Friday, December 31


The year when I:

  • Graduated from University with a masters in Education
  • Sotis traveled to the never end hunting field of hairties- R.I.P
  • Got a permanent position as a High school teacher
  • Didn't travel outside scandinavia (Finland belong to scandinavia)
  • Started University (yet again) this time aiming for a masters in Sciene (applied ethology and biology)
  • Was officially single for 365 days (ie thw whole year) inkl did not go on a single date
  • Started playing Golf
  • Took my dry suit diver diving certificate during the hottest time of the summer (drysiut I call it sweat suit)
  • Traveled: Westcoast-midcoast-eastcoast-westcoast three times during a month in my car- Living from my car got a new meaning
  • Partied it up in Gothenburgh AND stockholm
  • Attended two of my close friends weddings
  • Hardly read any books- shame on me
  • Bought a systemcamera and have since taken over 5000 pictures

Half way through shopping ban

Ok so I'm almost halfway through my shoppng ban. Someways it has been easier than belived. But main reason is that I'm poorer than a churchrat.

This week I have done some shopping though:

  • Hairremoval- I may be poor, but still don't want a forest grown on me. Prefer the trees and animals in the wild ;)
  • Dry schampo- I'm at war with my hair. Next step dry shampo
  • Lens cover for a camera lens
  • Colouringbook and crayons for flight -this is a must for me on longer flights (call me chilidish all you want)
A t-shirt from H&M Lanvin collection has also become mine in december.

ForBulleted List my flight to Egypt I have a little list for duty free:
  • New mascara- I'm sorry but my trial with budget mascaras didn't go well- Back to old faithful
  • New facial cream and cleanser- the jars are as empty as can be
  • Everyday perfume- belive it or not but had a harsh discovery that all my perfumes (3) were more glamour/party smells than something I want to smell everyday
Thats all. Will look for a niece pair of leather sandals on the markets but other than that relaxing is on my agenda.

Tuesday, December 28


Annoyed and pissed of at anything and everything right now!


Jung Typology Test

Yesterday I took the Jung typology test and scored:

ESFJ- Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging

This tell me that I'm type Guardian-provider

Today I took it again and scored:

ESFP- Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving

This tell me that I'm type Artisan- Performer

Reading through them both I can see that I fit into both categories, but I do think I'm more or a provider than performer. Not sure that my friends agree or?

Fjäril vingad

Fjäril vingad
By: Johanna Svensson

This book is written by a teenager for teenagers. It is actually one of my students that have written it and that is the sole reason why I got it in the first place. So how did I like it?

Yes its a teenage book with lots of emotions as you go through when you are 17 years old. In many ways I could regonise myself, but in others it was just a little to perfect and simple. No its not a girl who get everything she wants but after an argument with your mother being allowed to live with your grandmother I found hard to belive. Or maybe that is because my parents would never have let me do that after breaking a boys heart! If so I would have been banished from home by age 19 and never let back in the house...

I could not put the book down and afterwards I was left with so many feelings and thoughts that it surprised me.

I give this book a four.

page count: 7 152 + 183 = 7 335

Monday, December 27


When searching for a picture of "Stranger on a train" earlier today I managed to stumble across the artist blog of the cover. by Henry sene Yee Design

He has done some awsome book covers. also like how he shows what he first thought, how it turned out and alterations that needed to be made during the process.

Cluts part 2

Remember this? I asked myself what could happen the last 5 days.

Well lets see here. No broken lamps or plates etc.

But I did manage to:

  • Miss my laundry appointment so had to take the sheets with me homw
  • Forget all my daily arm/hand jewellery
  • Forget to hand in key at right place
The key I will send by mail
The jewellery I will have to pick up when hottie come home from Thailand, at the same time as I drop of the sheets.

The jewellery I forgot was:

my two graduation rings, thumbring, two other rings I have gotten in presents
My two nomination bracelets, pearl bracelet and VÅGA bracelet
My accent watch

You can imagine how happy I was when I realized where all my jewellery where...

