze minis on tour belt

Bought is belt n geramny for the schnapps sake not the belt. Wanted a mix of flavours for parties and its not everywhere you can bring the full bottle.
By the looks of it they r shrinking in a super fast paste.

Only 11 left out of 24 min bottles.

But they are soo good and its eo easy just to down a couple. Luckily I have some big bottles o dig into soon enough :D

Friday nights party

so one of my dear friends since the teenage years is starting the police academy this fall and before that she is going on a little tip to Italy with he boy.

So last nights was the goodbye party before she leaves since she is moving straight away when she gets home from her little romantic holiday.

I was gonna be a good girl last night and drive, no alcohol since anoher friends who is from the same village was sick and well for me that just would be a hassel for my parents. Well at 8 pm I alled mummy asked if she could drive tonite and pick me up at 2 am from the pubs. HAHA that was that sober night. Paying for it now, but oboy did I have fun or what!!!!
To many shots (didn't drink muh else actually) makes e feel both good and horrile today.

Good- almost all shots were free
Bad- lots of strong boose in one go

I wore:

dress- j.lindeberg
tights- velvet
shoes- white pink ballerina
jacket- denim
bag- JAG

Friday, July 27

the jacket and the boots

(Yes the virus have struck)

Looked through topshps site and these are the bits that I want to get my hands on

the black biker leather jacket and these gorgeous boots.

No I still haven't got a black leather jacket, only my nature white one nd starting to feel that a black would be a good compliment to it.

Mommy timte to go to Copenhagen soon???? Since Topshop in gothenburg doesn't seem to have anything that I like. I swear I enter topshop in Copenhagen half the stores follows, enter store in Got and leave without even thrying anything on :(

photo: Topshop

New obsession

It doesn't take long until I find shoes to obsess about. Yes know have bin quite quiet about my shoes over summer, but here we go.

My new love. and hold your horeses its not a $500 pair, but a $30 (on sale) that have struck my fancy.They are from cheap monday and belive me if I still were in my old party habits there would be no discussion they would be living in my closet by now. But since there is a complete absence (lmost) of party nights (we r talking less than one a month) and guys to date I have no occasionb to wear them :(

Just can't decide when I would be able to wear them , so until then they get to stay on the shelf. rather putmy money on a pair of black boots and gumboots.

Yes I think I actually may need a pair of gum boots this fall if summer is anything to go buy.

photo: caliroots

Time flies when you have fun

Driving back to my parents place today and will stay there for about 10 days before I have to go back here and start work again.

Yes my holidays is almost over & guess what it feels both good and bad to go back to work. I like the organised bit with work where you now what you will do during the days, the decent paycheck most of all.

But down side have to work my ass of until mid october untl i get a couple of days rest again...
But in august I have plenty of things to look forward to my birthdays, a 50ths bash, a wedding, start tutoring freshmen (okok maybe belong to nervous pile)

and I'm quite sure that time will fly and suddenly its christmas.

Thursday, July 26


To become a manicurist at a nail saloon is not my coming proffession, this is how it looked when I was done with putting on tips by myelf.

Not sure how i did it all those yrs ago. One thing though, lookslike i still got the thouch in getting them to stick, have already had to uffer through my general living, & still no one i sloose or missing.

Think they would have looked beetr if not 3 nails had bin super duper short. yes i bite on my nails,

think my keyboard will fall to bits soon to, not sure how i did this all thoe yrs ago longs nails working in a recaption tapping at the comp all day long....

I got contact

Finally met someone in my stairwell except the grumpy old lady that lives belov me

After luggaiging in my heavy book box that have bin traveling w me in my car for a while (3 months) my neighbour uptairs said hi. Really nice got invted up for a cup of coffe to her& her boyfriend when i get back from holidays ;)

Then this avo I also met grupy lady #3 in the staircase. Not sure how many more we can fit in here ....

Wednesday, July 25

The witing drives me insane

Ok I'm reading potterit should all be happy chery focus on this GREAT book. I can't stop reading but at the same time there are things nugging at my brain distracting me:

1) waiting for 2 parcels/ letters to arrive any day now- so as soon as anybody enters the stairwell outside front door I suspect that my mailbox wil rattle and these items will fall on my floor. 2 days have passed and NOTHING has arrived NOTHING at all.

2) waiting for 2 e-mails to drop into my inbox- work realated and they never arrive (ARGH)

3) Waiting for a phone cal lor sms relating one of these emails, but nothing all silence.

Why just give me one of these things and all would be happy cheery (who am I kidding want it all)

UPDATE-Nothing yet have to got atleast 5 of these things by friday before I go back to my parents place.
Still reading Potter should be done by tonite

UPDATE 2- 1 ONE Letter has arrived, but nothing else, starting to get a bit worried that i'll mis sthe parcels and phone call by tomm.
okok I now the one who waits but this is just rediculous!!!!

