Thursday, January 27


Shank vintage brown

Ok if there is anybody out there that is feeling rich and don't know what to do with their spare money. You are more than welcome to order these for me in size 39.

from here: Acne jeans

Tuesday, January 25

Story of my life: Packing -Yet again

I have come up with the perfect titel for my Autobiography:

Packing - Yet again!

I have lost count these last months when I tell people that I have to pack. The best times are when I have to pack in the packing (Ie going away while away).

Living in a suitcase could be another suitable titel

Sunday, January 23

Five things

I know I know I'm not coherrent with my five things a week. It all depends on what time I have to publish posts (my never ending excuse).

My Five things this week goes in the zoo theme.

First having lectures and dinner with the people that are the reason I got into my area is just amazing.

Knee deep in snow looking a enclosures. I sompletely misjudged of far down the actual ground was....

Blowing immobilizing darts. Not my blowing session (they were in a straight line starting at hoof and ending on top of animal. ie aim is good, blowing technique is not.

Ending the week with a summery cocktail: Apple bacardi, strawberry vodka, granade apple and sprite (drank it before I had time to take a picture).

Dexter theme in the Kitchen: Granade apple and a bleeding wound in the hand made it all a little surreal.

Wednesday, January 19

A perfect day

I love my life.

Today I have just had the perfect day at uni. Staring out with some interesting lectures by great people and then after lunch heading out into the park with the veterinarians to examinate and immobilize different animals.

I have attended:

immobilization of a myskoxe where he got his feet trimmes, weighed and blood samples collected.
immobilozation of addax antilope where there was a castration and horn plastering
eye examination of an african male lion after a fight

Monday, January 17


I think I had to much dinner.
Laying in the couch and digesting my dinner. In the mood for a cold glass of white wine though


Just wondering how rich are unistudents now adays?

We have an offer of free accommodation for 4 weeks instead of commuting 2 hrs a day.

We are five students using the offer. Yhea sure the standard is like a not to gran backpackers, but with rooms, you can lock, ok bathrooms (except the leaking roof) and fully equipped kitchen.

Hey I will save my money and stay here

Sunday, January 16

Play time in the stairs

Christams gift

I am the best at streching out birthdays and christams gifts. I think this is the last christmas gift, but I know its not the last birthday gift. There is atleast one more out there.

My dear friend Ia send me this as a combined christmas/ birthday gift (yours is almost in the mail honey).

A lovely bambi necklace, I did switch the chain though since the original liked to get caught in all my knitted jumpers. Check out the adorable box the necklace came in.

A cute T-shirt

Thursday, January 13

Moonshine prize

I was never even close to winning any of the competitions during our golfholiday. But I did manage to get the moonshine price for my cheerful spirits and never giving up. As I have mentioned before I still don't have my official handicap (36) still on 36+.

I won a golf towel- In desperate need of this and also a bookmark in papyrus with the hieroglyfh alaphabet on.

Wednesday, January 12

Egyptian shopping

I did a little shopping in Egypt.

A scarft in 100% Egyptian cotton. I have never felt anything so soft on my skin, EVER!

Dygnkåt och hur helig som helst

Dyngkåt och hur helig som helst
by: Mia Skäringer

This is one of the books that I recieved for christmas. I'm sad to say that i'm not to impressed by the book. Sure it was easy to read and I finished it within two days (a 5½hr flight included), but no this was not my cup of tea.

The book consists of individual columns and blogg posts and I don't like that. I want my stories the page turning, dreaming away into my own world that I create from the story in the pages written. Hence I only give this book a two.

page count: 168

Books 2010

So the year is over and its time to sum of the book year.

The totale page count ended on : 7 132 + (64 + 5+ 45+ 54= 168 books not yet finished) = 7 300

My top five books read were:
  1. Vampire Diaries- Book 1- The Awakening
  2. Dr. Tatianas Sex advice to all creation
  3. The short second life of Bree Tanner
  4. A short history of nearly everything
  5. Fjäril vingad/ Stranger on a train

The starting pile for next year looks as good as it did last year. But even this year I have a couple of dark clouds haning over me that I need to finish. Quite a big pile this time actually.
  • In a sunburned country (page:0 )- I don't know why, but I get so homesick and depressed when reading this book that I'm almost crying
  • Förflutenhetens landskap (Page: 276)- It shall be completed one day
  • The origin of Species (page: 5)- Time, I need time.
  • Wuthering Heights (page: 22)- book two that I read at work

Tuesday, January 11

Golf swing

Look at the beautiful swing and ehm stance

Duty free

I did some duty free shopping while traveling:

New mascara. Like it better than my old one, but still not sure. Its tear proof that is for sure, but feels a little weak, hard to layer.

Facial cleansing kit: Tried Kihels this time. After a week and a half its love in the air. Especially the deodorant (will give that one its own post)

Alcohol: Absolut special edition bottle

Oh and with the facial cleansing kit I got a new makeup bag. My pink night out ended up in the bin after 6 (7?) faithful years with me.

Saturday, January 1

Welcome 2011

May you bring my wishes and aspirations come true.

Unfortinately I don't see myself getting married on 11/11/11. But fingers crossed Mr Right cross my path during this year.

IN regards to career it will be on the shelf until 2012. Then I promise I will try to grow up and get a "real" life