Stranger on a train

Stranger on a train
By: Jenny Diski

This was one of the books that we were supposed to read this summer for the reading circle. I never had time to read it during the summer or fall. It wasn't really until I started commuting with the train to and from uni that I really got into it. The author is travelling around America by train. We get to follow her on two separate trips when she is traveling alone. It the people she met, the feeling she has and the evnts during the trip that makes me wanna take a similar trip. I love meeting new people and getting to know their story. Most often I tend to do this while sitting on a platform, airport, busstation, backpacker bar etc. My favorite qoute is from the end of the book and it spoke straight to my heart "Journeys come to an end before they end, just as they begin before they begin - with the arrival of anticipation. "

It almost made me pickup smoking again.

give this book a 4.

Page count:
6 852 + 280 = 7 132

Five things

Where did the last two weeks go? Forgot to publish five things the previous week, but with an exam around the corner I could not come up with anything good at that ponit.

My five things this week are:

Winter holiday has started, nohting feels better than nowing that I have nothing to hand in, no exams to study for, no lectures to attend until earliest january 17.

I found my beloved heart necklace that mean so much to me.

Spending time with my cat and family.

Sitting inside by the fire with a good book when the temperature get below -10 C.

The sauna

Sunday, December 26

Lost and found

Almost a year ago I lost my silver heart. This was given to me by my grandfathers, brothers wife when I was four. I have turned the flat inside out looking for it. Have looked everywhere except

IN the jewellery box where I keep my silver seahorse and flippers. When opening that box the other day on the same silver chain was my beloved heart. I don't even think you can imagine the joy I felt when I found it.

Christmas tree/Cat

Christmas day

Welcome to Winter wonderland westcoast


Since we are going to Egypt in less than a week it was decided no christmas gifts this year. Somehow a couple snuk their way underneath the christmas tree anyway:

I got books:

Work out, baking cupcakes and Dyngkåt och hur helig som helst.

An antique watch that ince belonged to my mothers dads mother (from mid 1800).

My yearly santa

Thursday, December 23

Season greetings

Hope you have a great christmas. I am currently relaxing with my family and recovering from exam study.

Tuesday, December 21

99% sure

Have now found out that its 99% sure that my mastersproject will be located in Mexico working with Spider monkeys on olfactory predatory responses.

Sunday, December 19

Adult size?

Why only in kids size?

This top is so me!

Book geek

Holly hock I thought about you when I saw this. To be honest I really like these tops and especially this Jane Austen sweatshirt.

Found at: Out of Print via Katta kvack

Saturday, December 18

Qoute of the day

I'm gonna confuse you more than I confuse myself. Lets skip this/ Jordi -10

Second lecture in Adaptation course. Not quite sure what the graphs are showing.


I am pathetic right now!!

Friday, December 17


I have only lived in this flat for 1½ weeks and already I have managed to:

  • Pour a glass of red wine into the bathtub
  • break a plate (that it was already shortage of)
  • on the verge to break hallway lamp atleast 10x
What will happend the last 5 days?

Thursday, December 16

Qoute of the day

"Our essay is starting to remind me about the Pride festival flag"

Me desiffering our essay in google documents after a couple of comments and disagreements between the authors

Day 19 - This I regret

There is one thing that I really regret and that is when I 2006 decided to go for the security accepting a job (with paid masters degree) and stay in Sweden instead of moving to Australia.

There were many reasons why I did the choice I did and I still think it was the right on (in some sense), but I'm still looning for Australia and now I really need to make sure I get there within the next couple of years (June 2012?).

Day -18 My favorite birthday

This is a hard one, which one to choose. NO not all my birthdays have been favorites. I
'll give you a glimpse of the ones I remember.