Tuesday, July 24


singlet- myers
top- cheap monday
rainjacket & grey bag
pink white ballerina

posing w my dear pushbike

Pirates with the girls

Going to the movies to see the pirates (yet again) well since I saw the other 2 at the movies twice why make a difference at the third one??

Not sure what to wear not sure if sun is breaking through or if that is just woshful thinking. Have a little distance to walk (1 km) don't wanna get my pushbike out of living room just yet. Only staying here this week and then have to go back home (so it won't get stolen)

what I'm wearing now is not good enough (hot pants & t-shirt) to appear outside the door in.

oh well better find something quick...


potter is going good- as struggeling getting into it, but now its all good
D is giving me a headache

Monday, July 23

Potter x2 arrived

Well ordered the new harry potter book the other day andmust have bin sleeping while putting in the order because in my parcel there were 2 books.
Well book 2 was in my posseion for hmm 10 min before I had sold it to a friends boyfreind. He was happy and I was happy.

Didn't profit any just sold it for the price that i Bought it.

If I'm a bit slow on the blog the following 24 hrs it will be bc
1) reading potter
2) watching pirates of the caribean (again)
3) D is getting me sleepdeprived

Shopping at shopaholic

Well told my self no more, but honestly could not resist it anymore got all this for 36% of what the skirt used to cost. Yes i did some major bargain shopping!!!

Honestly when the skirt still is in your size on 70% sale and you have a further 20% discount on all your shopping would you be able to resist it still???

welll I didn't and this is what a got for just a tiny amount comapered to what it should have bin.....

Where did I shop this baragin 70% off at shopaholic where else???

photo: shopaholic


More running in stores with mom and still no dress for her. Me on the otherhand is in luck, when reading dress code a bit more closely my dress is ok as it is. YES YES YES. Only thing i need to find is shoes and that should be easy.

today I wore:

singlet: modström
shirt- mexx
belt- secoondhand (yes its real)
shoes - pink/white ballerina & red/white wedge heels
jacket- rainjacket (stylish i know)
grey bag

Sunday, July 22

Fall cravings 2007

Lipgloss bitch asked for what makeup favorites we are looking forward to when the fall collectons come ot in stores. Here are some of the thigs that is on my must have list at the moment.
I'm quite sure that there is muchc more in the fall collections that I want, but these are the bits that have struck my fancy this week:

  • Chanel - Les 4 Ombres Palette i Garden Party
  • Lancôme - Le Crayon Kohl Oriental Duo
  • Lancôme - Le Magnétique Nail Polish
  • Clinique - Brush-On Cream Liner Graphite
  • Essie- in the bahamas-cove copper
  • MAC- matte 2- Clarity
  • MAC- Matte2 - Graphology
  • NARS- Modern Odyessy- Brazil
  • MAC- C-shock (most of the eyeshadows)
photo: Lipgloss bitch

Powerwalking w a stepcounter

My mom have bin suspecting that her pedometer (stepcounter) is abit out of wack. Okok both are hers after ine got crushed at one point last yr.
The thing is that there is supposed to be the same setting on both, bt after todays walk there is an obvious differene. Started them at 0 at the same time and checked them both standingstill after was done. You can see the difference below. The steps aren't that different to that will pass, but I walked a km further on mine than hers: A whole bloody km longerm how short are the steps on hers??? And the difference in kCal burned we aren't gonna talk about. On mine and 85 kg person burned 342 kcal, while on hers same 85 kg person only burned of 152 kcal. For me the kcal doesn't count because I have nevr weighed 85 kg not even close. But this was a test to c how different they are.
Now i just wish that I had mine so that I coud check that one against these 2. The distane I walked is close to the 3.7 km. walked the running tracck 3 laps and the laps are a little longer than 1 km each.

  • 5304 steps
  • 3.71 km
  • 342.6 kcal

  • 5273 steps
  • 2.64 km
  • 152.8 kcal

Saturday, July 21


So I used to be a ocktail girl that had the saying the sweeter the better and VODKA was my BEST friend (we r stil pretty close), but as the drinking wore on and well you tend to get sick of the limited drinks that they have in Australia I had to lean howto drink beer (what a horror)!!!

And being a person that tend to dink a lot w guys and my party twin, well we soon discovered the lovely thing called BUNABERG RUM. First time I thought it was horendous how could anybodyy drink this shit. BUt as the years wore on a fond relationshp grew between me and my rum. Mind you it has to be bundy (okok bacardi is good to BUT NOT THE SAME).

Then whiskey with lemon lime bitter arrived. we r tight love it, but bundy rum and coke. Oh my love I will love and cherish you forever. Ashame that this rum is hard tot get outside Australia (hence i have to bunker up when I'm visiting)....

