Sunday, January 22

New years resolution 2012

My resolution of having atleast 1 new date amonth during 2012. Is going well.
Could be going even better if I actually accapted the dates offered. Yes we are here talking plural about being asked out on a date, by more than one guy.

The reason I have declined I am not really sure of. But I have had my reasons. Both guys have been nice, but the timing right now is sooo wrong.

Monday, January 16


I miss you so much!!

Most of all I do miss ,my proper phoneaccount. This prepaid shit is driving me insane.

For you that dont know I spend about 2-5hrs a day talking on the phone or texting or surfing the web. That means that I have one of those amazing all inclusive phone accounts.

Imagine then having to return to in my world the stoneage. I have to think before I make a phone call, send a text and surfing is out of the question(phone to oldfashioned) just to make sure that I still have some money on my phonecard.....

Insurance company can you please speed up with your desicion about giving me a new iphone or not (yes I know its only been a week since you got all the papers, but still).

Monday, January 9

Weekend 6-8 january part 2

On saturday night it was time for the girls to head out for a dinner at John's place in Varberg with some dancing afterwards. It was time to celebrate the last of the girls turning 30.

I arrived from Borås 20 min before my friends were picking me up, so it was an express shower and change on the agenda. We started with drinks and snackas at a friends place, took a cab down to Applebay for a lovely dinner and more drinks. Before we ordered another cab to head downtown for some dancing at Oscars.

At Johns place I had a vegetable package with chargrilled haloumi cheese, potato baked and a sample of different sauce. For dessert I had a Baileys coffe.
At Oscars me & A staied the entire night on the danceflorr dancing until her feet couldn't handle it anymore and her boyfriend came and picked us up.

Weekend 6-8 january part 1


I guess that sums it up pretty well. The new year didn't start to well I really can't complain to much one week later. Pretty please year continue like this & I will be more than pleased with you.

During the week I can easily admit that I have been struggeling with my thesis writing and hence from wednesday there have not been much typing in my document.

On friday around noon I jumped into the car and drove to Borås to visit E for a nightout. Our first night out in this town ever, and nothing to exiting but a decent night out. There were not to much people out and at Bishopiarms we severely lowered the average age, while at Harry's I increased it quite abit.
We had the coolest busdriver ever and were sitting laughing at him both trips, at Bishops a guy tried to unzip my top because I had such beautiful shoulders (I did not appreciate this), at Harry's E got a free drink, got a blind guy feeling her up. When we got home at 3 am we decided we wanted leftovers and sat up talking until 4.30 am. At 9.30 am her dogs desperately needed to go out and were starving to death (according to them).
I staied in bed until around 11ish until my phone started beeping and me getting information of saturdays night events and plans.

After breakfast we headed out into the forest with the dogs to get some freshair and give them some exercise. Then it was time for me to Throw myself into the car and drive to Varberg were the next party were on the agenda.....

Thursday, January 5

New year resolution 2

I have given myself a second challenge. Not sure how long I will master this one, but we will see. I am hoping around 150 days, but my aim is 365 days without shopping any new clothes or make up.

There are some exceptions here:

Things that will run out during the year:
  • Mascara
  • Facial cleanser
  • Facial cream
  • Shower gel
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo & conditioner

How this will end I do not know but my aim is to have saved a minimum of €1200 by 31 december 2012. That is €100 a month!

So why am I doing this, except the obvious money saving thing?? Well I have seven closets with clothes, I have toiletries falling out of its containers and I forget what I have. I want to minimize my closet and make up bag. This feels like a good way to start.

I have informed my mom about this and her reaction was: "Well you can start with three months or something like that, isn't 12 months a little over the top?" Who knows. We will see what happens.

Wednesday, January 4

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist 
By: Charles Dickens

Another book completed on the top 100 books to read. I really really enjoyed reading  this book, although I managed to get hold of a copy with the tiniest font ever and written in old english. It took me quite a while to complete it.