My birthday is in mid august when school usually start and since 10 years at school wasn't the happiest time of my life my birthdays were usually welcomed with mixed feelings during those years. Birthday = back to school.

Age 11 - Wake up get my usual treasure map and chase around the house for presents and in the lving room there is a brand new bike.

Age 12 - Instead of treasure map I got a basked of yarn that I had to roll up and in the end of each string there was a present. The house looked like some trapping decive.

Age 21 - A three day celebration with all my new friends in Australia.

Age 22 - Was sick, field trip. lost my voice. Had just gotten to know my dear dear friend I. She had decided to suprise me with THE BEST CAKE IN THE WORLD after my field trip. All was set except I was no where to be found (was found in bed with no voice and feeling like crap). But that cake oh my god, I think that is what settled our friends ship, the cake, the surprise and feeling loved when I was low (do I remember correctly that I went out that night with no voice?).

Age 25 - Turning 25 at the same day as the collegeball can it get better? Had loads to do at uni (as usual when you just wanna get pretty) and when I came back from class my dear friends had filled my room with balloons, Barricated my door with birthday banners and inside the mess I found a huge basket of presents from my fellow floor members. Had an awsome night, in a painful pair of shoes that resulting me getting kicked out of the casino several times (not sure why they let me in again and again and again).

Qoute of the day

"Its snowing multidirectionally dear. Is that really possible?" / Amir F-10

My dear friend from Iran is a little confused over how the snow can fall from above. After this winter I have a feeling that he will now all about snow and how it falls.

Wednesday, December 15

Travel 2011

If 2010 was a year I barely made it out of Sweden it looks like 2011 will change that.

As the plan looks like now it is like this:

January - Egypt
May-September - Mexico (not fully confirmed yet, but 80% sure after yesterdays meeting)

Tuesday, December 14

Qoute of the day

In class today:

"How many professors does it take to handle a mac?"/ Prof Pelle -10

Answer: 2,5.
Two mac users and one that has no clue what a computer is

Day 17 - My favorite memory

This is a hard one. I have so many memories (Yes I'm one of those persons that rarely forget).

It must be when I found out that I had been accepted to uni in Australia. I remember calling my friend she didn't really have time to talk, but was so excited for me that she totallty ignored that. I was just jumping around not nowing what to do. I me was moving to Australia for atleast 3 years to study Marine Biology.

The Marine Biology I never really finsihed (got a minor in it) but the first three years over there were the best of my life!

Monday, December 13

Three years

Today it is exactly three years since I pick up my dear cats and went of the road with the car and ended up in a tree.

I still don't like the feeling when the car tires loose grip on slippery surfaces, my shoulder is still not ok even though my tendons are healed the collarbone is not always happy with me.

Last picture taken with both of them while Sotis was still alive

Day 16 - My first kiss

My first real kiss was the most unromantical you can ever imagine.

I wasn't inlove with the guy, I was desperate to get kissed and a drunken night on Teniriffe (one of my first real nights out) it happened.

I was sixteen feelling like the only girl in the world that had never been kissed (cliche yhea i know) and meet this 25 year old english man who was really fun and hot. So outside a nightclub (could have been a bar) we sat talking in the flower bed.

There I sat and remember he bends over and kiss me. I was a good kiss and let me tell you he did not put me of kissing (thank god my first kisser was a good one).

Day 15 - My dreams (late)

My dreams (in no particular order)

  • Move to a tropcial country, preferably Australia working with wild animals kept in captiviy (exactly what you will now in a later post)
  • Meet mr Right, get married
  • Win the jackpot on the lottery and settle my student debt
  • On day be able to afford my dream bag and shoes (designer ofcourse)
  • Travel to Galapagos islands, Cambidia and New Zealand before I turn 40

Sunday, December 12

Vampire bat bar


Cattle station for Vampire bats to feed of.
They can choose between:

  • sex
  • age
  • race
  • Virgin/non- virgin
  • Medicated
  • Non-medicated
  • Ecological
  • Commercial

Qoute of the day

When not reading what youy have written:

"This is important in the understanding of the exclusive feeding on mammalian blood done by of feeding on mammalian blood."