Another good thing, they sponsor the rugby, you can by them in cans mixed with either cola or lime (cola is the bomb) and apperently they have a beer to called dark& stormy (but who cares about beer we are talking about bundy)

The thing is I have a small bottle at home, dad has 4 L of it, where do u think that I spend most time drinking rum??? Yes you guessed right at mom & dads of course.

I have noticed though that drinking it outside Australia and withini it is not the same. As soon as I enter that beloved country I get a MAJOR craving for a bundy. I think i may be addicted. yes to both bundy & Australia!!

photo: Bundaberg rum

Rainy saturday

Well the weather was not really on its best temper today, rainclouds hovering aound and me sleep deprived. I BLAME D in that compartment.

Well yet another day looking for a dress for mum, she has now given up and will pull out the sewing machine (YAY) ok ok that is for her. I need a skirt there were no doubts in my miind that she would make that for me. Hey we want it to look like a full dress not a 2 piece ass it would if i did it.

SO now comes the problem find right faric and pattern, okok a hell of a lot easier than what finding a dress for a person that is over 6 feet tall. Yes it runs in the family and we are on the short side of it. I'm a whole 1 cm shoter than mom (and its is important) because that makes me the short ass in the family (excluding my two youngest nieces).

To honur my mood and the weather I wore:

tischa- acne jeans (sample)
jeans- sass & bide (limited ed -03)
belt- mango the free one
white high top sneakers
j-lindeberg cardigan
grey slouchy bag (wil get photo of i one day)

ps. seems that I have rubber hands ds.

Vilda djur new magaziine (wild animals)

Yes finally a magazine that suits my line of work.
VILDA DJUR (Wild animals)

Yes I now there is national geographic and other science (nerdy) magazines, but not one about just wild animals. But the otherday while at spermarket I bumped into this one and well halfway through its ok for my teacing in high school. But the Zoologist in my blood screams a little over it. Need to find a more scientific mag also.

National georaphic
is great, but I will admit that 90% of the time I'm like a kid.... just look at the cute pics and skip the readding, because there is SOOO much of t from time to time. Only the interesting bits are read.

I will give this a prope review when I have read a couple of issues. The first one usually have some cosmeic errors etc etc. Please let this be something that I can use with my students at work.


Friday, July 20

The perfet skirt

To get the perfect look you need good underwear that is A and O in clothes fitting properly. That means that you have to suffer through some thigh pulling/lifting garments. But whhatt don't you suffer through to get that perfect look?

While nderwear shopping I found this underskirt for pencil skirt for hold on 3 euro from Twilft. Couldn't resist it at all....
The thing is I could wear this as just a skirtr one night if the mood struck me and I had the right upper garment.

BUT underskirts are so good since there are no lumps and bumps from neither underwear not cellulites or fat thighs. Everything is tukedin place where it should be for the best effect...

sample sale shopping

Well some new items followed me home today. Sale sale sale I love you. Especially when Calvin klein nderwear is on sale for like euros. I was happy happy happy. Then had to suffer through some golf shops, yes suffer is the word I'm not a golf player, bu my parents are unfotunately!!!

Well the good it in then end was when I walked into the J. Lindeberg outlet and my love for sample clothes have not decreased after I found this gorgeous dress. It like a super thight short thing with a longer WIDER dress above that have tons of starps. Yes that many shoulder starps its a litle hard tot get it on. BUT hey its sample it was cheap & now its in my clcoset. Just need an occasion when to wear it. Hmmm.......

Why have so many of my friends kids and don't wanna go out??? Maybe tomm night or next weekend. Please let me wear it soon. (I'm in love with a dress)

p.s. almos bought a windestopper at the golfshop, but the huge golflabel stopped me. Have some issues w golf clothes (on me) might have to do with both my parents are golf freaks d.s


SO am finally dressed in something that I consider show-able. Since I don't considerr my painting gear beig that fashionable. Ok ok me & mom have different sights on that. I'm wearin yr old clothes (shorts & bathers) & a newish top whereeverything fall out. Think that its ok to destro this with paint. Appeenly mum think its a shame to ruin nice clothes. Hmmm oh well its my stuff & after the 3rd day paiting still no paint on clothes unfortunately my skin won't agree on that bit, my legs are white spotted from slobbering pait onto them....

