Sunday, February 24

What If.......Wild Animals Ate Fast Food

I just love this clip and felt that I had to share it with you,
I guess that most of you alreday have seen it on facebook, but still.


Friday night I got an urge to do something crafty with my hands.
Looking at my walls and seeing the same old ikea Ribba frames for many of my pictures I decided that I have to add some sparkle and personal touch to them.

With a bowl of broken bracelets, a tube of glue and a black frame I started my mission.

I'm quite pleased with the results.
Big question now us what picture to put in it, where to put it .

For now a photo from the great ocean toad in Australia will do.

Next mission is to bead up two frames and add photos from Mexico.

To be continued.....

Thursday, February 14

Closet cleaning

This apartment must house atleast one centipede, a 7 headed monster and a primadonna.....

How else can you explain the piles and piles and piles of clothes, shoes, scarves....

Time flies...

Last night I decided to slide into a bubble bath. Light some candles and start a new book.

I have heard many things about "fifty shades of grey", but that it would captivate me from page 1 and keep me reading nonstop in the tub for 3hrs! That I did not expect.

In all I read no stop for 6hrs before I turned my lights of. And that was only because I had a train to catch today. I did forget to book my tickets last night and eat dinner and make two phone calls.

It has been so long since a book gripped me like this. For my friends sake I left the book at home.

Guess what I am doing tomorrow night....

Wednesday, February 13

When the sun came out

I am looking through the photos that I have on my SD card in my camera. It has been a while since I actually felt like taking a photo or dealing with them afterwards.

I cam up on this from Kolmården this fall. I had been photographin the animals on the savannah and suddenly the sun came out, I didn't realise this fast enough and had different settings.

I do like the cool effect of the zebras.....

It also gives you a perspective how different animals see different things depending on how their eyes are located (2D or 3D) and if you are a monocromati, dicromatic or tricromatic animals.

Saturday, February 9

2013 the year of Africa

Yesterday we finally set the dates for our trip this summer. There has been alot of questionsmarks to strraighthen out on the way and there are still many to come.

But thesis work, work, summerjobs, holidays etc we have now finally come to an agrement when to travel.

Where are we traveling, I will not tell you that until I have a booking confirmation in my hand.

On top of this me and a friend has been talking about traveling to Kenya in februari for the last 2 years and now it finally looks like that we will be heading there over the christams holidays.

Only downside with the plan of these two major trips is all the vaccinationsshots I have to get (Yes there are a few that I still don't have)

Friday, February 8

60 quick questions

1. How old are you? 32
2. How old do you feel? around 25
3.What did you do today? started the day with a morning swim, then work, then a 4hr phone call to Ia
4. What was the last movie you saw?
5. Who did you call last? Ia

6. Are you obsessed over anything? Me?! Never!!! lets see shopping, sleeping, running, talking on the phone, talking, talking, talking
8. Describe where you are right now? At my computer corner in my living room
9. Can you mention five primeminsiters in the 1900s?? Bildr, Reinfelt, Karlsson, Palme, Persson
10. Did you google the previous ansver? Nope I'm smart enough ;)

11. What colour dominat you wardrobe?Is rainbow a colour? If not then I guess I have to settle for grey
12. When did you wake up today? 05:45
13. Which is your favorite holiday? Midsummer because its the only holiday in the summer season!
14. Where in the world would you love to be roght now? With my monkeys in Catemaco and all my friends there
15. Mention a place you never want to return to? Hmm… My hostfamilys house in Hastings 

16. How do you want to spend your retirement? Close to the ocean and the beach with my dogs and someone I love
17. What are you listening to right now?
18. Have you ever broken a bone? Yes, to many. Elbow, thumb, foot, shoulder, ribs(yes plural)
19. What five things in your fridge/cupboard can't yu live without? Coffe, milk, pasta, hardbread, cheese, berries

20. Who is your favorite celebrity? Hmm Angelina Jolie I guess and Kate Perry

21. What is your mood right now? relaxed 
22. What continents have you visited? Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Australia
23. Do you snore? Not sure some say I do some say I don't
24. What different types of employment have you tried ? Sailing instructor, receptionist, chashier, promotion girl, zookeeper, cleaner, waitress, bartender, teacher, aquarium tecnichian

25. How do you prefer to be dressed? tights, skirt and a loosefit top
26. What is your zodiac? Leo
28. What was the last thing you said? "Go and be a good girl”
29. What was your best subject in school? according to my grades chemistry, but I think I have to say biology
30. What are you wearing right now? White bathroobe

31. What is your favorite store? Freeport outlet
32. What is your dress size? 6-10
33.Whats in your pockets? my headphones
34. What was the last thing you bought? A cardigan, singlet, sweater, wrist warmers, nice top
35. How many times have you moves? DO I really, really have to count? lets just say 15+

36. If you were stuck on a desrted island what three items would you bring? A knife, <3 a="" and="" br="" nbsp="" rope=""> 37. Are you a morning or evening person? evening if I get to choose
38. Last movie you saw in the theatres? Breaking dawn part 2
39. Have you ever gotten stiches? Onces in my foot
40. Have you ever bathed naked outdoors? Hey I'm born on the west coast what do you think!!

41. What did you eat for breakfast? A proteinbar after the gym
42. What did your life look like 10 years ago? Bachelors degree at James Cook University, Australia. Life was a blast. Party all night and study all day....
43. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? Not yet
44. Who was the last person that did something special for you? <3 p=""> 45. Where do you put your phone when you sleep? on my nightdesk

46. What was the last thing you ate? Popcorn
47. Who is the most beautiful woman in the world? Adrian Lima
48. Are you shy? Depens on the people around me and the circumstances

49. What was the last concert you attended? Swedish house mafia, before that Hoffmaestro
50. What are your middle name? Elisabet, Margareta

51.Have you ever been in a car accident? Yes
52. Do you have a secret no one else knows? Several
53. Which is your favorite form of exercise? Swimming!!! or dancing
54. Do you have any pets? A cat
55. Do you want to get married? Yes!

56. Where did your parents grow up?  West coast and all over Sweden (military child)
57. Have you ever called the cops? Yes, when a wierdo was photographin students to and from the university this spring
58. Are you Swedish born and bred? Yes :(
59. Do you have any nicknames? Odis, Bambie, etc
60. What is your greatest weakness? y restlessness, can't focus for long åeriods of time and my anciety

Sunday, February 3

Sunday = clean day

Today I have vacuumed and wet wiped almost all my floors.

I have also for the 8th 8th! Day in a row made healthy food with veggies and all.

Saturday, February 2

New favorite

I have found a new favorite a the bottle shop!!

Unfortunately it's on the temporary shelf...

Time to stock up

Friday, February 1

Spooned In

Friday night heater is organized