Taken from a fellow student who's paper I'm reviewing.

Small things

Sometimes its not the world revolving things that make your day.

Today I got an email from my landlord asking me how I was. Thats all he was just asking me how I was & telling me about his trip this far.

The grin from these few lines are a little too big. I feel like a forteen year old where the guy I liked say hi t me in the hallway.

I need to get laid there is no other conclusion to these foolishnesses from me know, an email makes me grin like a bloody teenager.

Saturday, December 11

Day 13 - This week (Late)

Saturday- Unpacked and packed up apartment, movie and pizza at friends house, sleep

Sunday- Laundry day, Packed up and cleaned apartment, dinner at friends house, sleep

Monday- Cleaned apartment, stopped by work leaving some stuff, headed to uni for a paper seminar, checked into hotel, pick up key for new apartment (from the hot landlord), had an awsome dinner at hotel then sleep.

Tuesday- Oral presentation (did not do good), last lecture in course, worked on assignment 2, moved into flat, walked to grocery store, talked to dear friend, then sleep.

Wednesday- Worked on assignment two whole day, dinner, sleep

Thursday- Completed tgtu39, CC I seminar 8 oral, handed in Summary 7 CCI, Handed in assignment two, dinner, sleep

Friday- Relaxed, packed up santa collectio, headed to uni to hand in papers and pick up some stuff, Red wine night at friends house, red wine, sleep

Day 14- Favorite Hairstyle

I know its say daily outfit, but doing an improvisation here and changing the topic (This will happen from now on when I rather let you know something else about me).

This is the now famous Bird-of-paradise-on-crack hairstyle....

From the back
From the side

Op shop bargain

After heading home from a great redwine evening at a friends place she tipped me about an op shop close by. When driving by the shop was open so I figured I was just going to look around a little. I swear half the shop could have followed me home but settled for this:

Two books:four novels by Charles dickend and an Charlotte Brönte book.

A coffe cup with matching tray

A copper set

And if this is not a bargain I don't know. I paid €6 for all of it.

Five things

Cupcake and cashmere started this thing a while back that in the end of each week she lists five things that makes her happy big and small. I really really like this idea that I think I will start with it to. Since I think it is important to remember the good things that happens in your everyday life and not just focus on the negatives (which is so easy).

So here are my five things:

  1. My santa collection is keeping me company in my new flat
  2. The Fruitbowl left by my new landlord (Who also asked if he could add me on facebook to keep in touch while he is away)
  3. Redwine evening with good company
  4. Passed my second course at uni
  5. My copper tray bargain at opshop

Friday, December 10

Its always something

I was soo good and handed in the papers early at wortk for my of abscence for leave of absence from work for six months.

Did that help?
No ofcourse not. Got paid when I shouldn't and after talking to work and the payment office I have to pay it all back within the week if I didn't wanna pay back the tax money to.

So by tuesday I have to cough up 19 500 Sek.

Day 12 - Inside my purse/bag (late)

Sorry for the delay, but it took me a while to empty my bag. Since I'm at uni I live out of my Laptop bag, A sticky date bag from Crumpler that I absolutely love!


Laptop case belonging to bag- inside my laptop (not on picture)
Food items:
  • Coffe termos from Statoil
  • Water bottle
  • Knife and fork
  • Lunch box
  • Bag of nuts
  • Netwrok cord- for when wireless is down
  • screen cleaners
  • portable harddrive
  • Bank Id
  • Modem for internet (not in pic)
  • British powerplug (not sure what its doing here)
  • 2 note books, one is full
  • Calendar
  • Notecards for orals
  • Small notepad
  • Waterproof overhead
  • Coloured pencils
  • Filttip coloured pens
  • Ink refill (black and blue)
  • Tipex roller
Inside pencil case:
  • 2 highlighters
  • 3 mechanical pencils
  • 1 normal pencil
  • 1 ruler
  • 12 coloured pens
  • 4 Blue pens
I seem to suffer from a fear or not having enough pens/Pencils with me. Maybe should remove a couple.