Well a break today:

Got to wear nice clothes:

Dress: Mng
Heels: x-it
jaket: my loved denim jacket (a new fav)

Thursday, July 19

Models love cake

I love this T-shirt :Models love cake

have in tryin to get hold of it, but have had some issues in finding a shop that ship it to Sweden. Yes that county that is located far up in Europe that some shops just tend to forget that it exist. LIke topshop for example, just imaginie how much they would make if we swedes could get our hands on all of their stuff (that is us that don't live in Stockholm).

back to the top, after being reminded about the t-shirt & finding it on ebay i decided to contact the company, Cake clothing & unforlunately sold out at the moment. But they were printing more. YES YES YES

Photo: Cake loves you

My TOP 3 beauty BLOGG ideas

Reading beauty bloggs may give you some ideas that you wanna try here are my top three things that I either already have tried or want to:

In april Bjooti wrote about using an eyeliner brush + water + your regular eyeshadows = Superb eyeliners in all colour of the Rainbow. Me who is a sucker for eyeliers okok its all about eyes for me. Have almost 150 different eyeshadows (hmm sensing an addiction here)

2) Blodgorf goodman wrote a while ago about using the brush from maxfactor MAX with her diorshow blackout and guess what this is ONE thing that I'm gonna try as soon as I run out of my everyday mascara,. Because the bloody brush with that mascara is just WAY to big for me.


Day 3- still going strong

Well I'm keeping up my good behaviour: That is a powerwalk first thing in the moning.

Yes I have cut down to only walk 2 laps instead of 3 but that is more because I have got out of bed a bit late and don't wanna spend all day on that track walking. So instead I walk 2 laps in the eveing to (If i have time that is).....

On todays agenda there is:
Tan a bit
Paint some more windows. did 8 yesterday and today I will paint around the doors. Apperently some windows need some work done before I can start on them (Bugger).

Looks like mom is on a shopping mood, she has planed a full shopping weeked with me.

Wednesday, July 18

Bold colours and patchwork

Well not my thing, but somehow I LIKE A LOT!!!!

You can find this adorable bag at Zara and well I just think I have to check it out. Immediately if not sooner. Hmm More realistic like this weekend.

While we are talking bags I think i might have found my new love. That could replace my black esprit bag.

It has it all:


shoulder strap
colour (i like blak bags bown on pic)
Think it might be a life llong commitment to it also.

where to get hold of

Oh it is a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.
Think I might have to start a future bag fund. My esprit should last a while loger and in the meantime I should save up some cash for my dream bag.

phoo: marc jacobs, Zara

Germany shopping part 2

So now everything is out of the washer etc etc.....

I ended up getting some alcohol:

Sierra Antiquo Tequila
Passionfruit schnapps (btw stay away from the forest fruit one its lethal)
apple bacardi
tons of minibottles of apple, sourapple, cerry and plumschnapps (not on photo)

Thi adorable bambi top at mango & the top who lost its colour.

They had so many adorable bambi items that If I would have bin absolutely mad I could have filled my suitcase w only bambi stuff. ut i left some for my friend to get me when my birthday arrives (hint hint)
btw should dig out my dear bambi bag I used to live in. best study bag ever.

The final Harry Potter book....

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

Got my around ordering it today (okok booked it since not out until sat) Bit short of cash but don't have to pay it until next month and well. Won't get my hands on it util I go home next week anyhow.

Gonna be nice reading it at one point though when ever that will be. Looks like I'll see the latest movie this weekend to.

I'm will be all pottered out by the end of this month ( yes know that we are only half way but...)

photo: cdon

Ben & Jerry ice cream

I Think i might have died and gone to heaven. The otherday while in the city we walked into a videorental place to by some coke & snacks. What struck me at the door was the HUGE (in my eyes) Ben & Jerry freezer and on the bottom shelf there it was MY FAVORITE I have missed it since I left the US.

COOKIE DOUGH come to mama

They don't have it where I live at the moment but in neighbourig cities so I am pleased. Maybe its good that its not to close for me to get i. Would no good for neither economy nor helth!!!

photo: ben & jerry

About bloody time

It has taken me forever to go and see the final part of

Pirates of he Caribbean- at world's end.

But tonight FINALLY I made my way to the movie teather all alone by my self. Yes I do like to go to the movies alone from time to time. Company is prefered but if nothing like that is available I'll go myself.

And what did I think about it?? Well I liked it. a bit long but definately worth the money & the ending well the ending was ok. Good atually although sitting through the end to see the final scene was just suffering. A torture to be honest.

Now I'm just gonna wait until DVD box is released so that I can get them all on DVD together.

I give it 4 bambies. an't put finger on why not a 5. Will come back to that at a later point.

Now sleep is on the agenda I'll try to be as good as this morning and go for a morning stroll in the forest ie. powerwalk

photo: pirates of the caribbean-at worlds end

Tuesday, July 17

Tuesdays outfit

While out shopping today I wore:

singlet- sportsgirl
dress- twist & tango
tights- lindex
pink/white ballerinas
pink jacket

BTW Didn't get anything except the belt (that was free) was out with mom trying to find clothes for the wedding & I managed to find another gown. but already have one sooo.. NOPE nothing at all this time