Oliwer is raised in a orphanged and when he is around 7 years old moved to become an apprentice. Due to some unfortunate events he ends up running away and ending up with the wrong crowd in London. But he is rescued by a man that takes care of him when he gets sick and brings him back into health. Then he gets kidnapped by the thieves and scumbags that he ended up with ones before. Lets just say that Oliver is on quite a rough path and all of those that means him well either ends up dead or disapears from his life in unfortunate ways.
But thankfully this is a story that ends up in the best possible way giving him some sort of redemtion and the life he deserved from brith.

I give it a 3.

Page count:  4 702 + 265 = 4 967

Elsas Värld

Elsas Värld
By: Sofie Fharman

I don't now why. I don't like this series, but yet I have to read them. And yes I will most likely by the thrid and finaly book to just to see how it end.
So what is it that I don't like with these books then? I can't stop reading them I finish them in one go and almost longe to be able to sit down and read the last pages. So what is it then??

Its Elsa the main character, I'm sorry but how stupid can you be, how much can you get away with and still keep your job, partner, friends?? AS she behaves she would have nothing in real life that would be the case she would have nothing. And the sex there is so much awsome sex, for 21 years old she is really really experienced and brave (ok you can be brave at 21 don't get me wrong).

I give this book a 2.

Page count: 4 293 + 409 = 4 702

Tuesday, January 3

New years resolution

I gave myself two resolutions for this year.

The first one is that I have to give people a chance (guys that is) and I have promised myself to have atleast one new date with a new guy every month for the entire year, or until I meet someone special and start dating him exclusively what ever happens first.

So 2012 that is 12 dates minimum.
Didn't realize until now that is all in 12's ;)

Summer and the City

Summer and the City
By: Candace Bushnell

This is the second part of the story of Carrie Bradshaw before she met Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. IN this book she has just arrived in New York and will send the summer there. And oh boy is this a summer when everything happens. As with the first book I really enjoyed it and finished it within a 48 hr period.

I loved to read about how Carrie met Samantha and Miranda and really really hope that there will be more books in this series. It sort of ties together the story from the start. I would even enjoy a Tv-series made by these books. But I think  ihave to be realistic here and admit that they will NEVER be able to reach the high standard of Sex and the city and that I will most likely only be horribly disapointed.

I donät really like how naive Carrie is, but have realized that this seem to be a thing for chiclit heroines. And yet again you can make mistakes and still succed and get where you want in life.

I give this book a four.

page count: 3 884 + 409 = 4 293

Monday, January 2

One day

One day
By: David Nicholls

Right before I was going to Mexico a dear friend gave me her copy of  one day and told me I had to read it. It was a slow read I will admit that & the mo re reviews I read the more the book actually worried me. Was this a book I really wanted to read when I had just left my heart in Sweden and not nowing where we were standing.
As the trip in Mexico moved on so did the book and at one point I just couldn't stop reading it. I was reading it every single moment I had a spare time (ok I was reading any book as soon as I had a spare time at that point).

I found out by a comment on facebook that this is a book that will make you cry. I never cried, was sad, but there was no tears. From such a wonderful story how could I NOT cry!!!! What was wrong with me. OK lets just say that the trailer at the cinema made me cry (no not the movie, the trailer).

I feel this is a book that I Have to read again when my emotional side and I am mentally well again. I want to be able to enjoy this book in full, because it is such a beautiful story and I regonize myself in so many parts in the book.

I give this a five

page count: 3 570 + 314 = 3 884

Sunday, January 1

Happy 2012

I hope you all had a great night last night. If it was with friends, family, alone, in a club or where ever you were I hope that you did the best of the siuation!

New year 2004 I was a sleep on a couch from boredom by midnight. This year we were just starting the night at Gretas in Gothenburg. Me and I had decided that we wanted to shake our bodies and that the best place to do that is at a gayclub.

It all started so well and ended in the best way considering the circumsanses.
At 2 am my purse was stolen containing keys, iphone, wallet, cash and jack tag.
At 3.30 am the cashier came running to get my attention. My bag was found and with her! It had been dumped in the mens bathroom.
My Iphone, cradit card and cash were missing but the rest was in it.

Today I have been moorning the loss of my iphone and especially the chance to play wordfeud! Phonenumbers etc I will get back as soon as I go home next weekend.
Fingers crossed now that the process with the insurance company will be fast.