  • Passport
  • discount vouchers and buisness cards
  • fingerless gloves
  • reflex
  • lipbalm
  • lipgloss
  • tissues
  • troath soothers
  • Handcreme
  • Tampongs
Missing in picture-
  • Laptop
  • Laptop electrical cord
  • Internet modem
  • Fruit
  • Wallet
  • Phone
  • Housekey
Yes I do carry my life with me. Time for a HUGE clean before putting stuff backinto the bag.

Thursday, December 9

I really don't like

When it come to people there are something that I have severe problems handling with:

  • People stupifying me/ treating me like a kid that know nothing
  • People commenting on my skin. Ie peeling skin from allegries, scabs from wounds/ scratched skin from allergies. Anything really that deal with my face remind me about a lizard (all comes down to allergies.
  • People talking NON STOP about their PMS/ period symtops/ pains etc. Ok I can deal with people complaining over PMS/period but thats it.
  • Loud and obnoxious people when sober (especially sober people)
  • People that have a problem with people that like to party
  • People commenting on your single status and have to help you ASAP get rid of it


I passed Finally this stuid stupid ridiculous course is over.

To pass I had to:
  • Attend a 1 hr seminar in how to use the libary wevsite (no not kidding)
  • hand in a 1 page summary of an article
  • attend a 2 hr seminar about the 1 page summary
  • hand in a 1 page review of the same article
  • attend a 2 hr seminar about the 1 page review
thats all.

Oh yhea the course is called: Introduction to advancded academic writing

An awsome course that is a prereq for a masters course. How did ever get a bachelor with out this knowledge?
working on day 12...

it will take a while to get it together...

Wednesday, December 8

Tv desk

Fruit bowl

Day 10- My outfit (late)

Here is a picture of what I wore today. Sorry for the horrible shot but can't find the missing piece to my tripod and there is about 75 cm between the mirror and a drawer in horrible dark light.

top diesel
tights- gina tricot
leg warmers- koola anna

Tuesday, December 7

Day 11 - My siblings (early)

Ok so I skipped day 10 and will do that tomorrow. I'm sorry but You will not see my daily outfit as a pj top and sweat pants. Will show you my outfit tomorrow instead when I'm decent to show for people.

This will be a boring post since I don't have any biological siblings.

Day 09 - My belief (late)

I don't belive in god, but I am protestant. Never go to chrch except during weddings, baptism and funerals.

I do belive in evolution, Big bang, Dinosaurs etc. This is my life and I can easily discuss it with you. Just watch out if I have had to much tequila then I can't promise that I will listen to your arguemnts against evolution....

day 08 - A snapshot (late)

Sorry for the delay.

My sunday. I'll give you two pictures since you have been so patient.

Packing flat

defrosting freezer

Monday, December 6

Qoute of the day

"My hair reminds me of a bird-of- paradise on crack!"

I'm trying to explain my liking of my constantly messy bun

Saturday, December 4

Day 07 - My bestfriend

Instead of having to decide who is my best friend. I will tell you about my friends....

There are the friends no matter how long it has been when we talk it feels like yesterday. And as my dear friend I put it "mi casa your casa". These are the friends where you feel at home in their home and are not afraid to tell them if you are hungry, need to borrow something etc. In my world these are your closest friends the ones that you can tell anything to.

Then there are the friends you have known for years but still don't feel at home with. It is not that perfect match but you have fun together and share a common interest.

Then you have the shallow friends where its ok to hang out when there is nothing else to do. Or even worse make plans and always cancell or never set a date..... These are not real friends, but they tend to pop up now and then.

What is intersting with friendship is that with some people ot takes a long time to get close but when you are there its a solid one. Then you have the friends where you get close like that and are inseperatable (yes this can occur at a grown up age to).

What I'm trying to say is that I don't have one best friend I have several. I have two party twins that I always miss ( I guess they would be classified as my best friends). Then I have other friends that I speak to at least once a week and also miss dearly when away.

Mobile home?

Maybe... As I'm living at the moment and most likely will for the next two years this would be the perfect solution....

But of course trailer glam not trailer trash when I'm on the road.
Ofocurse I need an XXL sized one to so that I can fit all my clothes and makeup inside.

Qoute of the day

"How much makeup do one person need during their lifetime? Including if they are planning an extra gig as a draq for about 10 no make it 25 years?"

Me questioning my amount of eyeshadows while packing up my bathroom.

Friday, December 3

Day 06 - My day

07:32 - I wake up in a lovey queen size bed at Scandic West in Linköping
08:00 - Have a phone interview with a girl for her master thesis in education
08:50 - Have a loong shower, wash my hair and enjoy the pleasure of being able to splash water without drowning the bathroom

09:30 - Scandic breakfast
09:50 - check out
10:00 - trying to dig out car from snowpile. Nice guy gives me his extra brush to sweep snow off car

10:15 - 2 hour lecture about phenotypes and Genotypoes
11:30 - long lunch break- reheated pasta, coffe and soft gingerbread cake

01:15 - 1 hour lecture about phenotypic plasticity and starting assignment 2
02:15 - meeting with professor about missed course
03:00 - put gas in car
03:10 - drive form Linköping to Mariestad
18:40 - Arrve in Mariestad after stop at grocery store

19:30 - dinner fries and sauce with a glas (ok a couple of glasses)
20:00 - movie time- Eclipse
21:00 - long phonecall with friend

23:00 bed time

Qoute of the day

"You clearly suffer from a multiple ancestor disorder!"

Me telling a friend that has some issues telling us where she is from, it changes with her mood and stresslevel.

Thursday, December 2

Farnese BIO

Winter can be beautiful

These pictures were taken between 09 and 12 today. Its so cold that the river steams and everything from the kitchen window is misty. (the river is by those trees behind the garage)

Day 05- What is love?

Am I supposed to answer this?

I know this much about love:

I have never felt true love to another person.
I do know about love to parents, animals and friends. Isn't that the same type? In my world no, but for me to define love to another person.

For me that is when you can't focus when he is around, your world moves at a different speed, the air sparkles from tensions that is build up... Hang on that isn't love. Thats attraction. That I know exactly how it feels and what it is. Thats how my world feel all the time at the moment. All these hot men in this town is quickly driving me insane.

Back to Love what is love?
Its trust, giving your sinner self to someone else, feeling whole when together,,,,,

Oh... I don't know the only thing that I can focusing on at the moment is sexual attraction

Wednesday, December 1

Winter shopping

So winter has arrived (in case you have missed it). We have currently between -10 and -20 degrees here and I decided that its time for a new pair of thermal pants now when I have to start walking to uni from next week on. While out chasing thermalpants I decided that a beenie might be nice (all mine are in my flat or at my parents place).

For my birthday I also got a gift certificate to one of my favorite shops and they had this round scarf that I fell in love with so it also followed me home.

Oh sumemr sweet summer where are you??

Day 04- Foodchart

Oh crap why this day, I thought it was outfit. Oh well I better fess up then

Breakfast: 3 nutella sandwishes and a huge cup of coffe
Swedish fika: Coffe and cookie
lucnh ehm dinner: Max green meal with chilli cheese, fries and soda
evening snack: 3 nutella sandwishes

thats all folks healthy and awsome don't you say?

The joy of winter

This is how my car looked like this morning. Haved not touched it in a week....

Halfway done